Delivery boy resume

delivery boy resume

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Honey wagon - a towed vehicle containing one or more dressing rooms, as well as crew bathrooms. Industrial - non-broadcast film or video, usually of an educational nature inserts - shots, usually close -ups of hands or close business, inserted into previously shot footage. (Interior) - scene shot indoors. In time - actual call time or start time; also, return time from a break. Line producer - producer responsible for keeping the director on time and budget; generally the most visible producer actually on the set. Long shot (LS) - camera shot which captures the performer's full body.

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first Assistant Director; person responsible for the running of the set. Gives instructions to crew and talent, including calling for "first team "quiet "rehearsal and "take five." first ass't. first Assistant Camera Operator is responsible for focusing the camera lens during the shooting of a scene; also known as the focus Puller. First team - the production term for the principal actors in annual a scene. Forced call - call to work less than 12 hours after dismissal on the previous day. Foreground cross - action in a scene in which an Extra performer passes between the camera and the principal actors; sometimes called a "wipe". Fx (Effects) - special Effects. Gaffer - chief Electrician. Grips - members of the film crew who are responsible for moving set pieces, lighting equipment, dolly track and other physical movement of equipment. Hand model - performer whose hands are used to double for others. Hiatus - time during which a tv series is not in production holding - designated area to which the Extra performers report and stay while waiting to go on set.

director of Photography or Cinematographer. Dress the set - add such items to the set as curtains, furniture, props, etc. Dupe - a duplicate copy of a film or tape; also, a "dub" 8x10 - commonly used size of a performer's photos, usually in black and white. Electrician - in film, crew members who place lighting instruments, focus, gel and maneuver the lights. Equity waiver - in Los Angeles, 99-seat (or less) theatres which were otherwise professional, over which Equity waived contract provisions under with certain circumstances. Now officially called "Showcase code the term "Equity waiver" is still used informally. Executive producer - person responsible for funding the production. Extra - background performer, used only in non-principal roles. union staff member who ensures contractual compliance on sets.

delivery boy resume

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Dialogue - scripted words exchanged by performers. Director - coordinator of all artistic and technical aspects of any production. Director of photography (D.P. O.P) - supervises all decisions regarding lighting, camera lenses, color and filters, camera angle set-ups, camera crew and film processing. Dolly - piece of equipment that the camera sits on to allow mobility of the camera. Dolly grip â the crew member who moves the dolly. Double - performer who appears in place of another performer,. E., as in a stunt.

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delivery boy resume

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Copy - hut script for a commercial or voice over. Coverage - camera shots other than the master shot; coverage might include two-shots and close-ups. Craft services - on-set beverage and snack table. Crane shot - camera shot raised over or above the set or the action. Crawl - usually the end credits in a film or tv shot which "crawl" up the screen. Credits - opening names in a film or tv show; also refers to a one's performance experience listed on a resume or in a program. Csa - casting Society of America cue - hand signal by the Stage manager cut - verbal cue for the action of the scene to stop.

At no time, may an actor call, "cut!" cutaway - short scene between two shots of the same person, showing something other than that person. Dailies - screening of footage before it is edited. Day player (day performer) - a principal performer hired on a daily basis, rather than on a longer - term contract. Demo tape - actorâs audio or video tape that agents use for audition purposes. These are now going digital and are being uploaded to the casting Workbook saving duplication and shipping costs for agents and their actors. Dga - directors guild of America dialect - distinctly regional or linguistic speech pattern.

Many casting directors have their own casting facility and others rent facilities for their auditions as required. Casting notice - similar in format to a breakdown, the casting notice is not restricted to agents only. They are distributed to actors, agents and the public, much the same as a posting in a newspaper. Cattle call - actual time you are due on the set caterer - responsible for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a set. Cheat - actor's adjustment of body position away from what might be absolutely "natural" in order to accommodate the camera; can also mean looking in a different place from where the other actor actually.

Checking the gate - verbal command to check the lens on the camera; if the lens is ok the cast crew will move on to the next scene or shot. Chief electrician - heads the electrician crew; also called the gaffer. Cinematographer - director of Photography close-up (CU) - camera term for tight shot of shoulders and face. Cold reading - unrehearsed reading of a scene, usually at an audition. Commission - percentage of a performer's earnings paid to agents or managers for services rendered. Composite - a series of photos on one sheet representing an actor's different looks. Conflict - status of being paid for services in a commercial for one advertiser, thereby contractually preventing performing services in a commercial for a competitor.

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Scene numbers, the expected day's total pages, locations, and production needs are also included. Call time - actual time an actor is due on the set. Camera crew - with the. (Director of Photography) as its chief, this team consists of the camera operator, the first assistant camera operator (focus puller the second assistant camera operator (film loader margaret and clap stick clapper) and the dolly grip. Camera operator - member of the camera crew who actually looks through the lens during a take. Responsible for panning, tilting and keeping the action within the frame. Casting calls - tryout for a film, tv or stage role. Casting director â hired by the producer and responsible for choosing performers for consideration by the producer or director. Casting facility - studio or space used by one or more casting directors for holding audition taping sessions.

delivery boy resume

Casting Workbookâs Audition studio in their Vancouver location is a blue screen. Breakaway - specially designed prop or set piece that looks solid but shatters easily. Breakdown - summary description of a script prepared by or for the casting director often including the names of the director, producer, network or studio, together with audition location and times, storyline and roles available for casting in a production. These are, and have essay traditionally been, provided only to qualified talent agents. Breakdowns are posted on the casting Workbook by the casting Director and go out to as many as 1000 agents in 20 cities. See also casting Notices. Callback â second audition or follow-up interview or audition. Call sheet - sheet containing the cast and crew call times for a specific day's shooting.

a printed program or press release. Blocking - actual physical movements by performers in any scene. Booking - firm commitment to a performer to do a specific job. Boom - overhead microphone, usually on an extended pole. The boom Operator is the member of the sound department responsible for holding the boom pole, with mic attached, over and sometimes under the actors. Blue screen - shooting in a studio against a large blue or green backdrop, which allows a background to be superimposed later on the final image. The actors must imagine the set they are on and be aware of the limitations of their movements.

Auditions involve reading from the script, but can also require improvisation. Avail - courtesy situation extended by performer or agent to a producer indicating availability to work a certain job. Avails have no legal or contractual status. Background - extra performers. On the set, reviews "Background!" is a verbal cue for the Extras to start their action. Back to one - verbal cue for performers to return to the mark where they started the scene. Beauty shot - on tv soaps, the shot over which the credits are rolled.

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Action - command from the director for the scene to begin. It also means that the camera is rolling. Ad lib â the extemporaneous delivery without relying on a prepared script. Adr - automated dialogue replacement. Dialogue added to a scene in post production. association of Canadian Craftspeople, actra - alliance of Canadian Cinema television and Radio artist. Aftra entry - american Federation Radio television Artists. Art director - person who conceives and designs the sets. Audition - tryout for a film, tv or stage role.

Delivery boy resume
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