Gaeilge essays

gaeilge essays

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The oral examiner is more likely to stay on the same subject for a period of time than jump from topic to topic, so make sure that you are able to go into detail. Try to connect all your answers to one another. This will enable you to prompt the examiner to discuss a particular topic that you are well prepared for. At the very least it will reduce the likeliness of the examiner going into an area you havent discussed before. 5) take advantage of Irish courses. Many schools run Easter courses which prepare students directly for their oral exams.

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Your friends are probably as nervous about the Irish oral as you are and you can help each other out by talking Irish together. It is even more effective if you focus on running mock oral tests rather than just speaking Irish. This allows the person asking the questions to get into the mindset of an examiner, which is an important skill to develop. 2) Increase your vocabulary. Learning vocabulary and phrases is vital for the oral. You will find that using a limited number birthday of phrases you can answer a fairly large range of question. Having vocabulary that focuses precisely on the areas that tend to be discussed in the oral is important. This does require some work, both in coming up with the phrases and assembling the vocabulary, but it will pay off in the end. 3) Focus on quality over quantity. Try to focus less on developing a large number of answers and more on how detailed you can be in your answers.

Only allow yourself to listen the allocated number of times for each section. This way you will learn how much time you have before the next hearing and when it is best to write down the answer to a question. Try shredder to view this method as less stressful than studying, as all you have to do is listen and write. Dont forget this will benefit your oral Irish too. Oral, walking the talk, dreaded by many and feared by the rest, the oral exam is the cause of many a restless night for the average leaving Cert student. But it shouldnt be! The only way to stop feeling like you dont have control is to take control. Heres how: 1) Practise with friends. Speaking Irish outside the classroom may not be cool, but its a great way to get your marks.

gaeilge essays

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3) Know your place. If you ever hear an Irish place name, make sure to write it down and learn how to spell. These are regular features of the aural, so you should be prepared essay to tackle them. That way you will find it easy to recognise them and will not lose any marks for spelling them wrong. 4) Remember its all in the question. The question will guide and direct you to the answer if you use it properly. Its more important to understand all aspects of the question than it is to understand every word you hear. It is vital that when you complete an Irish aural exam paper you review the questions again and ensure that you understand every word in every question. Whenever you practise, always treat your work as an exam.

If you have trouble doing these tests, keep on practising and you will improve. Get used to scanning what you hear closely and managing how you deal with the questions. More so than with any other section of the exams, this skill comes with practice. 2) Remember that vocabulary always repeats. Its important that you listen closely to everything that is said when you practice these tests. Dont just write down the answers that you hear. If you hear a word you dont understand, write it down phonetically and look it up later in a dictionary or ask your teacher. Vocabulary repeats regularly in exams, so what might just sound like a weird word last year might be an answer next year.

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gaeilge essays

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Next, read the comprehension. Using a coloured highlighter, highlight the sentences where you think the answers are. Then reread the questions, which will tell you which paragraph the answer. Look closely at that paragraph and the question. Pay particular attention to the words of the question.

There might be a noun or verb there that also features in the paragraph, which might signal that the answer is there. Although what you have highlighted in the beginning may be right, dont be afraid to change your mind after careful consideration. Listen up, the aural is a question that can cause students a lot of trouble, but there are a few tricks you can use to top up your mark. Heres your how: 1) Practice makes perfect. The Irish aural is usually hard at first.

Its important that you develop your skills here. Heres how: 1) Get out a dictionary. Theres a myth that says you cant do well at comprehensions unless you develop your overall ability in Irish. Every time you do an exam comprehension you should highlight the words you dont understand, get out a dictionary and learn them. 2) you dont need to understand everything, you just need to get the gist of what is being said. There are always going to be words you dont understand, but thats the same for everyone, so have confidence and dont be daunted by long or technical words.

