Maven resume build

maven resume build

Hudson, maven resume from failed project on Jenkins - stack overflow

The services were fronted inside the cluster with haproxy, allowing us to expose a single point of entry into the cluster while providing very high availability within the cluster. Configuration of the wiring within the cluster was dynamic and automatic, relying on Consul as a point of truth for the cluster state. My role in this project was to rework the service projects to be automatically building Docker images using Gradle in our Jenkins ci pipeline, and coordinating the technical resources to keep the project on track to deliver a solution which allows automated and repeatable deploys. In addition, this project was used as a template for me to evangelise the use of Docker and related into the rest of the projects, assisting other teams and the qa team to rebuild the development and testing framework to focus on the target deploy. The biggest challenge so far in this role happened over the first few weeks, where i had to rapidly learn Groovy, gradle, spock and cxf having had no previous exposure to these technologies. From a standing start, i can confidently say that I was fully competent within the first four weeks. I also had to come to grips with the different requirements for logical and physical data design using Cassandra, which has slightly different semantics and emphases to other nosql databases I have used.

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The code was written in a mixture of java 8 with Spring.x and Groovy, with an emphasis on using Groovy mainly for unit and integration tests run by the Spock framework. All services were deployed into tomcat containers, and where appropriate are backed by cassandra databases. Rest interfaces were brokered using Apache cxf, with assistance from the jackson libraries for serialisation of json. The build process used Gradle, providing a consistent and seamless development cycle all the way from unit and integration tests on the desktop through to the construction and deployment of rpms into qa via the jenkins ci environment. In this role bibliography i was responsible for the correctness of implementations of designs passed across from the architectural team, and contributing to the technical correctness and suitability of architectural decisions. In addition I had the day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that the code base was clean and solid, and suitable for deployment to a qa environment at any time, and provide third-line engineering support for production instances of the services. My latest project was to work with the devops team and others to deploy these services into the camelot uk environment. In keeping with the strategy of Camelot Global to focus on saas, or to be deploying 'black boxes' into a customer's environment, we bundled the services and a variety of supporting technologies into a distributed Docker Swarm cluster. This involved very rapid learning of a large number of technologies in this area: Management and provisioning of virtual machines into various environments and cloud vendors was performed by Ansible, which in turn usede docker Swarm to create a distributed cluster into which we deployed. The cluster included a cassandra cluster, and we made use of Consul for dns resolution and distributing state across the whole cluster.

Senior Data Engineer, Think big Analytics, january 2017 — november 2017, with ThinkBig, i was part of fuller various teams engaged with a variety of clients in different areas — banking, health Care, telecoms and Insurance — delivering consultancy services and software implementations based around data. Much of my work focussed on devops activities and security planning and implementation, and the engagements frequently involved the use of (Hortonworks) Hadoop technologies, kylo and Apache nifi. Devops activity primarily centred around using aws technologies, using a mixture of Terraform, Ansible, jenkins and Git to provide software defined infrastructure (Infrastructure as Code). I also used my time here to begin investigation of Scala, and brush up my knowledge of Spark and associated technologies. Senior Software Engineer, camelot Global, october 2015 — november 2016, at Camelot I was working within the Instant Win Game team, working on a set of web services that provide the iwg service. In addition I designed and built an event Logging Service that collated and distributed key business events from across the suite of services that comprise the overall platform. These services were characterised by requiring quite high transaction rates, and need to be extremely reliable. Providing guarantees about the state of customer transactions was as important as providing a very secure system. Part of the strategy around this was to ensure there was a reliable single point of truth (the cassandra database addressed by an arbitrary number of stateless horizontally scalable service instances, married to a solid understanding of the latencies between receipt of requests and the.

maven resume build

Maven, tips and Tricks: Advanced reactor Options

Please contact sue to make arrangements that work for you. Do you offer Not-For-Profit Discounts? Can I schedule one-to-one training now? Please call or schedule an appointment with sue sutcliffe now. Expertise, architectural design focusing on performant but easily maintained systems, focussing on high transaction rates and large data volumes; Technical leadership of small teams dedicated to producing great software; Design and implementation of sophisticated, high-availability, high performance server-side web Services and Web Applications using java. Experience, chief Technical Officer, Chrysalis Analytics, thesis november 2017, co-founder of, chrysalis Analytics, a member of the. Leap beyond thesis Analytics group, with responsibilities for management and direction, as well as general continuing roles through leap beyond Analytics providing senior engineering and security consultancy.

