Summary of robin hood novel

summary of robin hood novel

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summary of robin hood novel

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See also, taglines, synopsis, plot keywords, parents guide. Getting Started, contributor Zone contribute to This Page). Robin hood's good traits are easily seen throughout the story. Robin hood seemed almost charismatic in some ways in the story and the movie, however it doesn't seem that he tried. Some of the poorer people, especially robin's brother, feel that he has betrayed them by having so many. The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our registered users. The registration process just couldn't be easier. Log in or register now. It is all free!

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summary of robin hood novel

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The saxon nobleman Robin of Locksley hides in the Sherwood Forest and defends the people against the tyrannic John and his right hand Sir guy of Gisbourne and is considered outlaw. When he meets Lady marian, they immediately fall in love with each other. But Robin hood and his men are hunted down by sir guy and the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham. —, claudio carvalho, rio de janeiro, brazil. Robin of Locksley has gone to a state dinner fresh from killing a king's deer when Prince john tells him he is assuming power.

Robin vows to stop him and collects every peasant he can find to create a resistance movement. Along the way, he meets, woos, and wins the lady marrion who slips him information about Prince john's plans. When Marrion is captured, robin and his men decide for to storm Nottingham Castle to rescue her. —, john Vogel when Prince john and the norman Lords begin oppressing the saxon masses in King Richard's absence, a saxon lord fights back as the outlaw leader of a rebel guerrilla army. —, kenneth Chisholm, synopsis, it looks like we don't have a synopsis for this title yet. Be the first to contribute! Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the.

When Robin and his men learn that Richard is in England, they protect him and ensure his evil brother is removed from power. — garykmcd, in the late twelfth century, king Richard the lionhearted of England is fighting in the holy Crusades, leaving the regency of the kingdom to his trusted friend, longchamps. When Richard is captured by leopold of Austria, richard's brother, the treacherous Prince john, with help from his supportive norman barons and his primary henchman Sir guy of Gisbourne, seizes control of the regency. Under the guise of getting money to free richard, john, in pillaging from the saxon commoners, uses the money instead to fatten his own coffers in gaining control of the throne. The saxons turn to one of their own, sir Robin of Locksley - also known as Robin hood - who, often recklessly, fights on their behalf against Norman authority in an effort to restore what is rightfully the saxons until Richard's return, richard to who. As such, robin is viewed as an outlaw by Prince john and Sir guy.

Robin's refuge is Sherwood Forest, where he recruits men to fight for what he believes is right. Generally matching Robin's happy-go-lucky temperament, that band of merry men includes Will Scarlet, john Little (renamed Little john because of his hulking physical size and Friar Tuck. Also seeing Robin and his men as outlaws is Lady marian Fitzswalter, a norman and a royal ward. It isn't until Marian meets Robin and sees first hand what he is doing that she changes her allegiances. Prince john and Sir guy hope to use what they see as the growing attraction between Robin and Marian to capture robin and sentence him to death. Robin and Marian, the latter she believes clandestinely, work against Prince john and Sir guy until King Richard's return, when they hope all will be right with England. But the return of King Richard, if it does happen, does not automatically restore him to the throne, especially if Prince john can crown himself king in Richard's absence. —, huggo, in 1191, king Richard joined the Crusades and then he is captured by the duke of Austria. His ambitious and evil brother Prince john takes over the throne and oppress the saxons increasing the taxes and hanging those that cannot afford to pay.

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Edit, die abenteuer des Robin hood (1938 showing all 6 items, jump to: Summaries. Sir Robin of Locksley, defender of downtrodden Saxons, runs afoul of Norman authority and is forced to turn outlaw. With his band of Merry men, he robs from the rich, gives to the poor and still has time to woo the lovely maid Marian, and foil the cruel Sir guy of Gisbourne, and keep the nefarious Prince john off the throne. —, little pine weasel with King Richard the lionhearted away fighting wars in the holy land, his brother Prince john seizes the regency. The normans are hard on the saxon peasants, and when Prince john learns that Richard is being held for ransom in vienna, he taxes them beyond all reasonable writings write limits supposedly to pay for his release. Sir Robin of Locksley, a saxon lord, rebels against the Prince and his principal henchman, sir guy of Gisbourne. Declared an outlaw, he takes up residence in Sherwood Forest and begins to surround himself with those who are loyal to king Richard: Little john, Friar Tuck, will Scarlet and all the rest. When the Prince and Gisbourne manage to capture him by staging a archery contest, it's the beautiful maid Marion who arranges his escape.

