Fire fighting essay

fire fighting essay

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The blacklistees were targeted for their progressive social activism and communist ties, but the effect of their banishment was also to purge an urban, unapologetically new York tone that had flourished in Hollywood movies since the dawn of the talkies. In the opening scene. (1932 james Cagney lounges in his cab on a manhattan street, listening as a jewish immigrant harangues a baffled Irish cop. Finally he leans out and addresses the man in Yiddish, leading the even more baffled cop to inquire, what part of Ireland was your family from, nolan? In his best Irish brogue, cagney replies, delancey street. (In fact, cagney learned Yiddish growing up in Yorkville.) What did small town audiences make of a scene like this?

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His discussion of the fundamental challenges of writing screenplays conveys some of the reasons why screenwriters trader have always been the most overlooked and essay underrated contributors to films. The hollywood studios made a deliberate and concerted effort to deny them power; scripts were passed from hand to hand, making it difficult to know exactly who did what, and all but a few of the most powerful writers had no control over how their. By paying writers outrageously high salaries, the studios bribed them to surrender their independence. Prejudice against writers is embedded in cinema studies, with the auteur theory assigning authorship to the director, and the principle of film as a visual art downgrading the importance of its literary elements. It is therefore a very welcome development that Anthology film Archives has begun devoting series to writers. Screenwriters and the Blacklist, a three-part series opening with ten films released before their writers were blacklisted, is especially interesting because writers were among the primary targets of the house committee on Un-American Activities (huac). Ironically, the blacklist brought them more attention than they have otherwise received; there is certainly an unintended tribute in huacs description of Abraham Polonsky as a very dangerous citizen. (Paul Buhle and dave wagner took the phrase for the title of their fine study, a very dangerous Citizen: Abraham Lincoln Polonsky and the hollywood Left. in practice, the blacklist was largely an attack on big-city jews: among the writers featured in the Anthology series, polonsky, alvah Bessie, bernard Gordon, Alfred Lewis levitt, Albert Maltz, samuel Ornitz, and Nathanael West (born Nathan weinstein) were all Jewish New Yorkers, as was John. That the studio heads who enforced the blacklist were nearly all immigrant Jews is no coincidence—the moguls were always haunted by the fear of being perceived as un-American.

Force of evil uses these tropes only to complicate them. Both women are peripheral to the relationship between the brothers, whose guilt-steeped bond, poisoned but unbreakable, is the emotional core of the story. Garfield removes joes hard shell of glib confidence layer by layer, going down one step at a time into the haggard terror underneath. Fear is the brother of greed, and money is the promise of safety. In the films first scene, a man places a bet on the number from the license plate of a car that almost ran him down, figuring its lucky. Joe agrees: If you diary dont get killed, its a lucky day. Blacklisted in 1951, Abraham Polonsky would not direct another movie until 1969. He wrote for television, stage, and film using fronts, but in his 1962 manifesto he made a case that the serious writer who cannot direct should stop writing for film.

fire fighting essay

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Doris (Beatrice pearson an innocent young girl presentation who works for leo, keeps telling joe how evil he is, while practically begging him to seduce her. Only joe is proposal honest about his own greed and cynicism, telling Doris that to give and want nothing back is perversion, its not natural. The others want to be forced to sin, so they can believe they are victims rather than perpetrators. Joe himself is actively and willingly corrupted by the ruthless gangster Tucker (roy roberts boasting to doris about how Tucker opened his pockets and I could smell money spreading in the air like perfume. Some of the films best scenes are those between joe and Tuckers wife (Marie windsor crackling with her come-ons and his brush-offs. She needles and provokes him, less out of desire or even boredom so much as the need to prove him weak. The nice girl and the femme fatale, the good brother and the bad brother—.

It symbolizes joes truculent pride in how he has climbed out of orphaned poverty—such as Garfield himself grew up in—to become a well-heeled success. Bright and bitter, vain and self-loathing, joe morse is one of those quintessentially noir characters whose misfortune is not to be quite unscrupulous enough. He wants to save his estranged brother leo (Thomas Gomez who runs a small numbers bank, from being ruined by his takeover scheme. Leos wife insists he is a businessman, but he admits he has always been crooked too, albeit on a penny-ante scale. In this film, theres about as much daylight between business and crime as there is between the jostling skycrapers of Wall Street. Joes white-shoe law partner disdains his shady deals but happily shares in their profits. Leo indignantly rejects joes help, but his moral indignation is thin cover for resentment of the more successful kid brother for whom he made sacrifices.