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Maven plugin vagrant: resume

maven resume build

Using, maven to, build a web Site for your java project

This four-hour training will teach you how to: Add, edit and delete web pages and blog posts. Add text, images, videos and formatting. Choose, install and customize wordPress themes that suit your brand. Choose, install and customize wordPress widgets and plugins that provide additional functionality and enrich your visitors experience. Contact forms, social abigail media links, google analytics, etc.

299.99, wordpress website/blog management training, wordPress website/blog management training workshops are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who has a wordPress website, knows the basics, and wants to ensure best-practices are followed such as taking off-site backups. This four-hour training will teach you how to: Back up your WordPress website off site. Protect your website from hackers, choose, install and customize another WordPress theme. Contact forms, social media links, google analytics, etc 199.99, wordpress website/blog optimization training, wordPress website/blog optimization training workshops are ideal for anyone who publishes WordPress website pages or posts and needs to learn how to optimize it for users, search engines, social media and success tracking. This four-hour training will teach you how to: Create your own strategic plan, develop an effective and agile keyword strategy. Optimize pages and posts for search engines. Seo best practices, maintain and measure benchmarks, user managers responsive design tips so your website will shine on any screen size.

Tools, intellij idea, maven, Ant, Gradle, google Analytics, Apache tomcat, gimp. Other, rESTful Web Services, platforms, amazon Web Services (aws linux, Android, windows. Storage, json, nosql, amazon sdb, aws dynamoDB. Paradigms, object-oriented Programming (oop concurrent Programming, Agile software development). Languages, java 8, java, groovy, xml, sql, kotlin, core java (J2ee javascript, html, scala, css. Frameworks, jUnit, testng, google guava, spring, hibernate, google guice, spring mvc, spring jdbc, grails, Spring Security, ibatis, apache wicket, Angularjs, spring Web Flow, guice, swagger, Activiti bpm, jbpm, apache Spark, apache Struts, Play framework, gwt.

Tools, maven, hudson, jenkins, Eclipse ide, gitHub, cvs, git, Intellij idea, jmeter, Gradle, chrome developer tools, gitLab, ibm watson, net Promoter Score (nps subversion (svn json4s. Paradigms, agile software development, rest, object-oriented Programming (oop design Patterns, Unit Testing, kanban, domain-driven Design, aop, test-driven development (tdd object-oriented Design (ood scrum, xp, functional reactive programming, pair programming, microservices Architecture, web Architecture, api architecture, rest api architecture, microservices, functional Programming. Storage, json, mongodb, mysql, postgresql, cassandra, aws s3, Oracle pl/SQL. Libraries/APIs, guava, jQuery ui, jQuery, rest api, jdbc, telegram Messenger api, facebook messenger api. Other, lean development, apis, Apache commons, hessian, soa architecture, team Management, team Mentoring, team leadership, ibm watson Speech-to-text, restful apis, Chatbots. Platforms, jvm, unix, windows, linux, mac os, oracle). WordPress training workshops are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn how to build, maintain and optimize a website or blog, or add this valuable marketing skill to their resumé. Build your own wordpress website/blog, build your Own WordPress website/blog training workshops are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn everything they need to know to build and update their own WordPress website or blog in one week.

Build partiel avec, maven : Construire moins pour aller plus vite

Sql programmer, sql workbench. Supervised engineers and technicians. Front-end developer, worked on the redesign of the dashboard interface of user accounts for real estate agents who are trying to create an online presence. Helped bridge departmental gaps and acquired new skillsets by collaborating closely with marketing during projects. Primary code utilization included html5, css3, javascript. Technical support intern, monitored and maintained the computer systems and networks of in the it department of the organization. I installed and configured computer systems, diagnose hardware/software faults and solve technical and applications problems, either over the phone or in person. Languages, java, groovy, xml, gps sql, frameworks, spring, Android sdk, junit, Spring Android, jpa, grails, gwt, google guava, hibernate, javaserver Faces, Spring mvc, play framework. Libraries/APIs, android api, jackson, Otto, java servlets, google Gson, jQuery.

maven resume build

Programming knowledge in Windows 7, server 2008R2, vista / xp, x64; Linux, unix visual Studio 2010, Blend 4,. Net 4, c, mfc. Eclipse, python 3, java, jboss, server / db backup / VMware. Re architecture, repair, tuning, and performance enhancement of modern multi-tier enterprise apps. InstallShield 2011, AdminStudio.5 (was InstallShield Repackager is installAnywhere 2010, hudson, maven, ci, ant, subversion, cvs, thesis git, mercurial, ClearCase, perforce, starTeam, sourceSafe. Net, 12 years InstallShield, 15 years programing. Sql server Reporting Service / Crystal Reports / Excel c php integration.

