P&g annual report

p&g annual report

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We offer both through our programs and services, while connecting people with critical resources and delivering solutions at scale. We connect young people with the tools, knowledge and networks they need to graduate high school and thrive in the job market. Digital learning, business skills, job Training, we give people the resources and opportunities they need to build a stronger financial foundation for themselves and their families. Career Support, ending Homelessness, at United way, we mobilize the caring power of communities and work with partners to create permanent and positive change. From helping military veterans get back on their feet and nurturing character development in the classroom, to recognizing local heroes who are making a mark, we are strengthening communities from the inside out. Through our programs, products and services, we are making a mark on communities around the world and the lives of those who live there. Character Playbook is making a significant mark in communities across the nation, engaging 98 United ways and working with nearly 1,000 schools to set students up for success. Read more, supporting Those Whove served.

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To all of our partners, donors, advocates and volunteers, thank you for being in the trenches with us this year. With your help, we will continue fighting to create lasting change that impacts countless lives, makes our world a better place and leaves an enduring mark on society. John Lechleiter, Chairman of the board. Gallagher, President and ceo. United way serves 61 million people each year, and is engaged in nearly 1,800 solutions communities across 40 countries and territories. Childhood Success 100,000books distributed to kids in Australia through Dolly partons Imagination Library since 2013 2,600central and northeastern Connecticut children in quality, early childhood education programs who writers gained the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten 9,600children in liverpool, England, who have experienced healthy development through. Youth Success 96of students in Cincinnati enrolled in afterschool programs who were promoted to the next grade level in 2016 2,635young people in the Philippines whove earned scholarships since 2014 69,795young people in Denver who were positively impacted through college- and workforce-preparation programs in 2015/2016. Financial Stability 4,148people in Cleveland served by workforce-readiness programs in 2016 10 billionput back in the hands of hardworking Americans since 2009, thanks to free tax-preparation assistance supported by United way 6,959people in Greater Victoria, canada, who found meaningful jobs, better managed their expenses and. Access to health 24,035low-income citizens in Korea who were given access to healthcare in 2016 110,000meals distributed at meal centers in Lehigh Valley in 2016 97,752people in Dallas who received preventive care support—leading to healthier lives—since 2014. Now more than ever, communities need help and hope.

Deeply rooted problems—from struggling schools to unemployment—require the time and talents of a range of individuals and organizations, and we are incredibly grateful for their support. That support is critical in a time when it seems like the only constant is change itself. Political winds shift frequently, about and businesses rise and fall with increasing regularity. Technology is both bringing us together and driving us apart. In times of turbulence, however, we believe that our time-tested way of working—forging unlikely partnerships and mobilizing resources to develop sustainable solutions—is more valuable than ever. People will look to United way to bring them together with opportunities to organize, build coalitions and effect positive change. Were proudly stepping forward, and were eager for the challenge. We know that tough issues require tough work, and that change doesnt happen alone. It takes everyone fighting and pulling as one.

p&g annual report

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This years annual report shines a light on many of the people and communities we helped, as well as those who made it possible. Throughout this website, youll see stories about our fight for summary the left-behind children in China and refugees in Europe. About our fight against homelessness in America and human trafficking worldwide. As these examples make clear, we fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. And we do it at a scale matched by few others. At United way, we believe that health, education and financial stability are the building blocks of stronger communities. When a child is healthy, he goes to word school. When a student receives a good education, she gets a job that provides for her and her family. Our community-based approach would be impossible without the assistance of our corporate, community, labor and government partners.

This annual report shines a light on many of the people and communities we helped, as well as those who made it possible. A year of Success and Significance. At United way, we believe the most important work often happens in the trenches. Decades from now, people will remember 2016 for its social and political upheaval. From the election in the United States, to "Brexit" in the United Kingdom, to popular protests around the world, 2016 will leave an imprint on our collective memories. At United way, we will remember this past year for so much more. We will remember it for the lives we changed and the communities we strengthened. Our work took place in communities large and small around the world—and it often took place outside of the public eye. Yet, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, our efforts to build stronger communities have left their own deep mark on society.

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p&g annual report

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No matter the obstacles, we surround a communitys most critical problems—and we fight. We fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. Because we know that change begins when we live united, and that building a better tomorrow starts today. How do we make our mark? By facing problems head. By galvanizing communities around important issues.

And by forging unlikely partnerships for innovative solutions. From supporting disaster recovery efforts in India and giving students in south Africa the assistance they need to stay in school, to helping our military veterans in the United States find jobs and feeding the hungry in Washington, we give back so that others can. We fight for communities. We fight for a good quality of life. We are biography United way. At United way, we will remember 2016 for the lives we changed and the communities we strengthened. For the leaders we helped to grow and the opportunities we created.

Christine Grüning, senior Project Manager/Policy Expert, Frankfurt School unep centre for Climate sustainable Energy finance aaron leopold, ceo, Africamda details and registration The renewables Global Status Report (GSR) is a sister publication to the Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment Report (GTR) produced by Frankfurt School. The most recent edition of the report, launched in 2017, is available here. Subscribe to the ren21 Newsletter Connecting the dots: Convening multi-stakeholders on renewable energy. Our Impact and Influence, we are more than just fundraisers. We are a global vehicle for volunteers, donors and advocates who seek to change lives and strengthen communities through service, collaboration and impact. Learn More, our Impact and Influence.