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fire fighting essay

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One member of the cast, ingénue beatrice pearson, is stilted in her delivery, but the others make this stylized language sound like it emanates from the citys steaming alleys, pervasive and authentic as the stench of summer sidewalks. Above all, the film is flavored by john Garfields voice-over narration: biting and fluent, tense with coiled energy, delivered in a bronx accent as thick as a pastrami sandwich. Polonskys language and david raksins soaring, romantic score are balanced by grubby new York settings: cramped, sweaty little rooms, dingy diners and cave-like nightclubs. The lighting and cinematography by george barnes were deliberately based on Edward Hoppers paintings, with wide shots of tiny, isolated figures moving through urban canyons; stark lamplight in offices at night; the bleak dawn light under the grey shroud of the george washington Bridge. Polonsky got the chance to direct his own script—joining a club with few other members besides Sturges and Wilder—thanks to john Garfields independent Enterprise Studios. Body and soul (1947 polonskys first screenplay and Enterprises first production, had turkey been a big hit, but the more radical and pessimistic. Force of evil was unsurprisingly shunned.

Body and soul may hold some kind of record—Polonsky, director Robert Rossen, and three of the stars (Garfield, canada lee, and Anne revere) all fell afoul of the house committee on Un-American Activities (though Rossen later named names and was able to work again.) John. Never a communist, he had strong ties to left-wing causes, and he made a principled stand before huac by asserting his patriotism but refusing to name anyone; he remained under suspicion and under intolerable pressure to choose between his career and what Polonsky called his. When he died of a heart attack at 39, many of his friends openly declared that huac had killed him. Garfields last screen performances. Force of evil, the Breaking point, and, he ran All the way are taut, electrifying portrayals of men trapped in unbearable conflict with themselves, stretched like a rubber band to snapping point. Garfield, who had little formal education, found the key to joe morses character in the Phi beta kappa key he wears on his watch-chain.

It also depends on how many lives you will save - if you are saving 5 people, the risk should be assessed differently from if you are saving 1 person. This article is presented in conjunction with the film series. Cineaste magazine Presents: Screenwriters and the Blacklist: Before, during, and After, at Anthology film Archives, from August 22-September 2, 2014. In 1962, blacklisted writer Abraham Polonsky published a frustrated yet idealistic manifesto in the French journal. He envisioned screenplays moving towards compression, density, structure, elegance, metaphor, synthesis, magnitude and variety, all held within a unified verbal structure.

I am, of course, speaking of poetry, and the literary form I have in mind of the screenplay is the poem. In, force of evil (1948 his directing debut from his own screenplay, polonsky achieved much of this—an extraordinary fusion of words and images, ideas and atmosphere, the intellectual and the visceral. Few films make a stronger argument about the link between crime and capitalism. Gambling, crime, and high finance are all united by their separation of profit from any useful product or service: its just money changing hands. These three combine in the scheme cooked up by crooked lawyer joe morse (John Garfield) to make a fortune by masterminding a takeover of New York citys numbers game. In an added dollop of irony, joes scheme involves taking advantage of the popularity of betting on 776 on the fourth of July. Both the mobsters and the suckers hope that the old liberty number will translate into a quick (illegal) buck; what better way to celebrate the all-American holiday? Polonskys script, based on Ira wolferts 1943 novel. Tuckers people, is famous for lyrical dialogue that creates an utterly distinctive sound and rhythm—well described by william Pechter as incantatory.

