Vas business plan

vas business plan

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Legal and compliance considerations, legal and compliance departments are among the departments most frequently involved in the development of services, although ownership of the development more commonly lies with brand management, central marketing or centers of excellence. Given that the development process for services is completely different from products, the legal and compliance capabilities needed are also different. Some interviewees suggest setting up a separate legal and compliance structure for services. This capability may have to be acquired from outside the industry. However, even if the development structure is separate, the services team will have to work very cross-functionally. Partnerships will be essential in the development of services, the authors stress.

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In a central department or team in the r d branch; and. In a business unit separate from the development maven and commercialization of drugs. Regardless of where the development lies within the organizational structure, the interviewees express a need to separate the service development from the core business, the authors explain. The development process for services is different from that of pharmaceutical products. The interviewees expressed similar ideas of how the process should look. Iterative in nature, it should go through five stages: planning, ideation, evaluation, execution and implementation. The process needs to take its starting point hypothesis in specific customer needs: The role of the customer in the development process is fundamental. Funding issues, some interviewees expressed a need for funding coming through partnerships either with customers or partners. However, so far, the industry is making the full investment for the projects. Others describe how the company has actively stood for the investment in order to be sole owner of the e choice on external investment in the project will, in the end, have to be adapted to the strategy for monetization from the service. If pharma expects direct financial returns or reimbursement, it will most probably have to stand for the initial investment as well.

But what are the practical implications for implementing a services strategy? Need for clear definitions, the authors argue that this starts with a need for clear definitions within each company on what value, added, and services, as well as solution, mean. The definitions will be paramount for the companys strategic options. In this context it is important to listing note, nonetheless, that:. Value in healthcare relates to health outcomes; and. Services are fundamentally different from products they are intangible, perishable, inseparable from the provider, unique, and require involvement of the customer in delivery. Companies are taking three different organizational approaches to service development:. In a central department or team in the commercial branch;.

vas business plan

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Balanced portfolio - capex saghaeian at. 27 The Operator 5-year product roadmap Strategic importance revenue enhancement (No major capex) revenue enhancement (with capex) ict and convergence services provider Short Term Mid Term Long Term Saghaeian at. 28 ali saghaeian recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Create a supermarket clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. In part two of our exploration of the impact of value-added services, we look at some of the practical implications. By, nick de cent on Jan 21, 2016, companies have an ambition to position themselves as integrated health providers, with.5 of respondents to a recent survey claiming their business model to be a provider of integrated healthcare solutions in partnership with stakeholders, according.

24 All new ideas will be evaluated based on Efforts and Business benefits dimension Efforts Business benefits requirement for new it systems, network upgrades, facilities, etc. need to employ external vendor timeline for implementation Know-how human resources (i.e. Number of people) needed for the respective development Organizational capabilities Approximate cost estimation Expected amount of additional (incremental) generated revenues reduction of churn reduction of operational cost Increase of ebitda incremental increase of customer acquisitions, respectively increase of customer base incremental increase of usage and. 25 Ideas will be shortlisted for future development Median.2 Median.2 Short-term development (Quick wins!) Mid-long term development. Business benefits Efforts 0- low, 1-Middle, 2-High fail to pass screening Saghaeian at. 26 5 years product roadmap aligns with Operators vision and our guiding principles Considerations Strategic Financial Strategic importance revenue enhancement (No major capex) revenue enhancement (Major capex). G., ict, convergence quick win Mid-long term Market development. Fix the basic. Balanced portfolio quick win.

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vas business plan

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19 Large enterprises smes soho critical success factors End to End capability to ensure connectivity and it applications working seamlessly customised solution offering, built on the specific needs of the customer with low Time to market quality and reliability of the solutions offered (not solely. Internet security packages and pc backup) or semi-customised solutions (e.g. Vertical solutions) with a focus on cost containment and ease of use ability to access sophisticated solutions (accounting, crm etc) at lower cost of entry,. Flexible pay-per-use (utility computer) and shared infrastructures (to minimise investments in IT) service offering that simplifies processes for smes (e.g. Payroll minimising operating headaches simplicity of offering, ease of use pricing complex and competitive market customisation requiring sophisticated skills / dedicated divisions requires solution standardisation and capability to sell / distribute locally can be addressed through partnerships A successful integrated ict proposition requires a differentiated.

