Natalie dessay traviata met

natalie dessay traviata met

Met : la traviata ve strhujícím moderním provedení

As ever, McVicars production is superbly detailed and attentive to the different kinds of humour Handel provides (and its unafraid to add more in clever choreography from Andrew george). It begins with caesar and British North African troops landing in Egypt, with barques riding twisting waves attractively in the far background of a colonnaded stage. Its an invasion that doesnt lack confidence but that needs the help of the Egyptians themselves, not only to secure power but so that caesar can win Cleopatras heart. History is told through Brigitte reiffenstuels brilliant costumes, moving through to an Edwardian peace in the final scene, as peace is agreed to by Brits and Egyptians alike in the form of a colonial administration. Those ships tell a story too, with caesars revenge in Act iii bringing gunboats and airships as his salvation. Otherwise McVicar is free with the historical details, suggesting that however local its political bargains, empire is homogenous and timeless: Cleopatras palace and her dancing come from the raj via bollywood. World War i is just around the corner, those airships suggesting German as well as British empire, and for all its bejewelled pizazz force in this production is never far away. Despite their comedic mockery of their leader, there is a regimentation and discipline to caesars troops, springing to life mechanistically in Act iii.

La, traviata rdi citadela litvínov

PoussetteAnne-carolyn Bird nnifer Black nger Costa-jackson, innkeeperPhilip cokorinos exander Lewis, guard. ConductorFabio luisi urent Pelly, set DesignerChantal Thomas, costume urent Pelly, lighting ël Adam onel Hoche. Associate directorChristian Räth, tV ry halvorson. When david McVicars, giulio cesare opened at Glyndebourne in 2005, international attention was focused on the breakdown of Iraq into a civil war that its American and British occupiers business couldnt control. A production offered by a formidably aristocratic opera house in East Sussex with its champagne-and-strawberries picnics, enforced black tie, and cows at pasture could only ever be quaint in its political indictments. But McVicars updating of Handels most popular opera to late 19th-century British Egypt was all the more damning because it didnt just wheel in the tanks: it subtly undercut the hypocrisies of imperial conquest and the unsteady bargains of imperial rule in a deceptive riot. Eight years later, and with McVicar now a knight of the realm, the production has moved to the metropolitan Opera. David Daniels (center) as caesar in a scene from Handels giulio cesare. Taken during the rehearsal on March 25, 2013 at the metropolitan Opera in New York city g400400, its still riotous, although the mets cavernous space makes the production feel far less intimate in its more private moments, and far more like a broadway comedy. The politics feels less immediate in New York and after a decade of war, but the directorial team is unchanged, for the most part so is the production itself, and even some of the cast members have been carried over: Christophe dumaux adds new depths.

No reason was given for her absence. In summary, if you have netrebko and Beczala available then put. If you dont have their like, leave the score in the library. Metropolitan Opera house, april 7, 2012 Matinee hd transmission/Simulcast. Manon, jules Massenet-Henri meilhac/Philippe gille na first netrebko, des Grieux. Piotr Beczala ulo szot, count des Grieux. David Pittsinger ristophe mortagne, bréadley garvin.

natalie dessay traviata met

Dessay natalie la traviata

The mets principal conductor Fabio luisi conducted with vigor and polish. Manon can drag if the conductor doesnt keep the pace brisk. Maestro luisi is in the midst of a conducting marathon. Hes on the podium 20 times this month. We were told in a text screen that this was a Met record. The met orchestra as is now list the norm played with brilliance except for one blown trumpet entrance. The intermission host was supposed to be Natalie Dessay.

The rest of the cast was first rate. Paulo szot was handsome as Lescaut, manons high living cousin, and he sang with a smooth lyric baritone. French tenor Christophe mortagne was campy as the old roue guillot. I dont think he understands more than five words of English, but that didnt stop him from being interviewed by deborah voigt during an intermission. It was hard to tell who was more confused, voigt or Mortagne. The aforementioned david Pittsinger was dignified and convincing as the elder des Grieux. Hes a ringer for Christopher Plummer 40 years ago. Bradley garvin wearing a fright wig was solid as Brétigny.

La traviata natalie dessay aix en provence

natalie dessay traviata met

Natalie, dessay - wikipedia

His performance today had everything one could want from Des Grieux. Le rêve was sung with sweet pianissimi and Ah! Fuyez, douce image with passion and ringing high notes. His acting, though not as nuanced as Netrebkos was convincing. Beczalas also slim and handsome. The opera world is his.

Netrebko and Beczala when singing together were an audio-visual treat. The St Sulpice had all the raw sex that Massenet wrote into the score. What a cot was doing in a church is a nit to pick, but of course the duo ended up. Des Grieuxs short flirtation with celibacy couldnt last because he had lost his mind in the first act. . Massenet knew what repair sold the tickets.

Ok, i guess thats enough. Her lover, the Chevalier des Grieux, is a very decent young man whos totally lost every shred of restraint over Manon. Hell do anything for Manon, no matter how stupid. Woody Allen said the brain was his second favorite organ. Des Grieux has no second favorite organ. But he does have as much great music to sing as Manon.