in Python for generating java rule-validation code from natural language rules Education Degree: Master's in Computer. This work explores the automatic analysis of programs that make use of transactional memory, a new approach to concurrency which promises better performance than lock-based mechanisms Grade:19 (out of 20) main areas of focus: transactional memory language parsing and manipulation automatic program analysis Publication: Detection. Cross Platform build, sys Admin, automation development in Eclipse: maven, hudson/Jenkins, Gradle, junit, wix, continuous - build - integration - test - deploy, code coverage, ant, c, c, python, php, perl, guis, jQuery fireBug javascript, java, j2ee, jboss, ajax, php mysql, lamp software. Oracle, ms sql server, Innodb, mysql, postgres, db2, firebird, and Postgresql databases. RedHat el ap, centos, ubuntu, debian, ms windows, Android, unix. Integration - auto build - system Admin - program - auto test - analyst. Web servers, Internet Engineering, Dreamweaver CS5, Flash CS5, python, php mysql, and Drupal. JQuery with FireBug javascript ajax (with Eclipse ms visual Web dev jboss, java, j2ee, system network (lan / wan) administration. Database admin dba windows / Unix / Linux.

Made the whole site responsive with the help. Bootstrap 's grid, migrated to a require. Js module system integrated with rails' sprockets. Also maintained the ruby on rails server-side code base. Frontend developer for Shop at, zalando se (Berlin, germany at Zalando i had my first role as an almost exclusively frontend dev. Developed and maintained all the. Desktop, mobile, and Native app versions of the online shop Implemented unit tests with Mocha and Chai and kept an eye on coverage with Karma, and put it all together with a mavenGulp build system Helped prepare the transition to a single responsive web application. There i worked as a full-stack developer, mostly in java-based web applications.

Apache maven build manager selenium online training with expert

Reach me at: weapons of choice: javascript, nodejs jQuery, html, css, also in the toolbox: java, sql, python. Django, backbone, extJS friend 3, mocha, github Projects, actively developing nodeshell — your everyday bash-clone where you can type javascript at the command line. Also maintaining trudy proxy — a regular http proxy server which allows analysis and modification of all proxied requests. I've used it professionally to debug requests from mobile devices. Other types of languages: Portuguese: native, english: fluent, german: basic, work Experience. Frontend developer at, homify GmbH (Berlin, germany just joined. Maintaining the ruby-on-rails app and its compiled assets. Senior Frontend developer at, locafox GmbH (Berlin, germany). The team at Locafox was quite small, so i could have the whole Frontend for myself.

Maven resume build
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  4. managed by maven - this included automatic build failures in the ci environment if test coverage does not meet mandated standards;. Maven, hudson/Jenkins, Gradle, junit, wix, continuous - build - integration - test - deploy, code coverage, ant, c, c, python, php. maven build system and repository, eventum issue tracking application, tomcat and maven testing environments, Enterprise linux servers. The network monitoring System was written in java and utilized Activemq, hivemind, hibernate and the maven build system. Designed and developed automated process of build and deployed for all applications using Anthill pro.

  5. Maven (the most used java build tool in the world) Architecture of a replacement for Splunk dashboard to build a more scalable solution. Developed a maven Archetype to create different checkout modules for different products. Build automation as well as Unity Cloud build integration. Git, vim Text Editor, Vsvim, Blender, maven, visual Studio created maven. Modernized the ci, dependency management, and build scripting with maven, ivy, rake, nexus, and Jenkins.

  6. Full stack web developer What I have done and. Worked on the redesign of the dashboard interface of user accounts for real estate agents. modeling, and ui modeling. Comprehensive knowledge of build process and development tools like, maven, ant, junit, and MockObjects. Started test-driven development and maven build policies for release management. Maven as the build platform of choice for the new platform.

  7. A robust, maven build system to integrate a complex ibatis multi-database integration along with new role based security in Acegi using. Proposed, designed and implemented migration of build system from, maven 1 to, maven 2, and from Luntbuild to teamcity. unit tests with Mocha and Chai and kept an eye on coverage with Karma, and put it all together with. Maven, gulp build system. who wants to learn how to build, maintain and optimize a website or blog, or add this valuable marketing skill to their resumé.

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