Mma gym business plan

mma gym business plan

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I just want to warn potential gym owners about these so-called promotion companies who over-promise and under-deliver, often times causing a gym to go out of business. I too own a couple of health clubs and i know how difficult it is to break even, much less profit. But i also know how rewarding it is to help so many members at your club. I would be more than happy to help answer any questions you have about your gym or your future gym. Best of luck to everyone! Sincerely, curtis Mock reply reply with" top main lobby 132. "costs for starting up a gym?" Posted by jamie yeo on 07:39:08 7/25/2006.

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"Beware of shady marketing companies" Posted by curtis on 10:20:09 7/14/2006 i know a lot of you are looking for help with your new/existing health club. I urge everyone to be careful if you consider one of the "promotion-style" companies in our industry. If you already have a club, you know who i'm talking about. You probably receive a postcard from them once a week. If you are considering opening a gym, please know that you will be giving up a sizeable percentage of your profits to these shark-like companies. I am a little biased as i own a consulting/marketing company for the gym industry, but nothing bothers me more than hearing how these companies and their empty promises are destroying gyms. Did you know that 8 out of every 10 bulimia new gyms fail? That's not to say you shouldn't start one, but it is to warn you that you already have enough stacked against you. I am not here to promote my marketing business. We are already too busy.

I have personally worked with over 200 Clubs in the past 2 years and can help you build your Memberships. Check out m looking forward to hearing from you. Scott Steers Director of Marketing m reply reply with" top main lobby 117. "answer to starting a gym" Posted by jd on the 10:35:40 4/25/2006 the answer to starting a gym is simple. But it takes a lot of desire. Get on the site, read it, try. reply reply with" top main lobby 130.

mma gym business plan

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"looking for partner/investor" Posted by betty Anne on 04:53:24 7/12/2006 Where are you in New Jersey. I have a women's gym here in south Jersey 10 minutes from Philly. 2 years young and looking for a partner/investor. Betty Anne reply reply with" top main lobby. "biz" Posted by keith washington on 15:31:22 5/04/2005 would you know to get in contact with the manufacturers plus how to get a loan for the gym space reply reply with" top main lobby. "help" Posted by john ratcliffe on 09:10:30 7/26/2005 i am opening a co-ed circuit gym and need serious help with marketing. John reply reply with" top main lobby. "Marketing for health Clubs" Posted by scott steers on 19:37:51 my company specializes in marketing for health Clubs.

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mma gym business plan

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Now I want to help the world get in shape! Thanks, melissa reply reply with" writing top main lobby. "Wassup" Posted by jerrel on 13:51:49 10/18/2005 hey hows it going my name is Jerrel. I also want to start personal my own gym so if you want to help me out i can do the same for you so email back with your response reply reply with" top main lobby. "Gym start-up costs" Posted by jd on 21:17:21 9/15/2005 hey there boss, trying to get an idea of start-up costs, and 0 dollar start-up financing. Trying to start in the san diego area.

Thnx in advance, jd reply reply with" top main lobby. "Gym" Posted by luckens Bolivar on 18:38:08 10/14/2005 Hello. Jonathan, my name is Luckens and I live in New Jersey. I am emailing you because i was reading about your comments about openning up my own gym. I would like to know if you can email me and give me some advice about the different steps to take. Currently i just graduated from college with a health and Physical Education degree and i am working at a local school as a teacher. Again I would like to know if you can give me some pointers in opening up my own gym reply reply with" top main lobby 126.

I thank you kindly. "looking to open a gym" Posted by john "Spider" Lutz on 18:30:59 8/08/2005 i've been contemplating this all my life. There has always been obsticles in my way. I love to work out and i've got some equipment already. I'm not looking to be an upscale club, just an iron pit. I don't have a trainers degree or anything, but I really want to do this now.