Every day, and in all corners of the world, people look to United way for lasting solutions to local problems. We are a vehicle for volunteers, donors and advocates who seek to change lives and communities through service, collaboration and impact. As the largest privately funded nonprofit in the world, we connect people and companies with the causes that matter to them the most. By engaging.9 million volunteers, nine million donors and more than 60,000 corporate partners in almost 1,800 communities each year, we are a reliable platform for social change. Since our founding in 1887, we have been known as the fundraisers—but we are so much more than that. We are the hand raisers, the game changers. We are the problem solvers for those issues that are difficult to face and too hard to ignore.

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There will be ample time to ask questions after the presentations, The Clean Energy solutions Center, in partnership with the renewable Energy policy network for the 21st Century (REN21 is hosting a no-cost, webinar on the launch of ren21s flagship report, renewables 2018 Global Status. Murdock, project Manager analyst, ren21 Ute collier senior Programme lead, renewable Energy division, International Energy Agency holger Dalkmann Interim Secretary general, slocat partnership Details and registration Getting Investment Where Its needed: How do we level the playing field? June 26, 2018 7:00 est / 13:00 cest / 16:30 ist investments in renewable energy, while higher than in earlier years, were not on the scale necessary to meet the objectives of the paris climate agreement. Regionally concentrated and inadequate to achieve universal energy access: investment needs to increase in the sectors and regions that need it the most. Simply put, the global renewable energy transition is progressing far too slowly. It will then delve into the varying investment levels resume across regions and its impact on access, specifically across developing countries, Africa and India. There will be ample time to ask questions after the presentations. Williamson, outreach communication Manager, ren21 Kanika chawla, senior Programme lead, ceew.

p&g annual report

of ren21s flagship report, renewables 2018 Global Status Report (GSR). Speakers: Rana Adib, Executive secretary, ren21. Contact: cc: details and registration, from a renewable Electricity Transformation to a renewable Energy system Transformation: Renewables in heating, cooling and transport. June 21, 2018 7:00 est / 16:00 cest, the renewable power sector is dynamic and undergoing rapid changes with falling costs, record installations, increasing investment, and several new, innovative business models. But these positive developments tell only part of the story. The global energy transition is only fully underway for the power sector; for other sectors it has barely begun. The power sector on its own will not deliver the emissions reductions demanded by the paris climate agreement or the aspirations of Sustainable development goal 7 (sdg 7).The heating and cooling and transport sectors, which together account for about 80 of global total final energy. The webinar will begin with the key findings from ren21s Renewables 2018 Global Status Report. It will then dive into the status of renewables in the heating, cooling and transport sectors and what is needed to speed the uptake of renewables to meet climate objectives and the sdgs.

We ask that you: 1) Include the following citation: ren21, 2018, renewables 2018 Global Status Report, (Paris: ren21 Secretariat) 2) Send a copy of the final work to: gsr 2018 Infographics, rEN21 Webinars, the Global Renewables Energy Transformation: What is holding us back? June 5, 2018 07:00 pst / 10:00 est / 16:00 cest. Renewables uptake continues to increase rapidly, but that uptake is not happening fast enough to limit energy-related CO2 emissions or to meet the uns Sustainable developmental goal. This is largely due to sectoral and regional imbalances, along with increasing energy demand. The webinar will with begin with an overview of ren21s newly released. Renewables 2018 Global Status, report. It will then look into the two realities of the renewable energy transformation: 1) dynamic renewable power industry, driving rapid uptake, and 2) what is holding the overall energy transformation back. The presentation will end with possible measures needed to accelerate the transformation to a renewable energy future.

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Renewables 2018 Global Status Report, transformation is picking up speed in the power sector, but urgent action is required in heating, cooling and transport. This years, renewables 2018 Global Status Report gsr reveals two realities: one in which a revolution in the power sector is driving rapid change towards a renewable energy future, and another in which the overall transition is not advancing with the speed needed. Read the, highlights 2018 document to understand the broad trends that defined the renewables sector in 2018. For specific market, investment and policy developments, check out the microsite or down load the full report. Quick links, gSR 2018. Gsr 2018 Microsite, gsr full Report in English, download (pdf.5 MB). Highlights 2018, en, cH (pdf 7 mb gSR 2018 Downloads. You are welcome to use the information contained in this report free-of-charge.

P&g annual report
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  6. P g released its 15th annual, sustainability, report, demonstrating its commitment to helping people around the world live better and more sustainably through an integrated approach to environmental and. Transformation is picking up speed in the power sector, but urgent action is required in heating, cooling and transport. Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more. Get coupons, Offers and Ideas. P g everyday, p g everyday is the go-to destination for great deals, product reviews and inspiration. Save, explore and unleash your creativity.

  7. Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including family, personal and household care products. In 2016, United way impacted millions of lives across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide. Designed developed by Andhra Pradesh Technology services. Best viewed in 1024 X 768 screen resolution. P g, releases, annual, sustainability, report ; Announces Progress toward Environmental and Social Responsibility goals for 2020.

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