Teenage drunk driving essays

teenage drunk driving essays

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Nomboniso Gasa, a gender activist and adjunct professor at the University of Cape town, told the. Daily maverick newspaper : Often people go to lay charges — those who are brave — and after they have laid the charge there is very little follow-up police dont act because in many cases they dont want to be seen to be going against. So consequently they think after the outcry, it will go away. De waal goes a step further. It is a case ultimately about whether we are serious about black lives, he says, pointing out that the countrys response to initiation in black and white communities is still very different. De waal, who is white, uses the example of Stellenbosch University — a historically white institution, which has a long tradition of demeaning hazing ceremonies. You can imagine, if theres one child at Stellenbosch University who got injured in a residence because of initiation, then youd get front page newspaper day in and day out, parents jumping up and down.

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Often the boys do not seek medical attention. Consequently maladies which may have been treatable if identified early on, progress to a lethal point. Because the property belonged to Stellenbosch municipality, and had been rented out to a group that ran the initiation school, a formal investigation was launched to determine whether this arrangement could continue in light of the fatalities. The investigation eventually concluded that the school could resume operations provided that the municipality was allowed to conduct regular inspections and generally exercise more control over the site. No criminal charges were laid against the owners of the school or the immediate supervisors who oversaw the boys, including Monaheng. No civil case had been brought before the court either. I dont know why the family hasnt laid charges, de waal says. We cannot say we did not know why these kids were dying, if you look at all the evidence. Its also embarrassing for all. On a national level, the state resume had opened around a thousand criminal cases over a period of five offer years in response to deaths occurring at initiation schools. (There have also been numerous reports of kidnappings, dehydration and whippings.) Only ten of those cases were ever heard in court. .

On november 25, 2013, the pair were brought to Stellenbosch Hospital, 40 minutes east of Cape town. They were already dead when they arrived; the likely cause was dehydration — initiates are typically not permitted to drink water for up to eight days because it is believed that liquids would slow the recovery from a circumcision. But one of them also had abrasions on his back from an improvised whip known locally as a sjambok. De waal was contacted by the local municipality on December 1 because the authorities wanted him to make an urgent application to the high court to gain access to the school for an inspection. He shows me an affidavit issued by the Stellenbosch mayor, conrad Sidego, detailing the sequence of events that led to the court application. According to the document, Sidego and a doctor arrived on november 29 with the intention of investigating suspicions of misconduct precipitated by the deaths. I am extremely concerned about the state of health of these initiates, Sidego wrote. Many of the young men golf who die after attending initiation schools do so because of dehydration or septicemia that sets in after a botched circumcision gets infected.

teenage drunk driving essays

Drinking Driving Essay bartleby

Many illegal schools have popped up, such as the one that Azola Nkqinqa went to, which charge exorbitant rates from boys who are sometimes under age — legally, initiates must be 18 to attend — and plan employ negligent practices. So there are a variety of bush schools that one could go to, some being more careful and traditional and proper, and some being a bit careless and seeking money, really, horowitz says. Unfortunately, botched circumcisions arent the only thing taking the lives of young men at these schools. because human rights advocate johan de waals office is located on Keerom Street, just a stones throw from Cape towns High court, the area outside his building is always abuzz with robed figures rushing about like pensive clergymen. I have to brief a guard garrisoned behind an imposing desk and a team of secretaries on the details of my visit before i can see him. De waal himself has graying hair and a gentle voice that conspire to give him an air of grandfatherly beneficence. Almost immediately, upon ushering me into his room, he mentions how intrigued he was to hear that a journalist was poking around a case he had handled almost four years ago. Its a total and utter travesty, he starts. The case involved two males, aged about 20, who were attending an initiation school run by its chief, Isaac Monaheng.

I want to preserve the culture, but if theres nothing to preserve he trails off as anger flashes across his face. . He talks about inept politicians who have not been able to secure lasting change. They do nothing to show that they want to protect the culture. Research looking into the causes of deaths and amputations in the eastern Cape concurs with Dakwas experience. A 2015 study conducted by the human Sciences Research council found that conflicts between traditional leaders and medical personnel are a major contributing factor to the perpetuation of unsafe circumcision methods. In some cases the problem is that schools are not traditional enough — after all, the rite has been carried out safely on many boys for generations. Theres been a development of charlatans taking the place of more traditional people who are supposed to be doing the circumcisions, says Zoelle Horowitz, a doctor who spent many years treating initiates in the eastern Cape.

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teenage drunk driving essays

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They tell me, weve lost our penis so we feel like theres no life, theres nothing. Dakwa encourages them to talk about their problems and proudly reports that some analyst have managed to become optimistic about their lives through exposure to the group. A few even manage to attend university. But amputation is just one of the possible consequences of a botched circumcision. At least 119 south African boys died between 20fter going to a traditional initiation school and getting circumcised. The summer of 2016 was the first season Dakwa can remember in which none of the 3,500 initiates died in or around Flagstaff.

