Write a paragraph about someone you admire

write a paragraph about someone you admire

How to, write, a paragraph, about, someone, you

We can go to the cinema or we can stay at home. He will be here on Monday or tuesday. Exercise 4: Complete with and/but/or/so The bus stopped _ the man got off. I have a lot of homework today _ I cant come with you. Do you want tea _coffee? I cant remember his name _I know his face from somewhere.

Howto Create a descriptive essay

She forgot her password, so she cannot enter the website. I was tired so i went to lamb sleep. But is used to show opposite or conflicting ideas. She is small but putting strong. It´s raining a lot, but it´s warm. I want to go on holidays, but I don´t have any money. She lives in Italy, but she doesn´t speak a word of Italian. This is a useful rule, but it is difficult to remember. 11, or is used to show choice or possibilities as in the sentence. Do you like tea or coffee? I don´t like bananas, oranges or apples.

Because/as/since you go to bed late every night, you miss the service bus every morning. 10, because of is used to show reason. Because of the rain, we are not going on a picnic today. I admire my father because of many reasons. I am late for the exam because of you! So is used to show result. I don´t have money, so i can´t thesis go shopping.

write a paragraph about someone you admire

Write a descriptive essay, about a person, you

9, conjunctions presentation and/BUT/SO/because/or, and is used to join or add words together in the sentence. I have a book, a pen and a pencil in my bag. Paul and Sarah are at home. She comes here every day and we have a cup of tea. They ate and (they) drank. Because/AS/since are used to show reason. I´m taking my umbrella because/as/since it´s presentation raining.

She always shows her love to people. He is always busy at work but he never complains. My aunt Belgin is cheerful. Aysun is extrovert;. She is always in a good mood and smiles a lot. She can talk to other people and make friends easily. He is very good at team sports and he can also dance.

Someone i admire essay

write a paragraph about someone you admire

You about someone essay admire, logdist

Peter is very he often hides in his room if he knows people are coming to the equilibrium house. He is very loving and _ and always shows that he cares about people. St people are a little _because they want to do well in life. Serious shy charming charming ambitious 7 exercise 3: read the first sentence. Write an example sentence explaining the persons behavior clearly.

Example: my best friend Cem is generous (quality). When he visits us, he brings flowers and gifts for the children.(example). My best friend Esma is very affectionate. My uncle rıza is a hard-working person. She never gets tired and is enthusiastic about everything.

She is usually in a good mood. _ independent attentive imaginative reserved optimistic lazy moody sociable indecisive cheerful. Exercise 2: Complete these descriptions using the adjectives in the box. Moody impatient mean outgoing ambitious affectionate serious shy charming boring quality Example. Paul can sometimes. When he has to wait for anything, he always looks at his watch.

One minute she is happy and the next she is sad and doesnt talk to anyone. He is independent and. He loves parties and doing his own things. Simon can be very _ at times; he never has anything interesting to say. Troy tends to be he counts every last penny and hates spending money on anything. Impatient moody outgoing boring mean. He is so hes good at making people like him. Moody impatient mean outgoing ambitious affectionate serious shy charming boring. Michael is very he hardly ever laughs and looks unhappy most of the time.

Person you admire essay - custom Research Paper Basics

She can do things alone. She doesnt need someone to help her. She keeps her feelings to herself. She thinks the future will be presentation good. She often postpones things she has. She is happy one moment and then sad the next. She likes to be with people. She often changes her opinion about things.

write a paragraph about someone you admire

It is important for my friend to be successful in whatever he/she does. She notices my feelings. She often gives presents, or pays for lunch or a coffee._. She becomes angry or annoyed if she has to wait for something or someone. I can trust my friend with a secret. My friend acts shyly writing when someone compliments her. _ bossy ambitious considerate/sensitive generous hardworking impatient reliable/trustworthy ambitious. My friend listens well when i am speaking.

Admire. Retrieved July 12, 2018, from the world Wide web:. Presentation on theme: "Writing an opinion paragraph about someone you admire"— Presentation transcript: 1, writing an opinion paragraph about someone you admire 2, vocabulary: adjectives to describe personality, positive qualities hardworking trustworthy optimistic sensitive sociable attentive generous modest considerate imaginative independent cheerful humorous ambitious Negative. My best friend likes telling jokes. Exercise 1: Choose the best adjective to describe the type of the person in each question. She likes telling everyone what._.

I particularly believe that there is no other man like my father and even if there is, he is the best for. He is a great man, a hard-working man; he has a great sense of humor and he knows every time how to put a smile on my face. Every time i have a hard moment, i feel as if I dont speak about it with my father: I cant pass over whatever my problem. During all my life he showed me what respect. He was always there when I needed him, and even if sometimes there were misunderstandings, we always knew how to resolve all of them and love each other and it will be always that way, no matter how life will. He has many life-long friends who admire him as much as I do, which says friend a lot about anybody. He listens and asks questions, always seeking to understand people.

Descriptive essay on someone you admire

Below is an essay on "Write About Someone That you know And Admire" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Write about someone that you know and admire. Describe the person and give reasons for your admiration. The person who i admire most is certainly my father because he never stops admitting he has a lot to paper learn. He's one of the most humble men I have ever known. He admits he can be arrogant at times, but is quick to admit when he's wrong. Solidly routed in a few basic principles he instilled in me, he seldom violates them. When he does, he makes amends quickly.

Write a paragraph about someone you admire
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  3. What i have learned About Writing. Descriptive essay - the person i admire. Reflective journal my approach to writing. How to write a 5 Paragraph Essay.

  4. Memory synonyms: Remembrance, thought, reminiscence, recollection, musing. Admire to respect and like someone. Vasily was born on he was born and lived in the ussr. He is writer, producer, script writer and actor. The most famous he found when he played the role of Sherlock holmes. The Importance Of The Writing Process.

  5. Write a paragraph of around 80 words about the advantage. Result for Essay new topic write about someone you admire : 500 essays. At the same time. Here your here here here two paragraphs Assignment College face a great deal of stress when attempting to adjust to new. Admire synonyms: Adore, idolize, respect, revere, honour, hold in high regard, think highly of, esteem.

  6. Describe the person and give reasons for your admiration.(about words) - deadline sept 29TH. 2 Re: Describe someone you admire on Fri sep 20, 2013 10:04. Somebody you enjoy someone to Admiration and Admire Blake mycoskie temporary background Blake mycoskie can be a small prosperous National author and businessman next order. Write An Essay about The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology. Today i am going to talk about a great leader in sports; Michael Jordan. He is so famous that he is known by almost every young person in China.

  7. 17 tip for writers : Writing Topic Sentences: you can write your topic sentence in two different ways and organize your paragraph accordingly. First Option: i admire my mother because shes hardworking, patient and caring. PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Writing a n opinion paragraph about someone you admire' - stian. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Write about someone that you know and admire.

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