20 Product roadmap development A three step framework is used to design the product roadmap Telecom market analysis 1A Operator positioning 1B Existing product portfolio assessment 1c analyze the telecom market development conduct regulatory analysis Analyze operator market proposition generate insights from Operator strategy and. 21 we can categorize operator existing products into four phases Slow growth Penetration: Low Introduction Growth Maturity decline bubble size denotes revenue revenuegrowth Low High High growth Penetration: Middle Flat or limited browser growth Penetration: High Negative growth Penetration: From high to low Product entry the. 22 The development of product roadmap rests on five guiding principles fix the basics Unify product offerings across provinces Elaborate product definitions for all existing products to have common understanding at Operator level Identify key products and roll-out nation-wide protect the revenue base and focus. 23 four-step approach to develop product roadmap for Operator Idea generation Prioritization Categorization Conduct brainstorming workshop to generate ideas Collect inputs from strategy project Separate ideas into product vs non-product categories Conduct financial feasibility study 1 2 3 4 Product roadmap. Of Ideas /Products Total ideas Shortlisted ideas Final products developed 5-year product roadmap Defined high level overall product roadmap schedule evaluate ideas based on Effect and Benefit matrix tbd recommendations from strategy Brainstorming workshop Saghaeian at.

Vas delivery capabilities concept testing of new vas products and services (technical) uat and end-to-end field tests (i.e. From vas platform to network to cpe) Saghaeian at. 16 B2B and B2c vas activities are different by nature, hence they need to be done by the respective units that have the necessary organizational capabilities, knowledge and competences relationships management with vendors of vas platforms and it infrastructure (i.e. In platform, content management platform, etc.) management of contractual relationships with external providers of content and vas applications User acceptability testing (UAT) of content delivery, vas applications and ict services technical delivery of content and vas applications to provinces marketing of vas,. Elaboration of service offerings and customer propositions around the 4Ps (product, price, promotion, place) relationships with regulatory bodies regarding vas (i.e.

Approval of prices) final approval of business model and commercial conditions related to delivery of vas content, services and applications by external partners sales of vas on retail basis to end users (e.g. Business and residential) B2B activities B2C activities vas function commercial function Saghaeian at. 17 A comprehensive classification on customer and products is required, however, the effort to implement is huge categorization of customer based on : customer Type ( Residential, business, Wholesale) main company ( Mother company) Branch company (under mother company) Province city categorization of products base. High level requirements on customer and product identification Saghaeian at. 18 New voice tariffs (rebalancing) voip services overview new tariffs by offering different voice packages, each package is targeting the customer with different usage behavior, subscription fee is obligatory for the package, which is including the free limited minutes usage besides new tariffs, voip package. Benefits to customers value for money, cheaper price for higher usage target Segments residential customer soho sme large Enterprise key features Unified voice price through all provinces Optional voice package including different voice usage optional voip voice package for inter-city and international long distance through.

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Are content sourcing and management of relationships with content providers is addressed? Any solid platform to support the commercial units in the development of attractive vas propositions? Objectives / key considerations The objective of vas function is to address the B2B relationships of the vas ecosystem focusing on: building network/IT delivery capabilities needed for vas (i.e. In platform, content management platforms, vas billing, etc.) Effective management of relationship with providers of vas content, applications paper and services Creation and development of large database of content for each vas category to address adequately the market demand and customer paper needs Saghaeian at. 15 A proposed organizational structure could be designed around the major functional areas related to the provisioning of vas head of vas content and applications management content sourcing from external providers related to communication and entertainment vas regular content update and retirement (i.e. Upload and removal from vas servers) Adaptation of content for the different delivery channels and cpes (i.e. Tv, pc, tablet, Smartphone) Applications delivery and management vas platforms management Product engineering and concept testing vendor relationship management vas platforms management (i.e. Licenses, functionality upgrade, etc.) Integration of vas platforms with the network and it infrastructure product engineering based on the product design made by marketing,.