December, last year, we experienced three deaths and four amputations, Dakwa recounts. June, last year, we also had two deaths and three partial amputations and one full amputation. I ask him why amputations are still occurring, given that he, along with some ngos, have put a lot of time into training traditional nurses in more sanitary methods. He says that there is resistance from the older, traditional nurses — they are not willing to accept instruction from the younger generations. Dakwa has clashed with traditional leaders several times during his campaign for safer circumcision protocol. They are opposed to him talking to the media about the matter. They say i have no authority to speak.

Because Dakwa has counselled several amputees in the past, he knows how important it is to dispel the myths that are spread by some traditional nurses — the worst of which being that the penis would grow back. . Dakwa addresses the misinformation head. The penis is gone forever, he says sternly but tenderly, and Nkqinqa should not entertain false hope. driving into Flagstaff, the first thing one notices is how incredibly dense the traffic. Cars must slow down to avoid pedestrians, as well as the occasional goat crisscrossing the main street.

This part of the country is where most of the between 80 and 250 penis amputations in the country happen every year. The dire economic and social conditions in the province can be observed in the dilapidated storefronts and the treacherous roads. This state of affairs is inextricably tied up in the countrys past, going back to the decision by the government in 1913 to designate some of the land here a homeland. (This term was a disingenuous euphemism used to describe a small section of the country — just seven percent — in which black people could legally own land. The lions share was reserved for whites.) The extreme concentration of citizens trying to pursue subsistence farming here has perforated the landscape with divots, caused by rampant soil erosion. In 2015, only 31 percent of the local working-age population was employed. It was here that, five years ago, patrick Dakwa founded one of the few support groups aimed at helping Xhosa men cope with the loss of their amputated penises. The 27-year-olds bubbly demeanor and perennial smile are challenged as he thinks about the tragic cases he sees. Of the amputees, he says most have a drinking problem and most of them, they use drugs.

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Even though Nkqinqa explains that his penis is gone, his friend cannot metabolize the information. I will explain when we are out of the hospital, he says. Then, Nkqinqa begs his friend not to tell anyone about the situation. Nkqinqas case is not uncommon. Most amputations happen a few days after the actual circumcision, the result of unsanitary dressing practices which in turn lead to infections like gangrene. Once the flesh is necrotic, nothing can be done — though if the doctors can save any part of the flesh they will tend to opt for with a partial amputation. Dakwa visits Nkqinqa too.

teenage drunk driving essays

The wound has changed shape and color. Urine no longer is discharged from his urethra, seeping instead out of other parts of the shaft. This guy is beyond the control of the traditional nurse, Dakwa thinks to himself. He brings Nkqinqa to holy Cross hospital, about an hour away by car, on a saturday evening at about six. The next morning, Nkqinqa wakes up confused about where he is or how he got into this white and blue gown. He lifts up the sheets to look at his groin area and finds a devastating absence essay where his penis once was. A visit from his best friend offers little consolation.

seminars that separate, disposable razors be used for the circumcisions so as to eliminate the risk of hiv transmission. But this is an illegal initiation school that shows little regard for regulations. All boys go under the same knife here. The surgeon wraps Nkqinqas penis with a traditional dressing comprised of medicinal leaves. The pain is unremitting and debilitating, but Nkqinqa tries not to let his discomfort show. He doesnt want to appear weak in front of the other emerging men. When Dakwa returns later for an inspection of all the boys progress, he observes that Nkqinqa is faint and unresponsive.

Its the time of year when Nkqinqa, 18, and about 50,000 other south African boys, come to online one of the many remote initiation schools in order to learn how to be a man. This school is located in the eastern Cape province — the countrys poorest. In the Xhosa culture, the transition into manhood is marked by a month of instruction from elders, who teach the teens how to be a father, a husband. The Xhosa boys are also circumcised during this time, and most years these schools make headlines because dozens of the boys die during the process. Nkqinqa is feeling particularly insecure. It is customary for the patriarch in a family to send a boy off, but Nkqinqas father has not been a part of his life for several years, and three of his uncles are dead. So a neighbor named Patrick Dakwa has agreed to take responsibility for him. . Dakwa is a community volunteer who spends a lot of time trying to make circumcisions safer, running seminars near the eastern Cape town of Flagstaff, teaching traditional surgeons how to safely dress wounds. However, since previous initiates are sworn to secrecy about the rituals details, as he lies in a hut with the other boys, rabid speculation is Nkqinqas only close companion.

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Teenage drunk driving essays
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Lesson Plan Self-reflection and evaluation. Gandhi himself saw promise and India s future in the young.

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