Name the three individuals who authored the federalist papers

name the three individuals who authored the federalist papers

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Jason- president well be main sales person, handle shipping and receiving, inventory management, and marketing and promotions of products pat- finace and personal relations well act as our accountant. He will also be in charge of the computers in the building. He will assist with shipping, receiving, and sales and customers service related issues. Chris- garage technician well be the one that runs the garage and help customers with installation needs. Pros and cons of partnerships pros more financial resources- we have more then just one person having to put up all the money to front the business. Shared management and pooled knowledge- we will be able to share are ideas and work to gather and put what knowledge each of us have to gather and make are business great. Longer survival- with a partnership the likely hood to succeeding is much greater than if I would have gone into the busy as a sol proprietorship cons unlimited liability- means that we well be liability for everything that happens in are shop and have.

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Grand Opening- pricing strategy value is the keyword in leadership today's economy. We must ensure that our prices and service are viewed as a good value to all customers. Our pricing strategy is to be competitive with the various product categories with the added emphasis on service such as Dell and Gateway have done. Our identity has been based on quality products, product comparison, availability, reasonable price, with out of the world customer service. All products will be checked prior to shipment and all promised shipping dates will be met. Sale strategy jcp will be a new entry into the market place and we will have to prove ourselves to or customers to earn their respect and business. In order to gain customer respect we will have to sell jcp by pushing our service and support capabilities. Sales forcast to achieve an initial gross profit margin of at least 35, increasing annually. Our seasonal reports have shown that in the winter months our sales will drop. Management summary we are a small starting company ran by jason Zajac, pat Yost, and Chris Thomas, Friends, as a partnership.

Specific strategies to be implemented are:. Print Ads- jcp plains on keeping its name in the public eye. We plan on running limited space ads in local high performance newspapers to keep our name and phone number in front of the customer. Demos- Bringing in experts from for do it yourself demos from various suppliers for stocking their product will bring in the novice as will as the experienced customer. Press Release- the local speedway papers and local newspapers have offered to run with releases and stories of concerning jcp's grand opening. Tv- fox 41 and Fox in the morning with Jim Bullet to televise the grand opening and feature auto shows through out the year. Decals- jcp will have manufactured decals with out loge and information to distribute. We will also include a decal with all mail order shipments. Word-of -mouth- continuous first hand great service and value pricing to all customers will ensure the spread of the word.

name the three individuals who authored the federalist papers

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Not only are we focusing on the hardcore high performance customer but also the entry level novice. By offering our customer performance comparisons between high-end products and low to mid-end products in an honest ethical manner jcp will build customer loyalty, satisfaction, and word of mouth sales that will out gross our competitors. Market needs the most important needs are service, price, availability and customer satisfaction. The key will be to target the customer that know and desire these same needs. High performance part sales, in general has been a rapid expanding market for the last ten years and growing, by focusing on the entry level novice we will be fulfilling the niche in the market. Restoration of vehicles has become an ever expanding hobby for the "do it yourselfer". Statistics demonstrate a 20 increase in the last five years. Olescence presently are purchasing imports and transforming them into high performance vehicles. Market strategy retail writings and catalog strategies of jcp are customer focus and we feel that the customer will define our market niche and corporate image.

Ample parking will be available for customers and auto shows. Competitive comparison although, there are part warehouses in the area none have a full functioning service area for installing parts. Market analysis summary presently, the high performance parts and accessories market is expanding rapidly. This market includes auto racing: drag, stock car, open wheel, modified, sports car, auto cross, formula cars, tractor pulls, off road, as well as restoration and personal auto enhancement. The total retail market for high performance products.5 billion annually with a steady growth prediction. A threat to jcp venture would be a competitor of similar nature entering the marketplace. Opportunity exists for the first entry into the marketplace with a well defined action plan, industry experience and the required capital. Target market segment strategy strategy is the key. Jcp can save our customers time and money, with our pricing structure, assessing their needs and directing them toward the proper product.

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name the three individuals who authored the federalist papers

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We will continually strife to accommodate what the customer's desires or needs, we will review what is available and what isn't available in the marketplace to provide the ultimate customer service. Success is measured by customer satisfaction that they willing choose to purchase their high performance parts from jcp because we have met and exceeded their expectations in regards to price, service, and solution. Keys to success to succeed in this business, jcp must ãâ be active participants in the high performance vehicle community (. Imports, muscular cars, racing cars, restoration ) by attending local, regional and national trade shows. Ãâ deliver products promptly. Ãâ personalized customer service. Company location jcp will be located at 40371 Charlestown road, new Albany, indiana.

This location is on the way to becoming order the new business district of Floyd county. The present location provides eacy access form 265, good visibility, ample parking, and room for expansion. The area is rich in speedways, restoration clubs, and auto shows all within a 15 mile radius. Company facility jcp purchased 5 acres with the plans to build a new 15,000 square foot building with, 10,0000 square feet going for part sales and 5000 square feet for a fully equipped auto service station. This location will consist of a showroom, demo area, office space warehouse and service area. All deliveries analysis and mail order shipments will be serviced from this location.

