Wsh on error resume next

wsh on error resume next

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14 Perceived Types also made it easier for end users to search files without specifying individual file extensions. Per-user Recycle bin for ntfs volumes. In earlier versions of Windows nt, one user could see the other user's deleted files located in the recycle bin. Folder options to restore previously open folder windows at logon (restoring Explorer sessions) 15 Customizable infotips on a per-file-class (file type) basis without writing shell extensions 16 Windows Explorer is content-dependent, that is, it attempts to detect the dominant type of files in a folder. To prevent applications from taking over the file associations already registered with the default program explicitly set by the user, windows xp prevents programmatic file associations if the Open With dialog or File types tab is used by users to override the default. A "Tiles" view was added, which displays the files icon in a larger size (48 48 and places the file name, descriptive type, and additional information by which the items are sorted (typically the file size for data files, and the publisher name for applications). The toolbars can be locked to prevent them from being accidentally moved.

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AutoPlay can be enhanced by autoPlay-compatible software and hardware. It can be configured someone by the user to associate favourite applications with AutoPlay events and actions. These actions are called AutoPlay handlers and there are sets of Handlers associated with various types of content. New AutoPlay handlers can get added to the system when additional software is installed. The user can edit, delete or create autoPlay handlers using Tweakui. AutoPlay settings can be configured per-device in Windows xp from the device's properties. When a user inserts an optical disc into a drive or attaches a usb camera, windows detects the arrival and starts a process of examining the device or searching the medium. It is looking for properties of the device or content on the medium so that AutoPlay can present a set of meaningful options to the user. When the user makes a particular choice, they also have the option to make that selection automatic the next time windows sees that content or device. 13 The content types available vary with the type of drive selected. Other shell and ui improvements edit windows xp introduced the notion of Perceived Types, making it easier for applications and shell extensions to register themselves with file types, even if the default program and its associated ProgID changes.

Aside from the filmstrip view mode, there is a 'thumbnails' view, which displays thumbnail -sized images in the folder and also displays images a subfolder may be containing (4 by default) overlaid on a large folder icon. A folder's thumbnail view can be customized from the customize tab accessible from its Properties, where users can also change the folder's icon and specify a template type (pictures, music, videos, documents) for that folder and optionally all its subfolders. The size and quality of thumbnails in "Thumbnails" view can be adjusted using Tweak ui or the registry. 11 Exif metadata stored in the image is also shown in the file's Properties - summary tab, in "Details" view and in any view on the status business bar. Windows xp optionally caches the thumbnails in a " Thumbs. Db " file in the same folder as the pictures so that thumbnails are generated faster the next time. Thumbnails can be forced to regenerate by right-clicking the image in Thumbnail or Filmstrip views and selecting "Refresh thumbnail". AutoPlay edit main article: AutoPlay autoPlay examines newly discovered removable media and devices and, based on content such as pictures, music or video files, launches an appropriate application to play or display the content. 12 AutoPlay (not to be confused with AutoRun ) was created in order to simplify the use of peripheral devices mp3 players, memory cards, usb storage devices and others by automatically starting the software needed to access and view the content on these devices.

wsh on error resume next

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10 Another important addition is that the "look in" field accepts and expands environment variables for abbreviated entry of long paths. Also, users can configure whether or not Windows xp searches for system and/or hidden files and folders. Using Tweak ui, the search user interface can be restored to the one used by windows 2000. Image handling in Explorer edit main article: Windows thumbnail cache windows xp improves image write preview by offering a filmstrip view which shows images in a single horizontal row and a large preview of the currently selected image above. Back and Previous buttons facilitate navigation through the pictures, and a pair of Rotate buttons offer 90-degree clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation of images. Filmstrip view like any other view can be turned on per folder. This view will be available if the new "Common Tasks" folder view is selected, not with "Windows revelation Classic" folder view.