Polish tenor piotr Beczala has been singing at the met for five years. He has gradually established himself as perhaps the best pure lyric tenor now active. Though 44 years old he looks a dozen years younger. His voice is rich, focused, and reaches high notes with ease; they have ping and his piano singing is lovely. His sound is not large, but its big enough for the roles he sings and he never forces. This is a beautiful voice that should last given how well its used.

La, traviata, giuseppe verdi 2012 (Kino světozor)

And she didnt disappoint. Her figure may be more matronly than when she first appeared in New York, but shes still gorgeous. More important, her voice is rich and beautiful and her acting beyond criticism; she has Manon down to the last personality trait. Her singing may lack some of the agility required for Manon and one high note was off pitch, but the whole package was grand. She managed the daunting task of portraying a daddy character 25 years younger than she in the face of Gary halvorsons close-ups while still being convincing a tour de force. Disbelief was shed literature like octobers leaves. Manon is a selfish teenager whose only redeeming features are beauty and youth.

natalie dessay traviata met

It appeared to be a giant basketball see below. I think it was supposed to be a hot air balloon, but it looked like it belonged in the assignment nba. Pully chose to set the opera in the late 19th century; the sets were not specific for any period. Why directors keep changing operas time settings is mysterious. Nothing was gained by moving the opera up 150 years except for arcane references to the king when the last king of France had been gone for half a century. The giant basketball is behind Mr Pittsinger's right shoulder. The opera was mounted as a vehicle for the mets reigning goddess, Anna netrebko.

la traviata (Pathé live) gratuit. The metropolitan Opera transmitted its penultimate hd telecast of this season  Massenets. Manon on Saturday april 7, 2012. Manon is the most French opera i can think. Its almost like an opera debussy would have written had he been able or inclined to write boffo arias and duets. This new production was staged by laurent Pully who also designed the costumes. This may explain why the sets looked like they had been purchased on-sale at Walmart. Designed by Chantal Thomas, they resembled the pop-up scenes in a childrens book or were dingy (the gambling scene) or like a skate boarders park (the promenade scene). . I suspect Pully spent his budget on the costumes and had to make do as best he could with the rest of the production. There was an interesting item in the cours-la reine set.

Par une lettre de son père, alfredo apprend quelle na jamais cessé de laimer. Furieux et repentant, il accourt auprès de violetta, mais trop tard : rongée par la phtisie, violetta meurt dans ses bras. Telecharger la traviata (Pathé live) dvdrip. Regarder la traviata (Pathé live) streaming. Voir le film la traviata (Pathé live) Purevid. Voir la traviata (Pathé live) streaming Mixturevideo. Film la traviata (Pathé live) Dvdrip.

Traviata (la, traviata ) - městské divadlo Kladno

Genre : Opera, avec : Natalie dessay, general matthew Polenzani, dmitri hvorostovsky. Réalisateur : Willy decker, année : 0, nationalité: inconnue, date de sortie :, durée : 3h12min, studio : Bac Films. Note : Langue : Française, synopsis : la traviata (Pathé live) streaming vf film, en direct du metropolitan Opera de new-York. Durée : 3h12 avec 1 talie dessay interprète pour la première fois au met, violetta dans létonnante production de willy decker. Matthew Polenzani donne sa voix à alfredo et Dmitri hvorostovsky interprète germont. Et à la baguette, fabio luisi, le chef dorchestre invité du fredo, jeune homme de bonne famille, tombe fou amoureux dune courtisane, violetta. Par amour, violetta délaisse totalement ses amants pour vivre sa passion avec Alfredo, mais cest sans compter sur le père dAlfredo, qui la persuade de quitter son fils. Violetta écrit alors une lettre de rupture, rendant Alfredo fou furieux. La maladie dont elle était atteinte réapparaît, et c'est seule en compagnie de sa fidèle camériste que violetta se meurt.

Natalie dessay traviata met
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  1. verdi la, traviata, noi siamo zingarelle Awesome party scene. Natalie, dessay - sempre libera.

  2. Traviata was on Sirius Radio a few hours ago. I don t know what her acting was like, but her voice is more beautiful than. David Allen reviews Handel s giulio cesare at the metropolitan Opera in New York, with. Natalie, dessay, david Daniels, Alice coote, and Patricia bardon. Alfredo enters and he expresses his concern for her fragile health and later declares his love for her (Alfredo, violetta: Un dì, felice, eterea the day i met you ).

  3. Všetko o hre giuseppe verdi: Metropolitan Opera: live in hd -. V úlohe najslávnejšieho dievčaťa so zlou povesťou. Met prvýkrát objaví, natalie, dessay. Natalie, dessay, matthew Polenzani, dmitri hvorostovsky. Traviata (Pathé live) vf Genre: Opera, avec: Natalie, dessay, matthew Polenzani, dmitri hvorostovsky réalisateur: Willy decker Année: 0 Nationalité: inconnue date de sortie. First live broadcast.

  4. The intermission host was supposed. Have you already seen, mET. Traviata, with the current cast, dessay /Hong, polenzani, hvorostovsky? Traviata, trailer, Introduction by rolando villazon, picture gallery, discography. The gap is being plugged with revivals of other familiar productions which are less expensive to mount, namely Strauss s Elektra and Ariadne auf Naxos and Verdi s la traviata.

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