Presentation on seven wonders of the world

presentation on seven wonders of the world

The seven Wonders of the Ancient World

In ancient times the citizens of Rhodes wanted to be independent. The Greeks besieged with them several times but unfaithfully. The citizens built the statue for the sun God to thank him. The statue was built from bronze and was 33 meters long. After 50 years the statue was ruined because of the earthquake. It was the 1st lighthouse and it had been standing for 1500 years. The lighthouse was built on a small island Faros in the mediterranean sea.

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Ancient Greeks biodata admired the 5th century the citizens of Olympia decided to build the palace writing and the statue of zeus. About 40 year bc caligula decided to remove the statue to rome. But the statue laughed very loudly, so workers ran away. Later the statue was removed to en the palace was ruined because of the fire. In the middle of the palace there was the statue of Artemida. In 356 year bc the palace was buried by herostat who just wanted to become famous. He was very rich and decided to build the coffin for himself and his wife. The coffin was called the mausoleum. He died before finishing its building. But his wife continued to run the building. After 18 centuries the earthquake ruined the mausoleum.

Besides, its the only wonder that lined exists now. It had been the highest building in the world for 4000 e pyramid was built as a coffin of heops. He was a famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt. It took 20 years to create. They were built about 6000 year. The legend says that the tsar ordered to build them for his wife. The success of the gardens is the system of watering.

presentation on seven wonders of the world

The seven Wonders of the Philippines

How many years did it take to build the shredder colossus of Rhodes? A.) 16 years.) 5 years.) 12 years. In what year did a strong earthquake damage the colossus of Rhodes? A.) 226.) 429.) 189 bc.) How was the lighthouse of Alexandria eventually destroyed? A) fire b) earthquake c) Dynamite.) What small island gave the city of Alexandria a double harbor? A.) Rabbit Island.) Rhodes.) Pharos 21, matching Directions: Identify the location of each of the seven Wonders by matching the letter of the column on the left to the correct number on the column on the right. A) mausoleum b) Lighthouse c) zeus d) Pyramid e) Colossus f) Gardens g) Artemis 1) giza 2) Babylon 3) Halicarnassus 4) Euphesus 5) Olympia 6) Alexandria 7) Rhodes 22, thanks for work! About 120 year bc the Greek poet described 7 such at list was like a tourist t now only one ey are called as 7 world wonders.

A.) mausollus.) Artemisia and mausollus' wife.) Alexander the Great. Who was buried under the mausoleum? A) King maussollos b) King Henry iv c) King Nebuchadnezzar ii.When did Phidias build the Statue of zeus? A.) 564.) 765.) 470. About how tall is the Statue of zeus? A.) 40 feet.) 40 meters.) 12 feet. Which of the six wonders destroyed was the last to disappear? A.) Statue of zeus.) Lighthouse of Alexandria.) Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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presentation on seven wonders of the world

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A.) For the god Athena.) In honor of the gods.) For the pharaoh Khufu What can you tell us about this construction? What present-day country is Babylon in? A) Iran b) Kuwait c) Iraq. Who were the hanging Gardens built for? A) for King Nebuchadnezzar ii supplier b) for King Nebuchadnezzar IIs wife c) for Hecatomnus. Who built the hanging Gardens of Babylon? A) queen Victoria b) King Nebuchadnezzar ii c) Michaelangelo.

What was the temple of Artemis used for? A.) A marketplace and religious center.) A supermarket.) A school for scribes. Where summary was the temple of Artemis located? A.) in present-day turkey.) in present-day iraq.) in present-day pakistan. Who were the people mainly in charge of the building of the tomb of King mausollus?

This was not just any statue, it was t tt the statue of Helios, the sun god of Rhodes. T he colossus was feet tall (thats almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty). It took years to build the colossus. T he statue of Helios was made of b bb bronze and had i ii iron bars inside, to support it and was hollow on the inside. He colossus looked just like a bronze man, and he stood over the entrance of the harbor in Rhodes. He colossus of Rhodes was destroyed by an earthquake in 224B.C.