vas business plan

Saas) basic applications managemen t it maintenance customized business solutions business processes optimization (BPO) it department outsourcing vas communication services Connectivity services it services Managedservices basic voice product and service management Basic services Telecom ict vas can be categorized into 4 groups, each with. 9 Product/Service development Steps Preparation Implementation Running Pilot Lunching Product Stage Procedures Preparation Research, documentation, taking Commercial Department board Approvals Implementation Consulting and managing all the procedures through Network, it, regulatory any other necessary departments or 3rd birthday parties for implementation Running Pilot Managing and monitoring. 10 developing Products Based on roadmap Achieving more customers in new markets as a leader company using maximum ability of Operators telecom infrastructures Increasing more revenue and profit Project Benefits moving toward new technologies services making new ways for gaining revenue respond to markets need. 11 key steps in vas product life-cycle marketing and vas department activities in key steps of vas products life cycle Product ideation Share ideas based on platform capability Product business case Prototype Acceptance/Business model Roll-out Monetization Retirement of product vas department Activities Marketing Department Activities. 12 Roles and responsibilities are defined with the raci methodology responsible owns the project and task will conduct work and coordinate task as to whom r is accountable who must approve on work before it is effective? overall responsibility for the task has information/ capability necessary to complete work provides input to help perform the task must be notified of the activity or results but not consulted The raci methodology determines, for key processes, who is Accountable consulted Informed Saghaeian. 13 Marketing and vas department responsibilities matrix in key steps of vas product life-cycle conduct vas product ideation and finalize the products for business case creation develop vas product business case develop vas prototype based business case conduct acceptance testing of vas prototype develop business. 14 vas function in the organization: high level overview General description The role of vas function is to ensure that the B2B relationships in the vas ecosystem are addressed properly the function will streamline primarily the efforts related to content sourcing, vas product engineering and. how much specialization of the vas unit alongside the major service categories (i.e.

s Basic services Value added services Out- sourcing voip voice vas voice mail voice vpn voice consulting design integration Out- tasking managed voice (e.g. Centrex) hosted pbx outsourced voice internet gaming video on demand Access managemen t managed content delivery outsourced broadband access Security security maintenance security vas (e.g. Authorized access) security hw/SW sourcing security consulting Enterprise security policy development managed security solutions (e.g. Firewall) security management security outsourcing hosting and storage management data centre and Web development and solutions data centre/ hosting consulting, design and integration data centre management data centre outsourcing basic vas services (e.g. Ivr, cti) hw/SW maintenance call Centre vas remote monitoring call centre consulting, design integration call Centre infrastructur e and ivr systems managemen t live help (Call Centre) outsourcing Data connection basic data connection service (i.e. Leased lines) data connection monitoring data slas ip vpn wan/lan consulting, design integration managed ip vpn cloud services (e.g. Iaas) hw/SW maintenance sw upgrade desktop consulting design integration pc/server managemen t cpe leasing and managemen t desktop outsourcing Application management and maintenance unified communicatio ns collaboration applications (messaging, e- learning) customized it solutions it professional services Cloud services Application on demand (e.g.

Reviewing a sample product description biography and a template for development, brainstorming for, operators new product ideas, segmenting and scoring, exercise, saghaeian at. Agenda, reference framework for vas product and platform launch. Vas customer value proposition (CVP) design. Service management Life cycle, vas categorization for different business models. Vas function in the organization, sample vas product Descriptions, the framework and Principles to design the product roadmap. Developing Product Ideas and shortlisting for future development. Template for Operators 5-year Product roadmap. Reference framework for vas product and platform launch Saghaeian at.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Developing Value added gps Services (VAS) and Product roadmap for Telecoms Operators. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More, no downloads. No notes for slide. By ali saghaeian, chief Analyst consultant, telecoms, it, and Media. Saghaeian at. Objectives, how is vas products life cycle. What are Product/Service, development Steps, understanding vas function in the organization, learning vas customer value proposition. Developing the product roadmap, defining the product description, understanding go-to-market approaches.

Vas business plan
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  2. Appendix: Agri vas model assumptions and methodology. Operator will not talk with you until you show the unique content or product which you are planning to launch. If you could propose innovate product or unique. A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a new business is going to achieve its goals.

  3. One reason for the difficulty in boosting vas offers, and therefore revenues, is t elcos. Limited subscription-only business model is available only to credit card. Companies have an ambition to position themselves as integrat. Of respondents to a recent survey claiming their business model to. Gsma intelligence Agri vas: market opportunity and emerging business models.

  4. A value-added service (VAS) is a popular telecommunications industry term for non- core services, or, in short, all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions. However, it can be used in any service industry, for services available at little or no cost, to promote their primary business. And service management Basic services Telecom ict vas can be ca tegorized into 4 groups, each with a different business model requiring. Telecom companies have sought to use value added Services (VAS). Is changing the world as a business model for vas services offered.

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