1984 book review summary

1984 book review summary

Book review: 1984 by george Orwell

Edwards and moore are working at the top of their forms here, and the result is a pure, classic slapstick that makes "Micki maude" a real treasure. Advertisement comments powered by disqus, subscribe to our mailing list, advertisement. 1, sparkNotes, review: The most popular website for book notes. SparkNotes was created by students for students, and their summaries are accessible and extremely well-written. Besides the usual plot overview, chapter summaries, and character analysis, SparkNotes differentiates itself with a section discussing themes, motifs, and symbols. 2, bookrags, review: boasting the largest collection of book summaries, bookrags is the best option for titles you can't find elsewhere. They offer all of the basics "s, chapter summary, characters, historical context, literary criticism) but also walk through a few major topics that recur throughout the book, which can be particularly useful for writing essays.

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There is the problem that moore's original in-laws happen to pass the church where he is having his second wedding. Edwards has a way writing of applying absolute logic to insane situations, so we learn, for example, that after moore tells one wife he works days and the other one he works nights, his schedule works out in such a way statement that he begins to get. Dudley moore is developing into one of the great movie comedians of his generation. "Micki maude" goes on the list with "10" and ". Arthur " (1981) as screwball classics. Moore has another side as an actor, a sweeter, more serious side, that shows up in good movies like ". Romantic Comedy " and bad ones like "Six weeks but it's when he's in a screwball comedy, doing his specialty of absolutely sincere desperation, that he reaches genius. For example: The last twenty minutes of "Micki maude as the two pregnant women move inexorably forward on their collision course, represents a kind of filmmaking that is as hard to do as anything you'll ever see on a screen. The timing has to be flawless. So does the logic: One loose end, and the inevitability of a slapstick situation is undermined.

She thinks he has beautiful eyes, he smiles, it's love, and within a few weeks moore and Irving are talking about how they'd like to have kids. Then Irving gets pregnant. Moore decides to do the only right thing, and divorce the wife he loves to marry the pregnant girlfriend that he also loves. But then his wife announces that she's pregnant, and moore turns, in this crisis of conscience, to his best friend, a tv producer wonderfully played by richard Mulligan. There is obviously only one thing he can do: become a bigamist. "Micki maude" was directed by, blake edwards, who also directed moore in "10 and who knows how to build a slapstick climax by one subtle development guaranteed after another. There is, for example, the fact that Irving's father happens to be a professional wrestler, with a lot of friends who are even taller and meaner than.

1984 book review summary

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After all, these are serious matters we're talking about. But the triumph of the movie is that it identifies so closely with moore's desperation and his essentially sincere motivation that we understand the lengths to which he is driven. That makes the movie's inevitable climax even funnier. Advertisement, as the movie opens, moore is happily married to an assistant district attorney (Ann reinking) who has no desire to have children. Children are, however, the only thing in life that moore himself desires; apart from that one summary void, his life is full and happy. He works as a reporter for one of those tv magazine shows where weird people talk earnestly about their constitutional rights to be weird: For example, nudists defend their right to bear arms. Then he meets a special person, a cello player (. Amy Irving ) who has stepped in at the last moment to play a big concert.

"The cotton Club" took months to shoot, and they claim they have another 200,000 feet of footage as good as this movie. Whatever it took to do it, coppola has extracted a very special film out of the checkered history of this project). Roger Ebert, january 1, 1984, the key to the whole thing. Dudley moore 's absolutely and unquestioned sincerity. He loves both women. He would do anything to avoid hurting either woman. He wants to do the right thing but, more than that, he wants to do the kind thing. And that is how he ends up in a maternity ward with two wives who are both presenting him with baby children. If it were not for those good qualities in moore's character, qualities this movie goes to great lengths to establish, "Micki maude" would run the risk of turning into tasteless and even cruel slapstick.

Book review: Inadequate Equilibria

1984 book review summary

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Coppola has a way, in this film, of telling all the different stories without giving us the impression he's jumping around a lot. Maybe the music helps. It gives the movie a continuity and an underlying rhythm that makes all of the characters' lives into steps in a sad ballet. We like some of the characters, but we don't have day much respect for them, and the movie doesn't bother with clear distinctions between good and evil. "The cotton Club" is a somewhat cynical movie about a very cynical time, and along with the music and the romance there is racism, cruelty, betrayal, and stunning violence.

Romance with a cutting edge. Advertisement, the performances are well-suited to the material. Richard Gere is especially good as Dixie dwyer, maybe because the camera has a way of seeing him off-balance, so that he doesn't dominate the center of each shot like a handsome icon; Coppola stirs him into the action. Diane lane, herself still a teenager, is astonishing as the party girl who wants to own her own club. Gregory hines and his brother, maurice, create a wonderful moment of reconciliation when they begin to tap dance and end by forgiving each other for a lifetime's hurts. And personal Hoskins, the British actor who played the unforgettable mob chief in ". The long good Friday is so wound-up and fierce and funny as the mobster that he takes a cliché and turns it into an original.

Then we meet Sandman Williams (. Gregory hines a black tap dancer who dreams of appearing at the cotton Club, and falls in love with a member of the chorus line (. Lonette Mckee a mulatto who talks about her secret life among people who think she is white. Advertisement, the two love stories are developed against a background of a lot of very good jazz, some great dancing, sharply etched character studies of the gang bosses, and a couple of unexpected bursts of violence that remind us, in their sudden explosion, of moments. Indeed, there's a lot of ". The godfather " in "The cotton Club especially in the movie's almost elegiac sadness: we get the feeling of time passing, and personal histories being written, and some people breaking free and other people dying or surrendering to hopelessness.

