Final defense presentation

final defense presentation

Final, defense, department of Computer Science

Talent Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Continue focus on leader development Observations - emerging focus in Industry lacks up or out pressures Industry constrained by individual mobility options team based and collaborative across boundaries Often involves mentoring by senior leadership (imprints subordinates). D should - partner with Industry for leadership exchanges at junior officer levels leverage early successes from nsps across the services quickly develop short-duration leader training programs Continue leader development training investment; even during gwot we needed to excite the talented middle in our ranks. Talent Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Management (not just leadership) a core competency observations - corporations emphasize both leadership management Flawless execution is the key to achieving bottom line growth Metrics, process improvement, instrumentation are best practices. D emphasizes leadership over management skillsrightly but balance may help. D should - recognize that both skill sets are complementary Incorporate executive mba training into existing education programs Outsource management training build a bench of management excellence outside of acquisition field Whats important? How well your machine works and how well you relate to others lockheed Executive. Organization culture secretary of Defense corporate fellows. D relevance importance of strong core values Simplify ability to eliminate redundant organizations keep raising the bar reward achievement with praise pay harness innovation as catalyst for transformation efforts recommendations - continue strong emphasis on core values - institutionalize disciplined change management - drive cost.

Final, exam (Thesis, defense ) cs @ illinois - computer

D-wide it architecture stds that encompass entire operational scope continue supply Chain improvement implementation Cross service collaboration of best purpose practices. Execution Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Adjust Acquisition Reform Observations - corporate America believes Acquisition Reform on track, but pendulum has swung too far in some areas. D should - make quality Assurance part of the contract; not assumed mandate first Article Inspections and physical configuration audits Both sides determine what is good enough larger role for dcma in tier II/iii risk management and quality control Better quality from Subs/Suppliers to Primes. Execution Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Implement Process Improvement Methodology observations corporations adapt to change in disciplined manner common language, common metrics 4 -6 year commitment required for organizational dna change top level support imperative change driven by change agent teams Annual budget savings. D should - develop / implement a formal process improvement methodology dedicated fully resourced effort Eliminate inefficiencies and improve process quality teach in leadership training and at all deadline levels of pme. Talent Secretary of Defense corporate fellows. D optempo can stress service-level manning. D must compete for talent with private industry. Ds nsps applies some of private industrys best practices Private Industry focus on execution is the bottom line recommendations - increase leader stability and continuity - continue focus on leader development - develop management skills as a core competency. Talent Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Increase leader Stability and Continuity observations - ceos emphasize importance of senior leader commitment to change - leader continuity is key to winning business strategies of: Agility and adapting to market place changes Creating a culture for change and. D should - increase tour lengths for key leaders (military civilian) - recognize and reward all players on the team (line staff) equally - drive performance improvement for gs ranks Institutionalize incentives for top performers Improve or out.

D should accommodate. Ds broader focus, different time horizon Increase return on (r d) Investment (ROI) l l Stay committed to stabilize long-term r d funding Apply marketing processes to actd process Apply six Sigma tools methodology to r d investment decision processes Benchmark industry leaders. Strategy secretary of Defense corporate fellows review manage core capabilities Observations corporations constantly adjust to changing environment l leverage transition periods for competitive advantage In-house, outsource, or out-task decisions l l Core or context (relative to business) gap evaluation Mission critical or non-mission critical evaluation. D should review Command/Service/Agency capabilities l Assess processes - core vs context Apply build/Partner/Acquire decision to core/context evaluation l l l build to close gaps in core mission critical capabilities Acquire (outsource) non-core where capability exists affordably partner (out-task) where gaps are common or cost-prohibitive. Execution Secretary of Defense corporate fellows. D relevance - flawless execution mission success - supporting troops, meeting needs of combatant commanders - quest for excellence in all areas Eliminating waste frees dollars for critical priorities recommendations - improve information and Supply Chain Management Adjust Acquisition business Reform Implement process improvement methodology. Execution Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Improve info and Supply Chain Management Observations - ops, Info management, supply Chain Management converging it no longer a support tool - information is the business supply Chain Management vital to operational success. D should - push convergence - navy n 6 (C 4 i n 7(Requirements) good example Strengthen. D cios role.

