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The benefits are based on actual service up to the last day of paid service plus an additional period of notional service, plus, where appropriate, extra years of service, known as ill-health added years. . An addition of 6 and 2/3rds years is fairly common. . The officer may also qualify for Social Welfare disability benefit and/or supplementary pension depending on the amount of Social Welfare benefit actually received. If a person has to retire because of ill-health with less than 5 years but more than 2 years reckonable service, the person has a choice of taking a once-off lump sum (short service gratuity) or opting for preserved benefits payable in the normal way. What is a short service gratuity? A short service gratuity is payable to an officer who has to retire on grounds of ill-health who has more than 1 year's service but less than 5 years service. . The amount of the gratuity is 1/12th of pensionable remuneration for each year of service plus 3/80ths of pensionable remuneration for each year of service in excess of 2 years. What benefits apply if I die in service?

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How are pensions paid? Pensions are paid fortnightly in arrears by the Office of language the paymaster General. Before retirement, officers complete a pensions Declaration Form. . payment of the pension begins with effect from the day following the last day of paid service. Payments are normally made direct to the pensioner's bank account; otherwise cheques are posted to the pensioner's home address. Certain deductions may be made from pension if the officer so wishes,. Vhi, life assurance premiums, etc. . The pensioner must make the appropriate arrangements with the Office of the paymaster General. What benefits are payable if I have to retire early because of ill-health? If an officer has to retire before age 60 (55 in the case of Prison Officers) because of permanent ill-health, pension and lump sum are paid immediately at retirement if the officer has more than 5 years reckonable service. .

In the case of special pay increases for serving staff, some are passed on to pensioners, others are not. Some of the conditions which may have to be met before special pay increases are passed on to pensioners are: the increase must apply to all staff serving in the grades or posts concerned; assimilation of serving staff to the revised pay scales must. Not on starting pay on promotion or re-grading terms the increase must not have been awarded in consequence of a substantial restructuring or alteration of duties which, in effect, constitutes regrading of the posts or grades concerned; the increase must not have been awarded. In addition, if an allowance becomes pensionable from a particular date, the benefit is not passed on to pensioners who retired before that date. If a new pensionable allowance is introduced, it does not apply to pensioners who never held that allowance while serving. Are the benefits reduced if an officer is retained or re-employed in the civil Service after age 65? Lump sum payments are not reduced or postponed but pension is reduced to ensure that the total of pay and pension does not exceed the current equivalent of the officers write pay on the date of retirement. . If an officer is retained after age 65 the service after that age is not reckonable for established scheme benefits. . This applies to staff appointed before are not "new entrants" as set out in Annex 1;.

review employer indeed

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This provides greater flexibility to members in terms of retirement planning. The benefits expressed as a of the Preserved Benefits which would be payable at age 60 are: Members with a preserved age of 65 Age last Birthday pension Lump Sum. Is my pension increased after I retire? Increases in civil service pensions are awarded at the discretion of the minister for Finance under Regulations made by him/her under Section 29 of the pensions (Increase) Act 1964. The Act does not prescribe what form the increases should take or how they should be calculated. . In the civil Service, since 1986, the application of the minister's discretion, in this regard, has been based on 'parity' which means that, where increases paid to serving staff are being passed on to pensioners, the pension increases are effective from the same thesis date. This is not the same as providing that pensioners are paid at the same rates as serving staff. There is no provision for a pensioner to be paid an increase in advance of any such increase having been paid to their serving counterpart. In practice, all general pay increases since 1986 have been passed on to pensioners on the same basis as to serving staff. .

It comes in for consideration when a person who is umemployed and who through no fault of their own fails to qualify for any social Welfare entitlement; it represents the difference between the total of the pensions actually received by the person and the pension. (a)  At what age are benefits payable? A)  Provided an officer has a minimum of 2 years' qualifying service, benefits are payable on retirement either at maximum retirement age of 65 (60 in the case of Prison Officers) or at any time after reaching age 60 (55 in the case of Prison. See annex 1 new Recruits from 1st April 2004. . Benefits may be paid before those ages if the person retiring on grounds of ill-health, provided that the officer has 5 years reckonable service. . Officers, who now leave the civil service with preserved benefits,. Before the minimum reckonable service, receive a preserved pension and lump sum, payable on application, at age. B) What are Actuarially reduced Benefits? With effect from, a facility was introduced to allow a member who has a minimum of 2 years' qualifying service to retire from age 50 (or 55 for new entrants on or after 1st April 2004) with immediate, actuarially reduced superannuation benefits in lieu.

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review employer indeed

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The maximum reckonable service is 40 years. Officers entitled to preserved benefits receive a pension and lump sum based great on pensionable remuneration at the date of resignation up-rated by the appropriate pay increases between that date and their 60th birthday. (see questions 13 and 30). I am work-sharing now or was job-sharing how is my pension calculated? Effective from 20th December 2001 you have your worksharing service treated banking on a pro-rata basis and the pensionable remuneration is the notional full rate of pay for the job. .

