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We must write our answers on the lined pages following each question. We can also use the blank pages at the back of the question booklet to make notes but these pages will not be marked. These pages may also be used to finish answers to the questions but we should make it clear that the writing is part of our answer. Is each part worth different marks? No, each part carries equal marks. Do we have to write in pen?

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Org/teach Page 4 of 12, cpe writing Paper while overview answer keys. Key to Procedure steps Step 8: question 2 might be suitable for students who are interested in films and who can analyse how a particular film reflects certain aspects of life and attitudes in the students country. A review should be written in a style which attracts the readers and should include a recommendation. Question 3 might be suitable for students who can write a business-like report. There should be clear headings which allow the reader to see clearly the points made. Question 4 might be suitable for students who can describe real or imaginary invention. An article needs to argue its point cogently and be persuasive and lively. Question 5 is suitable for students who have read the set book(s) or seen the film(s). Key to Students Worksheet 1 Exercise 1 questions a answers 1 2 How many parts are there in the writing paper? There are two parts in the writing paper. Where do we write the answers?

Paragraphing This is a function of organisation and format. The task Specific Mark Scheme will give an indication to examiners of what is expected. Handwriting If handwriting interferes with communication without preventing it, the candidate will be penalised. Totally illegible scripts receive. Irrelevance The examiners first priority is to give credit for the candidates efforts at communication, but candidates are penalised for inclusion of content irrelevant to the task set. Set reading texts paper In question 5, the examiners are looking for evidence that candidates have read and understood a set text and are able to provide evidence of this in the form of illustrated description and discussion. Assessment is based, as for the other tasks, on control of language in fulfilling the task set, and also requires explicit reference to the chosen text. Candidates should not attempt these tasks without having prepared the texts thoroughly.

handbook writing

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The task Specific Mark Scheme focuses on criteria specific to each particular task. Examples of candidate responses, together with the task Specific Mark Schemes, can be found in the handbook. Org/teach Page salon 3 of 12, candidates are penalised for dealing inadequately with the requirements of the task Specific Mark Scheme. The accuracy of language, including spelling and punctuation, is assessed on the general impression scale for all tasks. Length Writing approximately the correct length of text is an integral part of task achievement. Significantly fewer words are likely to mean that the task has not been completed, whereas overlong pieces of writing may involve irrelevance or have a negative effect on the target reader. If this is the case, overlength responses will be penalised. Spelling and punctuation These are important aspects of accuracy and are always taken into account. American spelling and usage is acceptable.

as part of the preparation for this and the reading paper, students can read book reviews, which will also widen their range of reading texts. Suggested follow-up give out copies of students worksheet 3 and get students to complete it as you go through the course, adding information as you work on each type of writing. alternatively, you could ask students to do research and then fill in parts of the chart for homework. you could also ask students to bring in examples of the different types of writing in their own language or in English. See key for a completed chart. Additional information Assessment Candidates answers are assessed with reference to two mark schemes: one based on the examiners overall impression (the general Mark Scheme the other on the requirements of the particular task (the task Specific Mark Scheme). The general Mark Scheme summarises the content, organisation and cohesion, range of structures and vocabulary, register and format, and target reader indicated in the task.

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handbook writing

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Feed back with the whole class, making the following points: Students should probably spend around 5 minutes to make their choice in the exam, to ensure they dont rush into a question without thinking all the issues through. highlighting key words in each question will help them to focus on whats required and whether they can answer that question by brainstorming the vocabulary required by a question, they can check that they have enough at the finger tips doing this, as well. If a topic appeals but you can naturally write a different genre more easily, you should consider which is better for you. Org/teach Page 2 of. Refer your students to the final question in Part 2, question. Explain that two books are specified by cambridge esol for each exam (each book aim stays on the list for 2 years) there are always questions on these books in the exam (see the cpe website for more information).

Its worth considering whether you can build in work on the set books into your syllabus because it encourages reading, which develops students vocabulary and the range of language they encounter. it also gives students a wider choice in Part 2, especially as a range of books is offered to appeal to different tastes. this means that the story and vocabulary and themes related to the set book can be covered in class before the exam. This gives students a lot of support for one of the part 2 questions. students can be given chapters to read for homework and some time renard can be spent in class discussing the themes, the characters and. writing homework can be given to practise for the set book question.

Which one/s would you find easier to answer? Students can make a good choice by selecting a task which requires them to write about a topic that they have studied in class because they will have a wide range of appropriate vocabulary on the topic and they may have already discussed many related. Alternatively, question 1, for example, might appeal to someone who has a strong personal interest in cinema. What type of writing matches your skills best? Some students have a flair for writing descriptive language which could be suitable for a review whereas others may be very good at expressing themselves very logically and may find report writing easier. All these factors (experience, knowledge, skills) influence students choice of question.

Ask students to read questions 2, 3 and 4 in Part 2 and decide which one they would choose, as if they were in an exam. Ask them to note down how long they take to decide, but dont allow more than 5 minutes. Ask students to discuss their choices with a partner, explaining how they went about choosing a particular task. Write the following questions on the board for students to discuss: how long did you take to decide? did you: pick out any key words? think about your own experience and knowledge? consider whether you know enough about the style required by that genre?

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Cpe biography pdf writing Paper overview teachers notes mbridgeesol. Org/teach Page 1 of. Now introduce part. Point out that making the right choice of question is important. Candidates should choose the task that is suitable for them. Refer students to the part 2 questions on the sample paper. Ask: What kind of person might find question 3 easy to answer? This question may be less suitable for younger candidates with little or no experience of work, whereas older candidates who are in the workplace may be better placed to write a report of this kind. What are the topics in the three questions?

handbook writing

they have to process some input material. First they look at a part 1 task and then in pairs answer the questions about. Go through the answers with the students (see key). Point out that these are the sort of questions candidates should ask themselves in the exam to make sure they understand the context, address all the content points and write the correct number of words in a suitable style. The context and content points are all covered in the task itself and information about the number of words and type of writing they have to produce is given in the instructions. This material may be photocopied (without alteration) and distributed for classroom use provided no charge is made. It may not otherwise be altered, photocopied, reproduced, distributed, published, recorded, made available on another website, or otherwise transmitted by any means without the prior written permission of University of Cambridge esol examinations.

For these activities, you business can use the sample task below or the cpe handbook. Divide the class into pairs, Student a and Student. Give student a students worksheet 1 and Student b students worksheet. Go through the instructions for Exercise. Set a time limit; approximately. Go through the answers (see key) and ask if anyone has any other questions. You may like to look at the faqs on Writing on the teacher Resource website too, but avoid covering points that you will look at in more detail later in this activity. You will aso find information about the set books on the cpe website.

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Download, report, description, cpe writing Paper overview teachers presentation notes Description This overview activity asks students to discuss some questions about Paper 2, Writing. They then look at a part. Transcript, cpe writing Paper overview teachers notes. Description This overview activity asks students to discuss some questions about Paper 2, Writing. They then look at a part 1 task and analyse the question. They also look at Part 2 and decide which task they would choose and why. Time required: Materials required: 30 minutes students worksheets 1 and 2 Sample task Students worksheet 3 (optional) cpe handbook (optional). Aims: to familiarise students with the content of the Writing paper to help students focus on what is required in Part 1 to make students aware of the choice of task types in Part 2 and the importance of making the right choice.

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