Monthly marketing report

monthly marketing report

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After investing about 4,500 in this project for development and building a small list of prospects before the launch, the project ended up being a total bust. I mean, not a single sale! I busted my ass off for this project because i believed in it, and the engagement/signup data was looking good. But it just wasnt enough to get people to take out their credit card to pay for this product. Since i already lost this amount of money on this project, i will not be using paid traffic to try to get more sales and grow an audience for this project. I am just going to let it grow at a slower pace with natural traffic.

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And its hard to believe they would just sit on all the data theyre collecting from the websites where google Analytics is installed, without using it in any way for their own profit. (never forget that google is a for profit company). After testing a few Analytics solutions, i decided to use Clicky: the data is a lot more accessible and actionable that google Analytics. Clicky is just easier to navigate through the various reports, and I find the information that is really useful to me faster. Being so satisfied with the trial period for their premium service, it was only natural that i upgraded to a premium account to keep track of all my seo-based websites. If you decide to use them, take a look at the yearly plans: they offer some interesting discounts. Niche sites Click-Through, if you check the graph above, you will notice a nice increase in the click-through rate for my niche sites. I have edited many articles on my oldest niche site to get more clicks to Amazon. So far it didnt translate into high profits per essay visitor, but as the new sites rankings improve, i expect my bottom line to keep getting bigger. First Product, here is where things didnt go as expected at all.

I wasnt able to london get 10 new niche sites started, but I was still able to get 8 of them up and running. The content production flow from my Elance, odesk and Freelancer writers has been disrupted a couple times during the month, and it did put me behind schedule. The whole process has been a very interesting learning experience, and I think we will be able to avoid these hiccups during the coming month. The first part of this niche site project was to get the sites running with a basic content package in order to get indexed in google and start climbing the rankings ladder for my primary keywords. The second part (which is starting this month) is all about creating high-quality content that will target secondary keywords while making these sites more relevant for their primary keywords. These new articles will be published with a rate of 1 (or 2) per week to keep the sites alive and have a steady natural-looking growth. Last month, i was explaining why using google Analytics might not be the best idea ever if youre focusing mainly on seo to drive traffic to your sites. I know that google is claiming that the data from google Analytics is not used to influence rankings, but with google, you really never know.

monthly marketing report

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Instead of targeting products based on topics, i am selecting products that my website demographics might be interested. Well see in the next Income report how this thing will. Niche sites, last month, i decided to focus on a new niche site project. Im already seeing encouraging results: One of my new niche sites made its first sale within 5 days of being indexed in google! Instead of starting a single niche site, my plan was to start a new niche site every 3 days during the month. Did I make it? Niche sites goal, well, no, i didnt reach essay my goal.

When the traffic went down, i didnt pay much attention and kept paying for expensive hosting that I didnt really need anymore. I downgraded my hosting plans and regrouped my projects on common servers to reduce my costs. Affiliate offers : Based on an article that I read on another blog (sorry for the author but I dont remember where it was exactly i have decided to start promoting some affiliate products as well as lead generation offers alongside Adsense. I didnt make any affiliate sale so far because i just found time to upgrade my sites a few days ago. The good thing is that Im using these offers on pages where i cant use Adsense, so it shouldnt reduce my earnings there. The biggest challenge is finding a way to associate the right affiliate offers with the right pages on my viral sites. When I created these sites, i didnt niche down, it makes it hard to decide what product/website to promote.

Top 10 Items to Include

monthly marketing report

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Heres to a fantastic essay and fruitful 2012 from me and Caleb. Advertisement, after over 4 years of blogging, i decided last month to get back to my blogging roots. This whole blog is dedicated to sharing my personal experience with making money online, and i apply a very strict no fluff no bs policy. The keyword here is: personal. No more rehashed post about blogging or social media that you have already seen over 9000 times on other blogs. If you want to learn how to get rich overnight, you shouldnt read this blog: Im all about hard-work and dedication. Subscribe to my exclusive newsletter, and never miss another income report».

With that out of the way, here comes my monthly report detailing how my various online projects are doing. What happened last month? Nothing went as expected last month! When working on online projects, you always have to be ready for adversity. That can come up in the shape of technical issues, miscommunication, deals not going through, and. Viral Sites, as I was explaining last month, i decided to put this project on auto-pilot for the time being because ive been unable to find ways to monetize my viral sites properly and scale them at the same time. I still did 2 things: Resizing hosting : A few months ago, i was receiving a lot of traffic to some of my websites and I had to upgrade my hosting plans.

