Ksa statement

ksa statement

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As has been shown during the last two and a half years, the United States, United Kingdom and France no longer have the political and economic stomach to unilaterally engage their militaries in the region. While the so-called Arab Spring brought about a host of revolutions and significant transformations, leading to varying degrees of instability and opportunity in numerous Arab countries, the west's disengagement is going to trigger even more important implications as regional realignments of sovereign borders and military. The only way the Arab world can make progress is through a collective security framework initially consisting of saudi Arabia, egypt, jordan, morocco and the gcc nations. It is time for the Arab states, working through a much-needed, reformed Arab league, to assume responsibility for their own region and work together to increase their collective security. Such a shift away from Western dependency and toward more local (and successful) interventionism will take some time. While saudi Arabia has grown stronger in the last two decades, the other traditionally dominant Arab countries — egypt, Iraq and Syria — have stalled, derailed or altogether abandoned state-building efforts to prioritize their survival. Despite this, through ever-growing saudi leadership, a revitalized Arab alliance can and must rise to the challenge and prepare for a new paradigm in the security of the Arab world.

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also the saudis first reject the seat and then initiate a new resolution that is rather funny when one thinks of saudi payments for the mercenaries fighting in Syria? Report: saudi to Propose. Resolution Condemning Foreign Fighters in Syria, 'especially hizbullah' saudi Arabia intends to propose. General Assembly resolution condemning the presence of foreign fighters in Syria, especially those dispatched by hizbullah, a media report said on Friday. According to a copy of the draft resolution obtained by sky news Arabia, the text condemns the intervention of all fighters in Syria, including those fighting to support the syrian regime and especially hizbullah's intervention. The resolution voices support for the syrian people's aspirations for a peaceful and democratic society and calls for forming a transitional government enjoying full powers. and this from a saudi propagandist: saudi Arabia shifts to more Activist Foreign Policy doctrine What few seem to understand is that such a powerful gesture is not merely symbolic. Rather, it will be accompanied by concrete policy changes and rectifications in the coming months and years that are going to set the tone for a completely transformed saudi foreign policy. Saudi Arabia, the worlds energy superpower, and the economic engine and last remaining political heavyweight in Arab world, will continue for a variety of reasons to take a far more proactive and assertive role in maintaining stability and security in the middle east and North. First and foremost, the syrian tragedy clearly represents food a turning point in the historical practice songwriters of the west in intervening in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

It's a failed institution, and we will no longer be constrained by it until it is fixed." so there's my immediate interpretation: throwing down the gauntlet/putting down their marker; propaganda campaign to further malign the unsc aimed at domestic audiences - get the meme out. Posted by: skuppers Oct 18, 2013 11:24:34 am 4 At the end of the nyt story about the saudi rejection comes this line: "a syrian official said on Thursday that long-postponed peace negotiations under international salon auspices would be held in Geneva in november." A soon-to-be-brokered. Posted by: mike maloney oct 18, 2013 11:56:03 am 5 Hmm - interesting theories. Some additional links from partisan sites/authors: Russia slams saudi for rejecting Security council seat Russia on Friday sharply criticized saudi Arabia for rejecting membership of the un security council, slamming the kingdom's "strange" argument that the body had failed over the syrian conflict. Moscow's traditionally testy relationship with riyadh has become even more strained in recent years, with the two countries at loggerheads over saudi support for the rebels battling the pro-Kremlin regime in Syria. "we are surprised by saudi Arabia's unprecedented decision" to reject the seat, the russian foreign ministry said in a statement. "In this way, saudi Arabia has excluded itself from collective work within the security council to support international peace and security." It added: "The kingdom's arguments arouse bewilderment and the criticism of the un security council in the context of the syrian conflict is particularly. The seat will be kept empty which may be a problem for the. When it needs 9 out of 15 votes to get at least a vote on a resolution on something.

ksa statement

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Furthermore, by not taking the seat, they keep an option for zusa open to do their dirty work through the zaudi poodles. Pragma oct 18, 2013 11:09:25 am 2, i tend to agree with bevin 1) that it is most likely due to internal politics in thesis sa, though who stands to gain, and what, is unclear. It confirms that there is a lot of turmoil in the saudi ruling family. Posted by: fb ali, oct 18, 2013 11:13:09. My guess would be that this is the start of a campaign to normalize the notion of going outside the un to 'get things done.' essay yes, in the past 12 years we've seen the us and it's allies dis-regard the un and do what they. But there has always been this nagging expectation that the un should be part of the process or at least consulted. And it seems that Russia has put the us back in it's box and channeled it back toward working things out at the. The us has been constrained. Now however, 'the west' can say "look, the un and Security council is so broken that even saudi Arabia (and perhaps others to come)don't want anything to do with.