"Show in Groups" is available in Thumbnails, tiles, Icons and Details views. Search edit microsoft introduced animated "Search Companions" in an attempt to make searching more engaging and friendly; the default character is a puppy named rover, with three other characters (Merlin the magician, earl the surfer, and courtney) also available. These search companions powered by microsoft Agent technology, bear a great deal of similarity to microsoft Office s Office Assistants, even incorporating tricks and sound effects. If the user wishes, they can also turn off the animated character entirely. The search capability itself is fairly similar to windows me and Windows 2000, with some important additions. The Indexing Service can extract Exif properties, as well as some metadata for asf, wmv and MP3 files under Windows xp via the ipropertyStorage interface using built-in Null Filter. Search can also be instructed to search only files that are categorically documents or Pictures, music and video" (searching by perceived type this feature is noteworthy largely because of how Windows determines what types of files can be classified under these categories.

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Grouping and sorting edit windows xp introduced a large number of metadata properties 8 which are shown as columns in the "Details" view of Explorer, in the new Tiles view in Explorer, on the summary tab in a file's properties, in a file's tooltip femoral and. Users also gain the ability to sort by any property which is turned on in "Details" view. Developers can write column handler shell extensions to further define their own properties by which files can be sorted. The column by which items are sorted is highlighted. Sorting files and folders can be in Ascending order or Descending order in all views, not just Details view.

To reverse the order, the user simply can perform the sort by the same property again. The sort order has also been made more intuitive compared to the one in Windows 2000. For file names containing numbers Windows Explorer now tries to sort based on numerical value rather than just comparing each number digit by digit for every character position in the file name. 9 For instance, files containing "1 "2"."10" will be intuitively sorted with "10" appearing after "9" instead of appearing between "1" and "2". The right pane of Windows Explorer has a "Show in Groups" feature which allows Explorer to separate its contents by headings based on any field which is used to sort the items. Items can thus be grouped by any detail which is turned.

Conversely, a folder containing music files would offer options to play those files in a media player, or to go online to purchase music. Every folder also has File and Folder Tasks, offering options to create new folders, share a folder on the local network, publish files or folders to a web site using the web Publishing wizard, and other common tasks like copying, renaming, moving, and deleting files. File types that have identified themselves as being printable also have an option listed to print the file. Underneath File and Folder Tasks is Other Places, which always lists the parent folder of the folder being viewed and includes additional links to other common locations such as my computer, control Panel, and my documents or previously navigated locations. These change depending on what folder the user was. Underneath Other Places is a details area which gives additional information when a file or folder is selected typically the file type, file size and date modified, but depending on the file type, author, image dimensions, attributes, or other details.

If the file type has a thumbnail image handler installed, its preview also appears in the "Details" task pane. For music files, it might show the artist, album title, and the length of the song. The same information is also shown horizontally on the status bar. Navigation pane edit The folders button on the windows Explorer toolbar toggles between the traditional navigation pane containing the tree view of folders, and the task pane. Users can also close the navigation pane by clicking the Close button in its right corner as well as turn off the task pane from Folder Options. The navigation pane has been enhanced in Windows xp to support "simple folder view" which when turned on hides the dotted lines that connect folders and subfolders and makes folders browsable with single click while still keeping double clicking on in the right pane. Single clicking in simple folder view auto expands the folder and clicking another folder automatically expands that folder and collapses the previous one.

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Advanced taskbar grouping options can be configured from the registry. 7 The user can choose to always show, always hide or hide some or all notification area icons if inactive for some time. A button allows the user to reveal all the icons. The taskbar, if set to a thicker height also displays the day and date in the notification area. Windows Explorer edit main thesis article: Windows Explorer Windows xp and Windows Server 2003 There are significant changes made to windows Explorer in Windows xp, both visually and functionally. Microsoft focused especially on making Windows Explorer more discoverable and task-based, as dates well as adding a number of features to reflect the growing use of a computer as a digital hub. Task pane edit The task pane is displayed on the left side of the window instead of the traditional folder tree view when the navigation pane is turned off. It presents the user with a list of common actions and destinations that are relevant to the current directory or file(s) selected. For instance, when in a directory containing mostly pictures, a set of Picture tasks is shown, offering the options to display these pictures as a slide show, to print them, or to go online to order prints.