final defense presentation

Final, defense, office of graduate education

Secretary of Defense corporate fellows strategy organization culture execution talent enabling technologies where Great Companies Put their Emphasis * Adapted from What really works. Strategy secretary of Defense corporate fellows. D relevance increasing customer value in the requirements process Clarifying and focusing the budget cycle Anticipating changes in the security environment Increasing returns on r d investments recommendations - apply marketing methodologies to requirements development - manage anticipated changes in the security environment - review. Strategy secretary of Defense corporate fellows Apply marketing Methodologies to requirements development Observations Why marketing? L l l not selling deciding what to sell to whom Define the business, segment the market, id target segment, develop value proposition and go-to-market plan Requires enables true understanding of the customer competition Industry tools get at customer value l l feature/Benefit/Value relationship voice. D should Apply marketing methodology to service requirements processes understand stakeholder relationships, interdependencies better Increased Requirements specifications fidelity Increase requirements process value promote transparency between Services. Strategy secretary of Defense corporate fellows Manage Anticipated Changes in the security Environment Observations corporate mindset to be alert for market transitions Change usually begins on the edges Stable investment streams important Industry moving to outcome based research investment process l l l Interdependent vice.

Final, defense - materials Science

final defense presentation

Final, exam (Thesis, defense ) department

Def, others business insights relevant. D culture/operations Recommended process/organization changes. Secretary of Defense corporate fellows And we must transform not only our own forces, but also the department that serves them by encouraging a culture of creativity and intelligent risk taking. We need to promote a more entrepreneurial approach to developing military capabilities, one that encourages people—all people—to be more proactive and not reactive, to behave somewhat less like bureaucrats and more like venture capitalists Secretary of Defense donald Rumsfeld Remarks to The national Defense University. Paul, mn capt mark rich Honeywell International, Inc.

Columbia, md ltc(P) Dennis Slagter sra international, Inc. Fairfax, va col (S) Ed Wilson Cisco systems, Inc. San Jose, ca cdr mike murphy hewlett-Packard Company reston, va lt Col Howard Parker Caterpillar, Inc. Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Two distinct Cultures Corporate America. D profit and growth mission harvard accomplishment market centric/customer focused service centric cost conscious (profit/loss) culture spend culture street/competition drive urgency politics/budget/ops drive urgency ruthless advocate for efficiency tenacious advocate for warfighter continuously reinventing tech base develop in blocks and spirals. With Best Practices to Share. Framework secretary of Defense corporate fellows strategy clear, focused, growth-centric Anticipate change (competitive landscape) core vs unrelated business areas organization culture execution fast, flat, flexible organizational structures performance innovation oriented Sharply communicated parents company values consistently meet expectations Empower workforce technology focus on continuous improvement talent.

Sdcfp background Secretary of Defense corporate fellows secdef concerns for future service leaders - open to organizational and operational change - recognize opportunities made possible by info tech - appreciate resulting revolutionary changes underway l l Affecting society and business now Affecting culture and operations. D in future businesses outside. D successful in: - adapting to changing global environment Exploiting information revolution Structural reshaping/reorganizing developing innovative processes. Sdcfp organization Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Two officers from each Service - high flag/general officer potential - o-6 or O-5 - senior Service college credit Group Education - current political/military issues; leading edge technologies - meetings with senior. D officials, business executives, members of Congress, the press, former sponsors, alumni - graduate business school executive education Eleven months at Sponsoring Company permanent Staff - sdcfp director, Admin Assistant - net Assessment for oversight - national Defense University for Admin support. Sdcfp sponsors Secretary of Defense corporate fellows m, abb, accenture, agilent Technologies, American Management Systems, Amgen, boeing, cisco, direc.