Instead of creating in-depth guides about expertise on lots of different topics, were going to start focusing on helping readers acquire the tools to gain expertise in a more generic sense. Some of the topics well be experimenting with include productivity, rapid learning, improving memory, deliberate practice. In the early months of a new blog, its important to watch and listen to your audience carefully. Dont be afraid to experiment with your content and to change your strategy quite a bit in the beginning. Rarely can you have everything figured out right away, so its normal to change your content formula after you start. Im a proBlogger Blogger to watch in 2012!

At the end of last month I was honored to be named one of 2012s bloggers to watch over at ProBlogger. Thanks to darren Rowse and Jade Craven for including me there. Check out the list — there are tons of great people to follow. Join us for a live class on building a thriving Audience today were holding a class at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern to help you learn how to build a thriving audience for your blog. Join us to learn about creating sharable content, promoting your content on other sites, engaging and converting your visitors to become dedicated fans. If youre reading this after the class date, you can also access a complete recording at the link above. — cheers and thanks for reading. I hope these reports are helpful.

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21,563 in the prior month). The decline was to be expected after the launch buzz from november wore off. Well be working hard in the coming months to build on the base weve established. If youve been following along with the million Dollar Blog Project, well have one or two posts this month related to the project that will business cover building your blogs audience in the months after you launch. On the revenue front, Expert Enough earned 165.17 in December, which came from sales of our Expert Enough Manifesto poster and from affiliate sales of Benny lewis language hacking guide. As I mentioned last month, were focused on building the audience for the next few months before we ramp up the revenue. One of the challenges were working through at Expert Enough is how to dial in the perfect content strategy. Some of our posts have been on fairly obscure topics that dont always appeal to the entire audience. Expertise is fairly broad.

monthly marketing report

Were pretty happy with the overall traffic we drove as a company last month, but Id like to see think Traffic get back to faster growth in the coming months. To do that, well be launching a new product in January that should generate some buzz and give us new opportunities to reach new audiences. Well also be focused on a refreshed content strategy and on getting essay featured on other sites. Top Traffic sources The top 5 traffic sources for this month were google search, direct, rss feed visitors, Twitter and Facebook. Id like to see more referral traffic from other blogs, so well be doing some outreach and reconnecting with people around the blogosphere soon. Top search Terms: think traffic: 440 unique selling proposition: 329 personal introduction: 265 unique selling proposition examples: 240 thinktraffic: 197 sales pitch: 193 blog post ideas: 160 unique selling point examples: 116 not stereo: 102 best sales pitch: 89 Top Content 5 of the blog. I especially enjoyed the guest post from peep Laja about how he attracted 50k visitors to his blog in the first month. Expert Enough Recap december 2011 over at Expert Enough, we attracted 16,823 visitors last month (vs.

Gregory, eugene, peep, joel, and, andy for the guest posts last month. This was one of the few (perhaps the only) months in which over 50 of the posts we published were guest posts. We would love to know: do you like when we publish guest posts here? Let us know in the comments. If so, what would you like to see more of? If not, why not? Also, if there are any special guests youd like us to interview or ask to write for Think Traffic, wed love to hear it in the comments.

No longer are we simply bloggers. This isnt a good or bad thing necessarily, but it does present some unique challenges, which Ill discuss later in pdf this report. We saw 30,113 visits this month (versus 32,441 last month). . There was a slight decline in this months traffic to tt, as we also saw last December, but if you include traffic from our case study blog. Expert Enough we had over 47,000 visits to our two sites in December. Now lets talk about some specific Think Traffic stats for the month. December Growth Stats for Think Traffic.

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Its time for another Think Traffic monthly report! In this report well also be including details of what went on over at our case study blog. Last month was interesting for a number of reasons. It reviews was the first full month for Expert Enough. Between the two blogs we published 22 posts, (with over half written by guest authors). We launched the Expert Enough podcast and published content on all kinds of topics from chocolate to blogging to goal setting. We now run three blogs through our tiny business with just two full time people. Over the past few months, weve become a micro publisher.

Monthly marketing report
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  2. Reporting royalties The terms of Oracle Application Specific Full Use (asfu) and Embedded Software license (ESL) agreements outline that for each agreement, and for each of the associated isv applications, a monthly report. Affiliate window recently released a brand new monthly. Mobile Stats report that reaffirms that mobile commerce is constantly on the rise. You are here: Home / News /. Monthly, report : New Maps available Online From the library of Congress.

  3. Monthly report for Organic. Marketing, packages that include seo for Ecommerce, social Media optimization, guaranteed Traffic Plans and Conversion Optimization. Compare our internet marketing packages, covering monthly stats, seo, google AdWords, facebook advertising, email newsletters, conversion optimization and more. You clearly can monitor your sites progress in the monthly statistics report. December 2011, monthly, report, think Traffic and Expert Enough. Entrepreneurship and marketing sites usually will stay flat or see a little dip.

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