Human rights day essay

human rights day essay

Essay, on, human, rights, day, in India

After the widespread destruction of the power struggle, the ruling party, the taliban, have committed atrocities against the people of Afghanistan that few would believe still exist in the world today. Especially targeted are the Shiite minority and the women of Afghanistan. Despite every effort of the taliban to limit reporters and documentation of the crimes being committed, there is tremendous information being made public worldwide. The violations present a unique situation in the world and command reaction from the world at large. Ml : Tabloid news services kabul, Afghanistan. What has become norm these to Afghanis are straight out of a horror movie for most of the civilized world. The taliban regime has enacted their own form of justice under the banner of Islam. This news piece from the capital tells of a typical day of sentencing, severed hands and feet of thieves hanging in the busiest part of the town to serve as a warning to others.

Essay on human rights

Take for example just before world War Two, nazi germany was known to want to eliminate a great percentage of people not fitting into their Aryan master race, yet they still hosted the Olympics of 1936. At those Olympics they refused to grant a gold medal to a jewish person, jesse Owens, and still America and many other countries chose to ignore engineering germany for political reasons. After the war, almost in response to the declarations, various human rights organizations, such as amnesty international have been created. They almost always use the declaration as their basic outline for the rights of human beings. These groups bring much attention to the human rights problems of the world. A good example was the later war in vietnam, protests in the United States over unfair treatment of enemy civilians is one of the main reasons they were forced to pull out. So in conclusion I must say that nobody can iim argue that forcing people to stand up and take notice is the only way to eliminate a problem and that is what the declaration has achieved. Human Rights violations Essay, research Paper. Imran syed, pE 4665 : Human Rights. Assignment 1: Web Sites and Interest Groups. Human Rights violations in Afghanistan, since the departure of the soviets from Afghanistan basic human rights of the Afghanistanis have not just been trampled on but summarily done away with.

The international military forces in Bosnia have also refused to arrest them. The president of Croatia actually gave an indicted officer a promotion and medals. In 1997 the tribunal had only a handful of low-ranking suspects to actually bring to trial. Impact Many critics of the un claim that the International Declaration Of Human rights supermarket has had very little real impact on infringements to any of the rights outlined in it since it does not carry the force of law. In many cases this is true, china still has virtually no freedom of speech, in the former country of Yugoslavia there are still reports of ethnic cleansing and horrible crimes against humanity committed by both sides. What the declaration has done is spoken. Before it was put into writing there was no real outline for how people should be treated or what are the most basic in alienable rights that should be given to any human being. Another thing the declaration has done is cause people to stand up and take notice of human rights issues in the world. Before it was drafted, many cases involving human rights were simply ignored or kept quiet.

human rights day essay

Essay on, human, rights for Children and Students

The tribunal for crimes committed in the long former Yugoslavia was established by the un s Security council in 1993. The council started the Rwanda tribunal in 1994. They are the first international war crimes trials since the n rnberg Trials for nazi war criminals that followed World War. Although the tribunals were established by the security council, they operated independently of the. The trials depend on contributions from countries to keep operating and were often hampered by financial shortages. Another more serious problem was the inability to arrest suspects in countries that do not recognize the treaties brought in by the un as valid. The yugoslav tribunal indicted 75 people for war crimes and genocide, including the top military and political leaders of the serb forces in Bosnia and a high officer in the Croatian militia in Bosnia but neither Serbia nor the bosnian Serb forces have turned over.

The commissioner job is to oversee all of the un s human rights programs, work to prevent human rights violations, and investigate human rights abuses. It is also in the commissioner s power to publicize abuses to human rights taking place in any country. However most publicity about abuses to human rights does not come from the un but from rival countries or non-governmental groups like amnesty International The un has also written four international treaties on human rights. These treaties do have the force of law but are very hard to enforce. The treaties deal only with the problems of genocide, racial discrimination, civil and political rights, and economic and social rights. These four treaties have only been signed by about half of the countries of the world. Notably the United States has only signed the treaty concerning genocide. Other countries have also refused to sign the conventions because of concerns about the specific terms of the conventions and the loss of authority that such treaties imply. Recent Human Rights Activities The un s most well known recent activities dealing with human rights are the two International Criminal Tribunals held to bring to justice those responsible for the horrible acts of violence committed during the recent civil wars in the former countries.

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human rights day essay

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This document was called The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration was voted in on December 10, 1948, which is now celebrated each year as Human Rights day. The declaration says that all human beings are born free and equal and establishes basic rights for all people and rules for the actions of governments in many areas pertaining to those rights. For example, it says that all people have the right to liberty, religious and political freedom, education, and economic well-being. It bans type torture and states that all people have the right to participate in their governments.