Financial jcp will be profitable from month one. Our projected first year sales is 400,000 with a 35 grow rate for the first five years. Jcp is an exciting customer focus opportunity within.5 billion dollar market and growing steadily annually. High performance vehicles are becoming increasingly popular within the United States encompassing all ages. It is now "kewl" to have your vehicle "tricked out" even just for aesthetics.

An investment in jcp is a high growth, reasonable risk opportunity. To make jcp the number one arena for the purchase of high performance parts in the kentuckiana area for all high performance lovers. To achieve an initial gross profit margin of at least 35, increasing annually. To gross 400,000 in sales the first year. To maintain a solid growth rate of 35 for the first five years. To focus and emphasize customer service. Mission jcp is dedicated to providing high performance products that combine quality performance with value pricing. We wish to build a strong foundation for lifelong partnership with our customers, ours employees, and our suppliers that support the interest and goals of all parties.

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Recent movies, such as "Fast and the furious" have had an immense impact on the market. The movie demonstrated every car lover's dream vehicle - the style, the look, the performance. After this movie came out statistics revealed a 33 increase in the market. The organization jcp is founded on the principle that a satisfied customer is a customer for life and is the foundation for financial health. Achievement of this principle will be working hard to ensure friendly, courteous, honest, quality customer service by meeting every expectation in every transaction. To maintain an active presence book in the high performance community and relationship with customers by participating and sponsoring local and regional events as well as "do it yourself "clinics. Product, services, and delivery jcp will be a brick and mortar estate company serving the local community as well as offering a national catalog mail order service. The catalog will be black and white format. All of the popular name brand products will be offered including generic, low -end and mid-end parts.

name the three individuals who authored the federalist papers

Warlocks and Witches don't have a true name. They gain access to the one source some other way. Excutive summary jcp is a partnership between three individuals who share the love of high performance vehicles. Essentially, the love of making any vehicle performs better. Jcp is a small business selling high performance equipment to the kentuckiana area and mail order nationally. Jcp prides itself on offering unprecedented customer attention with the goal of becoming the ultimate arena for all who love to create high performance vehicles. The market jcp will be entering into an exciting, new and ever expanding market. Within the last ten years the demand for high performance parts has had an explosive growth. Presently, the national sales statistics show that the market is worth.5 billion annually and growing steadily.

(also known. Argeddion ) did a lot of research into the subject and how it can give you power. He eventually found out his true name. He also had a theory as to why magic is linked to the three names. Trivia, the only people who know their true names are valkyrie cain, walden d' essai and Myron Stray. There were also 7 others that were mentioned but they died. The liffey bridge had three names, also.

A person can only choose a taken Name once. They can choose one name (such. Mevolent ) or two names valkyrie cain ). Sometimes, the name isn't aesthetic, but is chosen by the mage because it feels right to them, for example, patrick xebec. True name, main article: True name. A resume true name is the source of the person's power. If the person knows their True name, they can become very powerful. However, if someone finds out your True name before you, they can control you. Myron Stray who is controlled by, davina marr to blow up, the sanctuary.

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The Three names are the names every person has. All three of the names are stored in the. They are directly connected to the source of all. The Three names, given Name, main article: given Name, a real given Name is the name someone is given when they are born, usually from a person's parents. If someone finds out your given Name, they can control your movements. This can be prevented by making deciding on a taken Name. Main article: taken Name, a taken Name is the name a person makes up for themselves. The name you choose also protects the person from being controlled from their given Name, above.

Name the three individuals who authored the federalist papers
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Specific strategies to be implemented are:. Print Ads- jcp plains on keeping its name in the public eye.

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  1. Finally, he believes that the role of a leader is to produce more leaders, not to produce followers, and to be able to achieve this, a leader should compensate for their weaknesses by hiring individuals who compensate for their shortcomings. Use a comma before the "and" with three or more authors. However, a footnote with the author 's name with the date of death is permitted. Usually this is used for individuals who do not have a doctorate or advanced degree but contributed substantially to the. Individuals may also change their name to avoid the given name of a teacher, a high-standing official, or the relations of the emperor. Meanings of certain names and styles Style names in the Three kingdoms era usually consist of two Chinese characters.

  2. They built a model of who owns what and what their revenues are and mapped the whole edifice. The top 20 are at the bottom of the post. This is, say the paper's authors, the first map of the. Indicated the names of Hmong individuals who, according. To the representatives of that minority. Normally, the author and publisher would be credited here.

  3. To include the authors names in the in-text citation mla sentence, you can either write each name out individually or, you can type out the meaning of. While, unacceptable in todays society, the bible is riddled with individuals who have two, three, and sometimes four or more spouses. (2014) tested the y chromosomes of seven modern male individuals who claim belonging to aisin gioro family, and they concluded. This however did not match the y-dna of three modern relatives (who were all R1b-U152 xL2) descended from Edward iii, richard iii's great-great-grand-father. Visualizing the "super entity." courtesy: New Scientist. Three systems theorists at the Swiss Federal.

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