summary of robin hood novel

Maid Marion and his half brother both remembered Robin as a spoiled rich boy and didnt think highly of him at all until they got to know the new Robin. Robin, like most children, possessed a spoiled side and he really let that show when he was a child. The problem was that people didnt see him grow up, they just saw him as a child, and then again as a adult coming home to take back what was once his fathers, and what should now be rightfully his. After reading the story of Robin hood of Nottingham, readers can easily see the good traits Robin posses and utilizes for the betterment of the poor community and the destruction of the evil and corruption which goes on within the nottingham Castle, which is rightfully. The author does a great job of putting little things into the story which make robins victory not the as easy as it might seem to someone who has heard the story second hand. Details from this story make it much more interesting for the readers. Robin hood Summary Essay, research Paper. Robin hoods good traits are easily seen throughout the story. In the end his plan works and Robin kills the Sheriff and the kingdom is once again his, as well as maid Marion.

good for all people and that he only means to help and get back what has been taken from them for so long. Once his brother realizes this they unite and help take down the forces of Nottingham. One of Robins major traits is never showing fear of his enemies. Even when he is outnumbered ten to one, he still takes out the enemy easily and calmly without showing any fear. This great trait gives the readers the impression that he is somewhat invincible yet its justified by his calmness and his skill. He just utilizes so many things when he fights, there is no way he could ever lose. Its not really where robin learnt his skills in fighting and archery, however he probably learnt these skills when he was a young boy growing up as the kings son. Another major trait shown in the story is that he is able to change his ways and his attitude.

For one he is very set on taking from the wealth of Nottingham statement and giving back to the poorer community so they can live well. His main idea here is to get as much taken from the Sheriff of Nottingham and his sympathizers so they can easily attack and take the kingdom back. In the end his plan works and Robin kills the Sheriff and the. Kingdom is once again his, as well as maid Marion. His goals are reached because he is persistent in what he wants, and will stop at nothing to get back all the things that the people had lost, and all the things he had lost. Robin hood seemed almost charismatic in some ways in the story and the movie, however it doesnt seem that he tried. The people simply saw what he was saying, and believed that he was doing the right thing for everyone, so they followed him, and helped him. Some of the poorer people, especially robins brother, feel that he has betrayed them by having so many of their people killed pointlessly. His brother feels that Robin is leading them to death for his own victory.

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Robin hood paper Summary Essay, research, paper, robin hoods good traits are easily seen throughout the story. The author did a good job of making his hero come across as a good person, who has often been misinterpreted because of things that he did as a young boy. Showing the change robin hood has made since he was a little boy easily allows the reader to better understand how great he really is, and how he is helping not only himself, but all of the poorer community. Robin hood was faced with issues from very early on in his life. His mothers death was very difficult for him, but living with his fathers love for another women, after his mother had died, was just too much for him and he threatened his father that staying with that women would cost him his only sons love. Robin then left for many years, only to come back and discover that his father had been murdered and that the new leader of Nottingham was the Sheriff. Not only was this a great shock to robin, but all the people of the land were suffering greatly from the Sheriffs corrupt rule. He was very money hungry and greedy, and the lower class community suffered greatly from his greediness. Robin hood had many different traits that are quite obvious in the story and the movie.

Summary of robin hood novel
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  2. A free summary of Robin hood and the butcher. Robin hood and the butcher. We learn that someone calls for all the brave men to come and listen to his song. Quicklet on Howard Pyle's The merry Adventures of Robin hood (Illustrated) (CliffNotes-like summary ). Of Robin hood was the first novel that Pyle.

  3. King's Man: a, novel. Robin, hood (The outlaw Chronicles) november 13, 2012. Visit Amazon's Angus Donald Page. Robin, hood of, nottingham, readers can easily see the. As you read this short summary, ask yourself the. The Adventures of Robin hood (1938) on imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

  4. Robin, hood, summary, essay research Paper, robin. After reading the story. Robin, hood of, nottingham, readers can easily see the good traits. On your subject ( robin hood summary ). It has been considered the first "great modern novel of war Alfred kazin).

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