Allegiant book summary

allegiant book summary

The divergent Series: Allegiant (2016) - box Office

26 Kate winslet was announced to be in talks on January 24, 2013. 27 Later, it was confirmed that she would portray jeanine matthews. 28 Talking about playing the negative character for the first time, winslet said, "I'm no idiot. The idea went through my head that I have never played a baddie before, i was almost kind of surprised." Since winslet joined filming late, she used that distance from her co-stars to appear aloof on the first day of her shoot. "I wanted to break it and say, 'it's ok, i'm really fun. I promise.' but I thought, just for today, i'd let them think that i am a complete bitch." 29 Winslet was five months pregnant during the shooting of the film and her pregnancy was concealed using various props. According to burger, "We had to be very strategic in the way that we shot her. She always had some sort of file or case in her hand that was sort of protecting, you know, her bump." 30 On March 25, 2013, ben Lamb was cast as Edward, ben Lloyd-Hughes as Will, and Christian Madsen.

Allegiant (divergent Trilogy, book 3) (Product

On October 22, 2012, it was announced that Shailene woodley had landed the lead role of beatrice "Tris" Prior. 18 Lucas Till, jack reynor, jeremy Irvine, alex Pettyfer, brenton Thwaites, alexander Ludwig and luke bracey were all considered for the role of Tobias "Four" Eaton. 19 20 On March 15, 2013, it was announced that Theo james had been cast as four. 21 Though future James was 10 years older than the character when cast, roth praised his casting: "I was sure within seconds: this was 'four no question. Theo is able to capture 'four's' authority and strength, as well as his depth and sensitivity." She also mentions the chemistry between him and Shailene: "he is a perfect match for Shailene's incredibly strong presence as Tris. I'm thrilled!" 22 The producers said about his casting: "We took our time to find the right actor to fill the role of four, and Theo is definitely the perfect fit. Veronica have crafted a truly iconic character in four and we cannot wait to begin production and bring him and this story to life for millions of fans around the world." 21 On March 11, 2013, it was announced that the roles of Tori, christina. 23 ray stevenson, jai courtney and Aaron Eckhart were announced to be in talks to join the cast on March 15, 2013. 24 Stevenson and courtney joined the cast as Marcus Eaton and Eric. 25 That same day, miles Teller was cast as Peter.

So, distilling that into a cool, faithful two-hour movie is challenging. Not only do you have to establish five factions, but you have to acknowledge that there's a sixth business entity, which is the divergent, and you also have the factionless. So there's a world that really has to be built out for the big screen. The movie is going to do it a little more efficiently." 15 Author Veronica roth said about the script of the film: "Reading a script is a really interesting experience. I'd never read a script before. I was really impressed by how closely it stuck to the general plot line of the book." 16 Initially, the budget of the film was 40 million but lionsgate later increased it to 80 million (which finally changed to 85 million) due to the success. Analyst Ben Mogil said, "divergent is more similar to hunger Games in that the company owns the underlying economics (i.e. Production) and the budget (at 80million) is more manageable." 17 Casting edit Theo james was cast as Tobias "Four" Eaton, winning the role over several other considered actors.

allegiant book summary

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Tris uses a sample of the mind control serum on her to force her to cancel the program. The group escapes the compound and boards a train out of the complex. See also: List of The divergent trilogy characters Production edit biography Pre-production edit In March 2011, summit Entertainment picked up the rights for divergent with douglas Wick and Lucy fisher's production company red Wagon Entertainment. 12 neil Burger was announced as professional the director on August 23, 2012. 13 evan daugherty, who co-wrote the screenplay with Vanessa taylor, said, "I get hung up on the toughness of the movie but of equal importance is the love story between Tris and four. It's inherently and inextricably linked to Tris's character journey. There will be plenty of sexual tension and chemistry, but it's important that all of that stuff doesn't just feel like it's thrown in, but that it all helps Tris grow as a character." 14 daugherty further added, "It's tricky because the book.

Tris now knows that her mother was also dauntless. She tells Tris her father's whereabouts and that they have to get back to them immediately. Tris kills one of her friends, will, and is really affected by the fact that she had to kill her friend to survive. Unfortunately, her mother is soon shot dead as they flee. Tris has to leave her mother's dead body to save herself from being killed. Tris finds her father in hiding with several Abnegations, including Caleb and Marcus. The group sneaks into dauntless headquarters, where Tris encounters Peter and forces him to lead them to the Erudite's control center. Her father sacrifices himself in a shootout, and Tris goes in alone to find four, who is now under stronger mind control designed for divergents and attacks her. Using her knowledge of his fears, she manages to wake him from the mind control and the two enter the central control room, where Erudite leader jeanine ( Kate winslet ) is about to have the dauntless army execute the entire Abnegation faction.

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allegiant book summary

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When the mind controlled dauntless army are preparing for Abnegation execution, a confused divergent reveals himself by asking everyone what is happening and is shot immediately by Eric. Witnessing this Tris blends in with the army to avoid suspicion. On the train, she carefully makes her way next to four. She stands next to him and after a few seconds he reveals himself as a divergent to Tris for the first time by holding her hand and she is relieved. While the dauntless move to raid Abnegation, Tris and four separate from the group and attempt to locate Tris' parents.