This means that the period of jobsharing/worksharing service is reckoned pro-rata to whole time reckonable service and the salary base is the whole time equivalent salary. What happens if I do not qualify for Old Age pension or any other Social Welfare benefit? If, through no fault of your own, you do not qualify for Old Age pension or any other Social Welfare benefit or qualify for only a partial entitlement then you may be entitled to receive a supplementary pension. What is a supplementary pension? A supplementary pension is an additional amount of pension that may be paid to a person whose occupational pension is co-ordinated with the Old Age pension. . It is paid in circumstances where the combined pensions (i.e. Occupational and Social Welfare benefit) are less than the pension they person would receive if the occupational pension was calculated on a non-co-ordinated basis. .

The benefits may, in some cases be based on an average salary. . For instance, if, within the last 3 years of service, an officer has changed grade (e.g. Been promoted) or received a personal change in pay, an average pay figure will be used which takes account of the final salary and the salary of the former grade and the relative periods spent in the two grades in the last 3 years. . Where the person is retiring on grounds of ill-health, averaging does not apply if the person had the potential for service to avoid the averaging. How are my pension and lump sum calculated? Subject to a minimum of 2 years qualifying service your pension and lump sum are calculated as follows: Pension: Up to the 31st December 2003, for the civil service pension, pensionable remuneration is co-ordinated with the Old Age contributory pension (oacp) payable to a single.

The pension is 1/80th of net pensionable remuneration (as defined at 4 above) for each year of service subject to a maximum of 40/80ths. This means that on retirement with 40 years reckonable service the occupational pension along with the Old Age pension amounts to one-half of pensionable remuneration. Effective from, the formula for the calculation of pension has been amended to: 1/200th of pensionable remuneration up to less than 3 1/3rd times oacp, and 1/80th for pensionable remuneration in excess of this limit. Lump Sum: The lump sum is 3/80ths of pensionable remuneration for each year of service subject to a maximum of 120/80ths. . This payment is currently tax free. For Prison Officers service greater than 20 years is doubled for the purposes of the above calculations. .

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Periods of leave without pay are not reckonable but a break in service,. A career break, does not affect the aggregation of reckonable service. Reckonable service database before the break may be aggregated with reckonable service after the break. Periods on pension rate of pay are not reckonable either. Service given on a commission-paid or fee-paid basis is generally not reckonable. What is pensionable remuneration? Generally, pensionable remuneration is final pay (i.e. Salary payable on the last day of reckonable service plus the average of the best of three consecutive years pensionable allowances in the final ten years of service. .

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What are my pension entitlements and on what basis are they calculated? On retirement you will be entitled to a pension and lump sum provided you have a minimum of 2 years' reckonable service. . The method of calculating your pension and lump sum is shown at question. What is reckonable service? Reckonable service is paid addition service and provided an officer has 2 years qualifying service, the following service is reckonable for pension purposes: Full-time paid, established service; Job-sharing or work-sharing service (see question 10 Non-established service given before appointment to an established post;. For established civil Servants in paid employment service on or after 20th December 2001, part-time service prior to that date may reckon as follows: for service given prior to 1st June 1973, where the hours worked were at least 18 hours per week, the service. The reckoning of earlier service may involve the payment of appropriate 'back' contributions and other conditions - see circular 20/2005 paragraph.

case of work-sharers, contributions are calculated on a pro rata basis. Is my pension Scheme a defined Benefit or a defined Contribution Scheme and how is it funded? Your scheme is a final Salary defined Benefit Scheme which gives a pension based on service and final pensionable remuneration (salary and pensionable allowances) see question. The scheme is an unfunded pay-as-you-go scheme. . The amount of pension benefit is defined in the scheme rules and is not affected by investment returns etc. . Scheme benefits are payable from monies voted by the oireachtas to vote 7 superannuation and Retired Allowances. . The pensions benefits payable compare favourably with benefits from comparable private sector schemes.

All officers over age 16 years of age who join the civil Service in an barbing Established capacity on or after re automatically included in the contributory Established Superannuation Scheme provided that they have the potential to give at least two years service on becoming Established. Do i pay contributions for these benefits? Officers who are in the contributory scheme pay a personal contribution. . These officers also pay class a prsi but their salary is higher (i.e. 20.19ths) than the standard salary. The personal contribution is 1 of pensionable remuneration plus 3 of net pensionable remuneration. Officers also pay contributions of 1 of pensionable remuneration for spouses and childrens pension (question 30).

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Established civil Servants (including Prison Officers) who pay Class a prsi. Who is eligible for superannuation benefits under this scheme? Established civil servants are eligible for superannuation benefits as outlined in this website. . These faqs deal with officers appointed on or after who pay class A (full) prsi and who are in the contributory pension scheme. What are the main benefits? The main benefits are: Retirement pension and lump sum (questions 6 to 15 death gratuity (question 19 Spouses and childrens pensions (questions 24 to 29). Other aspects of superannuation covered are: Actuarially reduced benefits (question 13(b Preserved benefits (question 30 Notional service (question 31 Transfer of service (question 32 Purchase of service (question 33 Additional Voluntary contributions (AVCs) (question 34 Injury warrant Entitlements. How do i join the superannuation Scheme?

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