12, the seventh and last wonder of the world was t tt the Pharos Lighthouse or The lighthouse of Alexandria, in Egypt. This monument was feet tall, was made of m mm marble, and contained a aa a mirror, which reflected the sun and could be viewed up to 35 miles away. Upon the very top of this tower, there was a statue of Poseidon. Sadly, t tt the lighthouse was destroyed after a series of d dd disastrous earthquakes; i ii it was the last wonder to disappear. 13, remember please the countries where the seven Wonders were built.Which of the Ancient Wonders is the oldest? A.) The lighthouse of Alexandria.) The pyramids of giza.) The hanging Gardens of Babylon.Why were the Great Pyramids built?

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Mausolus, the son, and Artemisia, the daughter became husband and wife. Mausolus and Artemisia as the next rulers. Hecatomnus died, leaving mausolus and Artemisia as the next rulers. To show her love. In 353 bc mausolus died. Queen Artemisia built a great tomb to show her love. The real tomb was so great because of its supermarket size and decorations that future tombs where named mausoleums after King mausolus. The legend says The legend says: In 377 bc, the city of Halicarnassus was off the coast of Asia minor (southwestern Turkey). 11, collosus of Rhodes was built on a small island on the aegean sea around.

presentation on seven wonders of the world

The mausoleum was made. T tt the height of essay the mausoleum was 45m (140 ft). The structure of the mausoleum wasn't really beautiful but t tt the decorations were what brought the beauaty. It had statues of people, lions, horses, and other animals. On the top of the roof was a statue of a chariot pulled by four horses. The mausoleum is s ss special because it i ii isn't dedicated to the Greek gods. The mausoleum is a tomb for a king. For 16 centuries it stayed in perfect condition until an earthquake damaged the roof and colonnades. 10 a rulerHecatomnus mausolus Artemisia there was a ruler, hecatomnus, who was the father of a son and daughter.

by the famous Greek sculptor Phidias in 435. The statue was built in honor of Greek god zeus for the Olympic games. This amazing structure was mostly made of ivory and gold, along with other valuable stones, such as ebony. The statue was 40 feet tall! Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a fire and little remains are available to see today. The Statue of zeus was the most famous statue of ancient times. The mausoleum of Halicarnassus was located on the aegean sea in the city of Bodrum.

It was built for k kk king Nebuchadnezzar IIs wife, who missed the green of her homeland, p pp persia. 7, the third wonder of the world was t tt the temple of Artemis, located on the river Ephesus. It was made for the goddess Artemis. Artemis, also known as diana, was the goddess of wild nature and h hh hunting. The temple was famous for its use of m mm marble and for i ii its size. People said this temple was built by an architect named Theodorus (500 bc however, it summary was rebuilt many times. It contained 107 columns which were 12 m high and were made of m mm marble.

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The tradition of building the pyramids started i ii in ancient Egypt. The pyramids are one of the oldest structures that are still on the earth. Each block weighs as much as 5 elephants. And most of the pyramids are feet high! The pyramids of giza are made for t tt the dead because ancient people thought that the people that died biography would go to another life and if they gave them all of their important things the dead would help them and save them. The pyramids are v vv very big triangular shaped structures that have four flat sides that come together at the tip of the pyramid. The pyramids were used for t tt the kings tombs (Pharaons are the same things as kings). 5, the hanging Gardens of Babylon were a pyramid of brick and earth rising 5 levels high (3rd tallest of the seven Wonders). It had terraces raised one above the other, resting upon cube- shaped pillars.

Presentation on seven wonders of the world
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  3. In 2007 the foundation launched a similar contest, called New7 Wonders of Nature, which will be (or, already was) the subject of voting until nov. It is the oldest of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Seven wonders of the world school 31 Kargapoltseva.

  4. PowerPoint Slideshow about 'seven Wonders of the world' - calais. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Exploring the world Wonders of the world. It was roughly the same size as the Statue of Liberty in in New York, although it stood on a lower platform. It is one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Seven Wonders of the world by roots School System 12412 views.

  5. Presentation on theme: "New seven Wonders of the world "— Presentation transcript. The voting closed July 6 on Geneva-based NewOpenWorld foundation's contest to choose the new seven Wonders, as only one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World remains standing, Egypt's. Location : On the banks of river Yamuna in Agra, uttar Pradesh, india year of Construction : built by : Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan Spread over: 42 acres Significance : One of the seven Wonders of the world. Project «The eighth Wonder of the world» Done: Natalya serishcheva. Seven wonders of the world The pyramids of Egypt. The seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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