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When a fire fighter is trying to save others, they must ensure that they themselves are first safe. If they don't, it is possible for them to contribute to the problem and also need to have themselves rescued. Finding another way for Fire fighters to approach fires that will help guarantee their safety will enable them to perform rescues more quickly, with greater safety for themselves, and ultimately a higher survival rate for both victims and fire fighters alike. Yes, i do believe that the government should fund another way for Fire fighters to approach fires for their protection. The reason that I believe that the government should fund another way for Fire fighters to approach fires for their protection because fire fighters always try to save as many people they can from fires. Fire fighters need to protect themselves better because in the past there has been many deaths of Fire fighters while they were trying to save the lives online of victims of fires. Why would you need funding to change method? In order to protect firemen from fires when saving others, you simply need the common sense to assess whether the fire is too dangerous - no funding is needed for a new method, especially in these tough economic times.

fire fighting essay

The Clinton administration is apparently so afraid of being associated with the m word that they are even willing to near block research that could prolong aids patients lives stated a spokesperson for the maps organization. A poll showed that a whopping total.5 of California? S registered voters support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Not only do the citizens support the research but many congressmen support it also.?I continue to believe that those who can benefit from the medical use of marijuana should be able to get the drug when prescribed? Ackerman.?I share your support for the medical use of government-supplied marijuana and understand the potential to ease the side effects of many diseases and illnesses including aids? So if the senators Representatives and the citizens are all in support of medicinal marijuana research why is nothing being done? Yes I think, that it is important for Fire fighters to have many different alternatives to fighting fires so that Fire fighters can sometimes be the safest that they can be when Fighting Fires even though it is a dangerous job and when people take. Yes, protecting yourself is the most important part of any rescue operation. The government should fund other ways for Fire fighters to approach fires for their protection.

there has not been enough research to verify its medical benefits. However they are doing nothing to assist in the studies. A small non-profit organization called maps has been working for two years to raise money develop study protocols and obtaining the food and Drug Administrations approval for the study of marijuana. Only one thing holds them back. They have no legal way of obtaining marijuana and the government will not give it to them. If a medical missionary in the rain Forest proclaimed that she had found a new miracle drug to help ease the pain of many sufferers you can guarantee that a government approved study would be launched almost instantaneously. How is that any different than marijuana? Why is Clinton so anti-marijuana?

It is illegal to consume any prescription drug not prescribed to you. Which makes all prescription drugs illegal how is this different from marijuana? Sure it may be addicting but so can caffeine pills. Sure it may be harmful if someone misuses it but so can Ritalin. I just do not understand how prescribing a drug to help someone could be harmful. The least the government could do is research the subject a little more. Instead they plan seem to be doing the opposite. In 1994 The Assistant Secretary for health postponed the final meeting that would have decided whether the.

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Legalization of Marijuana, during the carter reagan and Bush administrations eight people in the United States were allowed to use marijuana for medicinal purposes under the compassionate Investigative new Drug program. However since the Clinton administration no new applications have been accepted. Therefore other patients who need marijuana to alleviate the nausea and loss of appetite associated with the aids viruses and cancer chemotherapy as well as to treat glaucoma multiple sclerosis epilepsy chronic pain and other ailments must continue to suffer without the use of marijuana. What could the reasoning behind this needless business suffering possibly be? I thought that one of the purposes of government was to promote the well-being of its individuals. Is that not why our country spends billions of dollars towards advancements in medicine every year? T there any fda approved studies testing the actual effectiveness of marijuana in progress? If it is proved that marijuana does indeed help ease the pain and suffering of these poor people then why not allow it to be prescribed to help them.

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  3. Fire, fighting (20 images) government Workers (2 images) Museums (161. The International Association. Fire, fighters (iaff) provides labor union support for professional firefighter/members. A 250 word essay is submitted by each applicant, stating professional ambitions and outlining the importance of continuing education.

  4. Marijuana legalization, essay, research Paper I personally don? T smoke marijuana I? Ll admit I tried it once but. Two series look at screenwriters and the legacy of the blacklist by Imogen Sara Smith. Fighting, words, part. Building Types (1077 images) Communication (3 images) Communications (9 images) death Care (526 images) Disability (6 images) Elections (24 images).

  5. The government should fund other ways for. Fire, fighters to approach fires for their protection. When a fire fighter is trying to save others, they must ensure that they themselves are first safe. The book of Ecclesiastes is no existentialist essay, and Qoheleth is no jean-paul Sartre. Fighting, fire with, fire : divine nihilism in Ecclesiastes.

  6. In general, never join in the fire fighting unless your help is requested by the firemen. Fighting, against Obesity societies worldwide are discovering new ways to combat the threat of obesity. Though they are many methods in which this can. Fire fighting personnel will be introduced to management, supervision, and leadership skills. Fire 2252, fire, leadership ii 3 credit hours.

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