In the end they may not be important. 3) Use your own Irish. Even if you dont have great Irish you should try and focus on re-wording the answers rather than repeating the text. A small change in wording is all you will need to get more marks. However, its better to" directly from the text than leave an answer blank. 4) Hone your technique. Theres a technique to answering these questions which can really benefit you on the day of the exam. First, read the questions.

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If you year learn a entry number of general phrases you can learn Irish grammar through them and adapt them on the day. Time is not a problem here, so dont turn it into one. Unless youre a very slow writer you should have enough time to reach 600 words or so with ease. 4) Consider your options. Some people think that you can only write an essay for this question. You can write a story, a debate piece or a newspaper article instead. You just need to learn set openings and conclusions for the debate. Do this and you increase your chances of holding a winning ticket. Comprehensions: take advantage, theyre worth 70 marks, only 30 marks less than the essay, but they can be much easier to do well.

gaeilge essays

For example, the vote on autumn the lisbon Treaty took place in October last year and the eu was on this years paper. In the previous year, barack Obama was elected us president in november 2008 and ended up on the 2009 paper. Prepare some vocabulary on current stories in advance. It might be worth squirrelling away a few phrases on banking, budgets and economics this winter. 2) Use great grammar. Its important to realise that grammar accounts for 80 per cent of the essay mark. No matter how good your ideas are, its all about the quality of Irish you use.

students on leaving Cert Irish. While i studied higher-level Irish, i think these study guidelines work for Irish at any level. I believe that many people approach the study of Irish in the wrong way, wasting a great deal of time and effort on work that wont stand to them in the exam. This is how I went about. Essay and comprehension, essay: a lottery? It can all depend on what comes up and what youve written before. The essay is a bit of a lottery, so make sure you have the right ticket. Heres how: 1) keep up with the news by watching the big stories between September and December.

Phrases to open, close and fill each paragraph. Up to date vocabulary on all topical themes. A sprinkling of seanfhocail to add flavour to the essay. Correct use of verbs (see our 'Irish Verbs Made easy' card for more details.). Buy now, add to wishlist, related Products, oral Irish Made easy. Oral Irish Made easy - glance cardExclusively for the leaving Certificate Oral Irish Exam (Higher and Ordinary level) Questions. Useful Phrases, proverbs, popular Verbs, school essay Subjects, escape route!

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How to write the perfect Irish essay for leaving Cert. Students will find this reference card very useful when preparing for the Irish examination in the leaving Certificate. Decide on the type of essay. Will it be aiste, díospóireacht, or óráid? Make sure you fully understand its meaning. Do out a plan to consist of 6 paragraphs ( words). Our essay will be made up of the following four steps:.

Gaeilge essays
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Ut Austin, essay, pDF fileavailable now and read Ut Austin. How to organize your argument essay.

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  3. Anybody know where i can get examples of Irish essays on the net? Or help with writing Irish essays? This is a four paged, laminated fold-over card, A4 in size. Its purpose is t o get students to write the perfect essay as gaeilge for the leaving Certificate. Irish Essays Made easy - glance card by Graspit.

  4. The information in it can still all be used but. A sample academic essay discussing themes present in early 20th century prose. The essay extensively details the two stories Nóra Mharcais Bhig and. How much to write for each section of the Irish leaving Cert Paper 1 and. The first type of composition you can choose is the essay or article. I also recommend learning a variety of proverbs (seanfhocail) whic h can be incorporated easily into essays, such as Is fearr súil le glas ná súil.

  5. The essay is a bit of a lottery, so make sure you have the right t icket. If you learn a number of general phrases you can learn Irish grammar. How to write the perfect Irish essay for leaving Cert. Students will find this ref erence card very useful when preparing for the Irish examination in the leaving. Ceachtanna gaeilge dírithe ar Bhéaltriail Ghaeilge na nArdteistiméireachta a ch uimsíonn topaicí éagsúla agus na dánta atá ainmithe don Scrúdú cainte. I wrote this essay 3 years ago on the future of the Irish language and so it is a little bit out of date.

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