The declaration is not a law, unfortunately, and in some cases has had little actual effect on the member countries of the. Governments with poor human rights records, such as China, do not agree with the un s attempts to promote human rights, saying that such actions interfere with their internal affairs. The un has a commission on Human Rights. Its job is to monitor abuses of the declaration in member countries, hold international meetings on human rights issues and handle angie's complaints about violations to the basic human rights. It was in 1993 that the general Assembly created the position of High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Human rights are the expression of those traditions of tolerance in all religious and cultures that are the basis of peace and progress. Human rights are foreign to no culture and native to all nations. Tolerance and mercy have always and in all cultures been ideals of government rule and human behavior. It is the university of human rights that gives them their strength. It endows them with the power to cross any border, climb any wall, defy any force.

The struggle for universal human rights has always and everywhere been the struggle against all forms of tyranny and injustice- -against slavery, against colonialism, against apartheid. It is nothing less and nothing different today. Our great country was founded on the basic idea that all man are created equal with liberty and justice for all. We must remember with rights comes responsibility. The responsibility to respect and preserve the rights of all. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didnt speak up because i wasnt a trade unionist. If we expect our rights to be respected and protected we must speak up to preserve human rights for all humanity. We must become watchdogs of our government to insure that human rights will be respected and protected, for without human rights there is no organized government. Research Paper, international Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms History After the war crimes committed by the germans in the holocaust that occurred during World War ii, the United nations decided to create a document guaranteeing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

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Human right are those rights which are inherent in each of us by virtue of the fact the we are members of the human species. For example, one human right would be the right to live free from unprovoked acts of violence. Another would be the right to be recognized and respected as a person. Without respect for each others basic human rights, organized anything would be virtually impossible. The law of the land would be replaced by the law of the jungle. Protection of human rights if essential for any organized society. Respect and protection of human rights and organized government can not reviews write be separated, one can not exist without the other.

human rights day essay

Remember tolerance and mercy have always and in all cultures been ideals of government rule and human behavior. Today, we call these ideals human rights. Human rights are to be respected and preserved if we are progress as a society and as a people. Affirmative: Organized government would be non-existent if human rights were not preserved and protected. This Nation was founded assignment by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. Human rights are the foundation of human existence and coexistence. Human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent. Tolerance- promoted, protected and enshrined- will ensure all freedoms.

man and women are created equal with liberty and justice for all. We must respect and preserve the rights of all, for when the rights of one is threatened the rights of all are diminished. I would like to leave you with this story to ponder. In Germany they came for the communists, and I didnt speak up because i wasnt a communist. Then they came for the jews, and I didnt speak up because i wasnt a jew. Then they came for the catholics, and I didnt speak up because i was a protestant. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak.

No respect for individual rights, basic human rights. Another example is right in our own back yard. I am speaking of assignment hate crimes which plague our society. They are no different today than centuries ago when slavery was allowed. One race against another. One religion against another, it is all the same. Hate is the opposite of tolerance. We can only live together through an expression of tolerance of the differences each of us brings into this world.

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Human Rights Essay, research Paper, human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent. Human rights are what make us human. When we speak of the right to life, or development, or to dissent and diversity, we are speaking of tolerance. Tolerance will ensure all freedoms. Without it, we can be certain of none. The raging ethnic cleansing reviews in Kosovo is an example of intolerance. The serbians will not tolerate the Albanians at any cost. They are forcing them from their homes, turning the streets into killing fields. This civil war seems unstoppable because of the intolerance of one race against another.

Human rights day essay
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  4. 1st prize essay danna Thein Ying yi to cut Away. Human Rights Essay research Paper Human RightsThroughout. Human Rights Essay research Paper Human rights.

  5. Was voted in on December 10, 1948, which is now celebrated each year. This news piece from the capital tells of a typical day of sentencing, severed hands and feet. Stand, human, rights Essay contest Winner. More than.4 million Congolese have died from conflict-related causes from 1998 to present day, making what. Maruah organised a creative writing and poetry competition to celebrate human Rights day 2011.

  6. Every day, i hear comments being made about this being gay and other comments about that being retarded. Essay, about, human, rights : Get. At the same time, people with disabilities face attitudinal barriers in every day lives, and are often. Human rights is a popular topic nowadays, and is cause for much debate and controversy. But still nations invest in arming themselves and preparing for the inevitable next war, individuals get bombarded each day., essay on, human, rights. The International Declaration Of, human, rights, essay.

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