Eric is suspicious of four and tests him by pointing his gun at four. Tris breaks their cover and points her gun at Eric. Their identities as divergents are revealed to the dauntless leaders and they both get captured. Four is taken into custody while Tris is ordered to be executed. Her mother Natalie ( Ashley judd ) appears and liberates her.

Divergent are resistant to serums and simulations, so Tris excels at these tests, solving them in peculiar ways, but four warns her to solve the challenges as a normal dauntless would in order to hide her abilities. She tells him that Erudite is planning to overthrow Abnegation and become the ruling faction. He doesn't believe her. On her return to dauntless quarters, Tris is attacked by Al, peter, and Drew before being rescued by four. The next day al pleads for Tris' forgiveness but she refuses, calling him a coward.

He later kills himself by jumping into "The Chasm" rather than live with the shame. To prepare her for the final test, four takes Tris into his own fear simulations, where she learns that he was Tobias Eaton, the son of Marcus Eaton (her father's colleague). After the simulation, they kiss. Tris then passes her test and is officially initiated into dauntless. The dauntless, including Tris and four, are injected by dauntless leadership with a serum supplied by Erudite which is supposedly for tracking, but is actually for mind control. The next morning, the dauntless prepare to execute Abnegations by the orders of the Erudite and the dauntless leadership working with them. Divergents are unaffected by the mind control serum.

Divergent (divergent, 1) by veronica roth — reviews

Beatrice is the first to volunteer for a leap of faith from a tall building into a dark hole, landing in a net. When four plan ( Theo james a transfer initiates' instructor, asks her name, she shortens it to "Tris" leaving her Abnegation childhood behind. Tris initially struggles in dauntless training, ranking far below the cutoff lined after the first evaluation, but with four's help slowly improves. Eric matches her against her nemesis;— peter ( Miles Teller ) in a fight. Tris is soundly defeated and wakes up in the infirmary. Informed that she will miss the most important test, capture The Flag, Tris leaves the infirmary and joins the other initiates, secures her team's victory, and makes the final cut. In the next phase of training, the initiates face their worst fears in psychological simulations.

allegiant book summary

Her results show the rare quality of equal attributes of multiple factions, meaning she is divergent. Her divergence includes Abnegation, Erudite, and dauntless. Tori records her results as Abnegation and warns her to keep the true result a secret, saying that because divergent can think independently the government cannot control them and they are considered threats to the existing social order. The next day at the Choosing Ceremony, beatrice's brother Caleb Prior ( Ansel Elgort ) chooses Erudite. After some indecision, beatrice defects to dauntless. These choices draw attention to caleb and beatrice as most Abnegation choose to stay in their faction. After the ceremony, beatrice meets Christina ( zoë kravitz al ( Christian Madsen and Will ( Ben Lloyd-Hughes three other initiates from other factions who also chose dauntless. Christina and Al are from Candor, and Will is from Erudite. The initiates' commitment and fearlessness are immediately tested, and Eric coulter ( jai courtney a brutal dauntless leader, makes it clear that anyone not meeting dauntless' high expectations will be attributes expelled from the faction to become factionless.

the United States and other countries. 11 Contents In a futuristic dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions : Abnegation (the selfless Amity (the peaceful candor (the honest dauntless (the brave) and Erudite (the intelligent). The remaining population are the factionless. At the age of 16, they undergo a human serum albumin -induced psychological aptitude test which indicates their best-suited faction, though they are allowed to choose any faction as their permanent group at the subsequent Choosing Ceremony. Beatrice Prior (Shailene woodley) was born into Abnegation, which runs the government. Her father, Andrew Prior ( Tony goldwyn serves on the ruling council along with the head of Abnegation, marcus Eaton ( ray stevenson ). Beatrice takes her test with a dauntless woman named Tori wu ( Maggie q ) as her proctor.

Development of divergent began in March 2011 when Summit Entertainment picked up the film rights to the novel with douglas Wick and Lucy fisher 's production company red Wagon Entertainment. Principal photography began April 16, 2013, and concluded on July 16, 2013, with reshoots taking place from January 2426, 2014. Production mostly took place in Chicago. Divergent was released on March 21, 2014, in the United States. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with praise going towards its concepts and action, and criticism focused on its execution. Reviewers found the film to be generic and unoriginal, comparing it unfavorably to other young adult fiction adaptations. Despite this, the film was a financial success as it reached the 1 spot at long the box office during its opening weekend.

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Divergent is a 2014 American dystopian science fiction action film directed by, neil Burger, based on the 2011 novel of the same name by, veronica roth. The film is the first installment. The divergent Series and was produced by, lucy fisher, pouya shabazian, and, douglas Wick, with a screenplay. Evan daugherty and, vanessa taylor. 4, it stars, shailene woodley, theo james, ashley judd, jai courtney, ray stevenson, zoë kravitz, miles Teller, tony goldwyn, ansel Elgort, maggie q and, kate winslet. 5 6, the story takes place in a dystopian and post-apocalyptic Chicago 7 where people are divided yardage into distinct factions based on human virtues. Beatrice Prior is warned that she is divergent and thus will never fit into any one of the factions. She soon learns that a sinister plot is brewing in the seemingly perfect society.

Allegiant book summary
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