Ex, general Dynamics, hewlett-Packard, human Genome Sciences, ibm, lockheed Martin, loral,. Kinsey., merck, microsoft, mobil, netscape, northrop Grumman, Oracle, pfizer, Pricewaterhouse. Coopers, raytheon, sarnoff, sears, southern Company, sun Microsystems, United Technologies m, caterpillar, cisco, hewlett-Packard, honeywell, lockheed Martin, sra international Fed. Ex, Insitu Group, johnson johnson, raytheon, southern Company, sun, symbol Technologies, United Technologies. Sdcfp results Secretary of Defense corporate fellows Program objectives fulfilled - education -. D, individual officers, Sponsors - more Sponsors than Fellows available - intra-group experience sharing Unique corporate experience - strong corporate support - executive/operational level mix - mergers/restructuring. Sdcfp products Secretary of Defense corporate fellows build a cadre of future leaders who: understand more than the profession of arms Understand adaptive and innovative business culture recognize organizational and operational opportunities Understand skills required to implement change will motivate innovative changes throughout career report.

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VA7vhDExkvZs ( ). Posted: may 27, 2013 in, uncategorized, it has been weird not writing my dissertation or papers for over a week. Last week i created the powerPoint for my presentation, i just have a few more slides to add. This week i will be making a few final additions to my planned analysis methods in chapter 3 in both the paper and presentation. Additionally, i plan on calling my committee members on Wednesday morning to see if there are guaranteed any concerns, or things that they want me to explicitly cover in my presentation. I am debating creating the actual survey in qualtrics before the defense so that I can include the full instrument in my proposal. I also need to write the recruitment letters and informed consent forms for the survey and interviews. Advertisements, secretary of Defense corporate fellows Final Report Secretary of Defense corporate fellowship Program. Agenda secretary of Defense corporate fellows background common Findings/Recommendations Individual Experiences (time permitting).

final defense presentation

Vo, zoya bylinskii, et al What makes a visualization Memorable? The Art of Presentation /. nsw department of Education and Training. Lexical Phrases in L2 academic presentations /. Dewle; English and Foreign Languages University.- India. Qidc377ff7e a00a- ( ). Qidc377ff7e a00a- ).

parts. In the first part I ll give a few basic definitions. In the next section I ll show you a history of sleepwalking defense. In part three, i am going to analyze basic types of sleepwalking defense. In the final part I ll explore possible evidence for sleepwalking defense. I ll conclude my presentation by analyzing difficulties of implementing sleepwalking defense and I ll try to come up with some suggestions. I also plan to keep some time for questions after the presentation. Chopra «taking Charge of your.

7) The eu write is a unique economic and political partnership between 28 European countries that together cover much of the continent. 8) The aim of my report is to present the research of the work of the european Union. 9) The topics of this presentation are the following: the history of eu establishment; member states; the structure of this organization/ 10) Let s now turn to the description of the eu organisation. Let me introduce myself. I am Alexandra Shtromberg, a third-year student of Law Faculty of Petrozavodsk State University. Today i am going to talk about the phenomenon of sleepwalking defense in murder trials. It is widely known that the sleepwalker can perform various complex actions, even violent ones. Every case where the sleepwalking defense is raised is quickly gaining publicity, as it tackles numerous legal, medical and ethical issues.

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2) I thank you for being here today. 3) database Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Valeria bogatova. I m a first-year student of Petrozavodsk State University. 4) I ll be giving you an overview of the european Union which is one of the most important international organisations. 2 nd slide: Contents 5) be confident, there will be time for your questions after my presentation. 6) I suppose we are ready to start.

Final defense presentation
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  4. Defense, corporate fellows, final, report Secretary of, defense, corporate fellowship Program. In the final part I ll explore possible evidence for. I ll conclude my presentation by analyzing difficulties of implementing sleepwalking defense and.

  5. May 17, 2002 eecs, kansas University 1 feature based Video sequence Identification Dissertation. My master Thesis, presentation and. How to create an Interior Design mood board in minutes. Final, thesis, defense, architecture. Do you have to do the final year research project presentation and you have no idea how to convince others that what you have done is excellent and.

  6. Final preparation for my proposal defense phd dissertation. Last week i created the powerPoint for my presentation, i just have a few more slides. Doctoral Dissertation Proposal and. Final, defense, guidelines Updated August 2010 Proposal. Student gives a 20-30 minute presentation of their proposal. The presentation will also cover exemptions, compliance dates, and specific procedures for food defense monitoring and.

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