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Moreover, these links can be configured to expand as a cascading menu. Frequently used programs are automatically displayed in the left column, newly installed programs are highlighted, and the user may opt to "pin" programs to the start menu so that they are always accessible without having to navigate through the Programs folders. The default internet browser and default email program are pinned to the Start menu. The Start menu is fully customizable, links can be added or removed; the number of frequently used programs to display can be set. The All Programs menu expands like the classic Start menu to utilize the entire screen but can be set to scroll programs. The user's name and user's account picture are also shown on the Start menu. Taskbar edit The taskbar buttons for running applications and quick launch have also been updated for Fitt's law. Locking the taskbar not only prevents it from being accidentally resized or moved but elements such as quick launch and other DeskBands are also locked from being accidentally moved. The taskbar grouping feature combines multiple buttons of the same application into a single button, which when clicked, pops up a menu listing all the grouped windows and their number.

subpixel rendering, which makes onscreen fonts smoother and more readable on liquid crystal display (LCD) screens. 4 5 Although ClearType has an effect on crt monitors, its primary use is for lcd/tft-based (laptop, notebook and modern 'flatscreen displays. ClearType in Windows xp currently supports the rgb and bgr sub pixel structures. There are other parameters such as contrast that can be set via a clearType tuner powertoy that Microsoft makes available as a free download from its Typography website. 6 Start menu edit with Windows xp, the Start button has been updated to support Fitts's law. To help the user access a wider range of common destinations more easily from a single location, the Start menu was expanded to two columns; the left column focuses on the user's installed applications, while the right column provides access to the user's documents, and. Links to the my documents, my pictures and other special folders are brought to the fore. The my computer and my network Places ( Network neighborhood in Windows 95 and 98) icons were also moved off the desktop and into the Start menu, making it easier to access these icons while a number of applications are open and so that the.

Microsoft paint, windows Picture and Fax viewer, photo Printing wizard, my pictures Slideshow screensaver, and their presence in the basic graphics layer greatly simplifies implementations of vector-graphics systems such. The gdi dynamic library can be shipped with an application and used under older versions of Windows. The total number of gdi handles per session is also raised in Windows xp from 16384 to 65536 (configurable through the registry). Windows xp shipped with, directX.1 which brings major new features to directX Graphics besides Directx audio (both. DirectSound and, directMusic directPlay, directInput and, directShow. Direct3D introduced programmability in the form of vertex and pixel margaret shaders, enabling developers to write code without worrying about superfluous hardware state, and fog, bump mapping and texture mapping. DirectX 9 was released in 2003, which also sees major revisions to direct3d, directSound, directMusic and DirectShow. 1 Direct3D 9 added a new version of the high level Shader Language, 2 support for floating-point texture formats, multiple render Targets, and texture lookups in the vertex shader. Windows xp can be upgraded to directX.0c (Shader Model.0 which later was included in Windows xp sp2.

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Windows xp introduced many features not found in previous versions of Windows. Contents, user interface and appearance edit, graphics edit, with the introduction of, windows xp, the c based software-only. Gdi subsystem was introduced to replace certain. Gdi adds anti-aliased 2D graphics, textures, floating point coordinates, guaranteed gradient shading, more complex path management, bicubic filtering, intrinsic support for modern graphics-file formats like. Jpeg and, png, and support for composition of affine transformations in the 2d view pipeline. Argb values to represent color. Use of these features is apparent in Windows xp's user interface (transparent desktop icon labels, drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop, shadows under menus, translucent blue selection rectangle. Windows Explorer, sliding task panes and taskbar buttons and several of its applications such.

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