There's another reminder of The godfather movies, and that's in the brilliant, in-depth casting. There's not an uninteresting face or a boring performance in this movie, but two supporting characters really stand out: Bob Hoskins, as a crooked club owner named Madden, and. Fred Gwynne, as a towering hulk named Frenchy. They also are criminal associates. Hoskins is a bantamweight filled with hostility; Gwynne is a giant with a deep voice and glowering eyes. After Gwynne is kidnapped and Hoskins pays the ransom, the scene between the two of them begins as a routine confrontation and unfolds into something surprisingly funny and touching.

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After all the rumors, all the negative publicity, all the stories of fights on the set and backstage intrigue and imminent bankruptcy, francis Ford Coppola's "The cotton Club" is, quite simply, a wonderful movie. It has the confidence and momentum of a movie where every shot was premeditated - and even if we know that wasn't the case, and this was one of the most troubled productions in recent movie history, what difference does that make when the result. The movie takes place in New York in the 1920s and 1930s, where Irish and Jewish gangsters battled the Italians for the rackets. Most of their intrigues were played out in public, in flashy settings like the cotton Club, a harlem nightclub that featured the nation's most talented black entertainers on stage - playing before an all-white audience. By telling us two love stories, coppola shows us both sides with of that racial divide. He begins by introducing Dixie dwyer (. Richard Gere a good-looking young musician who saves the life of a gangster and is immediately recruited into the hood's inner circle. There he meets book the gangster's teenage girlfriend (. Diane lane and they immediately fall in love - but secretly, because they'll live longer that way.

1984 book review summary

There is also an argument between two branches of science: Those who are more interested in what they can learn frankfinn from Charlie's body and those who want to understand his mind. This conflict seems to have been put in to generate suspense (certainly no responsible scientist, presented with a living neanderthal man, would suggest any experiment that would endanger his life). But never mind; before it turns into conflict between good and evil, "Iceman" departs in an unexpected, mystical direction. Advertisement, this movie is spellbinding storytelling. It begins with such a simple premise and creates such a genuinely intriguing situation that we're not just entertained, we're drawn into the argument. What we feel about Charlie reflects what we feel about ourselves. And what he knows - that we've forgotten - illuminates the line between man the fire-builder, and man the stargazer. Think how much more interesting "The Thing" would have been if its frozen life form had been investigated rather than destroyed, and you have an idea of "Iceman s appeal.

man's cell tissue would have been destroyed by the freezing process, right? Not according to "Iceman which advances an ingenious theory. The scene in which the neanderthal is brought back to life is one of those emergency room dramas we're familiar with from the tv medical shows, with medics pounding on the chest and administering electrical shocks. Then the movie leaves the familiar, and begins an intriguing journey into the past of the man. The neanderthal (his name sounds like "Charlie is placed in a controlled environment. Timothy hutton and, lindsay crouse ) establish a relationship with him. Elementary communication is started - although here the movie makes a basic error in showing the scientists teaching Charlie to speak english, when of course they would want to learn his language instead. The rest of the movie develops a theory about how Charlie was frozen and what he was looking for when that surprising event took place.

In both cases, also, we're aware that we are in the hands of a master director. Fred Schepisi, the australian who parts made ". The Chant of Jimmie blacksmith " and Willie nelson's "Barbosa." Both of those movies were about men who lived entirely apart from modern society, according to rules of their own, rules that we eventually realized made perfect sense (to them, at least). Now Schepisi has taken that story idea as far as it will. Advertisement, the block of ice is thawed. As each drop of water trickles down a stainless-steel table to the floor, we feel a real excitement. We're about to discover something, just as we were when the apes found the monolith in 2001. Inside the block of ice is a neanderthal man, perfectly preserved, frozen in an instant with his hands pushing out and his mouth open in a prehistoric cry of protest.

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"Iceman" begins in almost exactly the same way as both versions of "The Thing with a team of Arctic scientists chopping a frozen database mammal out of the ice. But somehow we're more interested in this discovery because the frozen object isn't simply a gimmick at the beginning of a horror picture; it is presented with real curiosity and awe. As a helicopter lifts the discovery aloft, we can glimpse its vague, shadowy outline through the block of forty-thousand-year-old ice. It seems almost to be a man, with its arms outstretched. If we remember Fellini's ". La dolce vita we're reminded of its famous opening scene, as the helicopter flew above rome with the statue of Christ. In both cases, a contrast is made between the technological gimmicks of man and an age-old mystery.

1984 book review summary
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  2. The language is strange, too: It's tough, but not with 1984 toughness. 1984 by george Orwell book reviews are usual. The Scifi novel is a major classic in English Literature and an honoring job for any. Up The Creek is in the great tradition of the Undergraduate Slob movie, a genre that was created by national Lampoon's Animal house. Book summaries demonstrate your understanding of a book 's characters, plot, and major themes. Find tips for annotated reading.

  3. The bostonians ( 1984 ) A review of the excellent glow, on Netflix. January 1, 1984, book, club. Iceman ( 1984 ) A review of the excellent glow, on Netflix. After all the rumors, all the negative publicity, all the stories of fights on the set and backstage intrigue and imminent bankruptcy. Micki maude ( 1984 ) A review of the excellent glow, on Netflix.

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