Pepe has an interesting, now out of date, piece today. Posted by: bevin Oct 18, 2013 9:41:16 am 1, taking their seat at the unsc the zaudis couldn't that easily play dirty games. Of coure, as members they would be expected to at least discuss and try to resolve through diplomatic means what they consider important issues. Heating the syria situation would be taken as contempt and affront. As b already indicated, gaining that seat wasn't a quick step; it took time. Presumably the attempt to get that unsc seat was started and followed up at a time when the zusa/zaudi/small-me-whores empire simply saw this as a way to gain even more impact for their fraction. Now, with zusa pushed into a more peaceful mode, the zaudi feel that being in the unsc might actually limit their options.

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ksa statement

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The saudi foreign minister saud bin faisal bin Abdulaziz al saud has his position since 1975. He by now certainly knows his job. Did he really attempt to get the unsc seat only to decline it? This is the second time the saudis are throwing a temper tantrum at the United Nations. The saudis canceled their planned speech at the last un general Assembly also citing lack of action by the United Nations as their reason.

Nobody really cared about that just like nobody will care about saudi Arabia rejecting the unsc position. Why then are the saudis doing this? What is their plan? Posted by b on October 18, 2013 at 09:20. Permalink, comments, it's all about the succession, i suspect. Hence the curious note, mostly about Syria but including those two bows to ancient, and long buried, saudi policies. It just reeks environment of cobbled compromise and defensiveness: no doubt the "Anyone-but-Bandar (or his Dad factions are putting on the pressure.

If all this is going to be a good thing or not, time will tell. The notorious P5 gang will be looking quizzically at the great pretender. But, the point is, security council will now have five-and-a-half veto holding members. This never happened before and a new alchemy is called for. But shortly after news of the election by the general Assembly ran over the ticker and the diplomats piece was published the saudis backtracked.

They declined to take the security council seat citing three reasons: The continuation of the palestinian cause without a just and lasting solution for 65 years, resulting in several wars that threatened international peace and security, is irrefutable evidence and proof of the security councils. The failure of the security council to make the middle east a region free of all weapons of destruction, its inability to subdue the nuclear programs of all countries in the region without exceptionis more irrefutable evidence of its inability to shoulder its responsibilities,. Allowing the ruling regime in Syria to kill and burn its people through the use of chemical weapons, while the world stands idly by, without applying any deterrent sanctions against the damascus regime, is also proof of the security councils inability to carry out its. Notice that the first two very important and longstanding Arab issues will be barely mentioned, if at all, in "western" news reports. The Associated Press report includes "Syria" nine times but mentions the palestinian and wmd-free zone issue only in its thirteenth and last paragraph. The saudi move is a bit weird. A country does not get elected to the unsc seat without wanting. There is usually quite a competition about that position and bribes flow here and there to get the votes.

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Campaign Against Turkish Spy Chief Continues. Main, africa beware - these Troops Don't Come to help ». October 18, 2013, why do the saudis Want Then Decline a unsc seat? Today saudi Arabia got itself elected as non-permanent member of gender the United Nations Security council. It was the first time that saudi Arabia gained this position and an experienced diplomat expected great saudi influence: no doubt, it is a show of determination that the saudi voice should be heard lest it is taken for granted by the big powers. It is a conscious decision to be assertive on the international stage. Clearly, the saudis are flaunting their prerogative to pronounce on the syrian conflict. Many crucial decisions on Syrias future will be taken at the security year council through the coming year or two and saudis want to influence them instead of being a passive onlooker.

ksa statement

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Justice for rizana nafeek! Justice for All Migrants in jail! Statement of the International Migrants Alliance on the. Saudi Arabia execution of rizana nafeek. January 14, 2013, no child should be put in such a deplorable situation! No migrant should be denied her rights! This is the statement of the International Migrants Alliance as it cries for justice for the death of rizana nafeek, a sri lankan domestic worker who was put to death by beheading by the government of the kingdom of saudi Arabia. Not only are we saddened but angered by the sheer neglect by the ksa government, through its judiciary system, of Nafeeks rights. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported that book Nafeek was not with her lawyer all the time and that she was not given full translation assistance during the time of the investigation and of her hearing.

Ksa statement
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  4. Not only are we saddened but angered by the sheer neglect by the. Ksa government, through its.

  5. Tel: Mob: Email : info@horizons- ksa. Mission statement : to build long term relationships with our customers and. Sexx ksa 1 osl dating sheffield. The efforts were briefly given momentum after a saudi cleric issued this doozy of a statement in which he warned that. This is the statement of the International Migrants.

  6. Ksa statement cited the unsc's failure. Resolve the Israeli-palestinian dispute. Take steps to end Syria's civil war, and. Lgtspējība ir plašs jēdziens. Lengo truck parts savā uzņēmējdarbībā veicina ilgtspējību un korporatīvo sociālo atbildību: uzņēmējdarbība atkritumu plūsmu atbilstoša apsaimniekošana un nošķiršana. Ksa offers a large range of banking solutions with Islamic Shariah principles - all approved by the banks own Shariah.

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