I don't want to waste anymore of my life thinking about. I know how I want the gym to look, who my target customers will be, hours of operation, possible employees, several locations in mind. I would charge a little less than some of the other clubs, because where i'm at, the cheapest club dues are.00 per month. I know, i know. So i know where some of my customers are going to come from. Any input to get the ball rolling would be great. "Opening a personal Training Gym" Posted by melissa on 14:52:23 6/22/2005 Any tips and ideas to get me started? I have always been an athlete and worked out.

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Trainer, insurance, liabilities, what goverment agency oversees this type of business. Can you refer me to someone for guidance? Thanks reply reply with" top main lobby. "gym" Posted by dpac on 04:02:15 10/27/2004 easy mate i wanted to know what has to be done to open a gym and the stuff needed and info pls reply reply with" top main lobby. "Wanted to know how to get started in opening a gym?" Posted by toni Blafford on 10:45:57 3/07/2005 to whom This may concern: The reason I wanted to write to you, is to find out how I go about getting started to open my own. I am a certified personal trainer and I have always wanted to open my own gym. I do not know how to get a loan, where to open the gym, and what to do? I have this ambition to open my own gym, but do not have anyone to support my dream. So i was wondering maybe you can give me some input.


mma gym business plan

In terms of the gym itself for financing. I know from my cousin that there are gym equipment manufacterers out there who are willing to lease you the equipment on very favorable terms, shop around. I would suggest looking at the curves and the new Cuts franchise and seeing if you could take their concept and build on your idea. reply reply with" top main lobby. "Gym" Posted by jonathan. On 23:58:03 5/02/2004 i own a small gym in the los Angeles area and would be happy to be a sounding board for you. You can email me at good luck, jonathan Aluzas federalist m reply reply with" top main lobby. "gym in Ca" Posted by margie on 00:08:20 What are the steps needd to take in order to start a new gym? Are there any specific requirements/ For example, does one needs to be a cert.

you have completed your business plan. I have never opened a gym, but i know a bit about business plans and financing. If you would like to talk about your business plan E-mail me at tom rose reply reply with" top main lobby. "Fitness Center" Posted by dan Marx on 19:22:09 4/14/2004 I have a cousin who owns her own gym more along the lines of a curves only its coed. I also have another friend who owns his own Martial Arts Studio. I would recommend doing some market research in the area you are planning on doing this. See what the demand is like and put the question about the dogs in your research and see what the response is like. Having a simple survey printed up and then asking people to fill it out around your city/town shouldn't be too hard.

I was doing some research when I came across this site and now I'm hooked. There appears to be a ton of valuable advice offered on this site and I was just wondering if anyone has ever owned/or considered starting a gym? This is something I feel that I would really enjoy as well as be sucessful at once i get the ball rolling. I am a little hesitant due to the number of large scale gyms (chains such as Worlds Gym, bally's etc) opening. I am also and animal lover and i am trying to formulate a business plan that not only involves a fitness center/gym, but also allows members database to bring their dogs to an attached section of the gym where there would be obstacle courses, agility etc. I know this may sound odd, but I really think it could work. Overall, i would really like to start a gym that caters to both people and their dogs. There would be an additional "membership" for the dog and people could belong to the gym without a pet or their pet could belong without them being a member. Any advice/ constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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Table of Contents (Just scroll down to see the text of all messages) young entrepreneur looking to start a gym, bryan, 13:00:53, 4/14/2004, fitness center, tom rose, 13:14:07, 4/14/2004, ( guaranteed 1 fitness Center, dan Marx, 19:22:09, 4/14/2004, ( 2 gym, jonathan., 23:58:03, 5/02/2004, (. Wanted to know how to get started in opening a gym., toni Blafford, 10:45:57, 3/07/2005, ( 33 looking to open a gym, john "Spider" Lutz, 18:30:59, 8/08/2005, ( 44 opening a personal Training Gym, melissa, 14:52:23, 6/22/2005, ( 38 ). Wassup, jerrel, 13:51:49, 10/18/2005, ( 77 gym start-up costs, jd, 21:17:21, 9/15/2005, ( 58 gym, luckens Bolivar, 18:38:08, 10/14/2005, ( 76 ) looking for partner/investor, betty Anne, 04:53:24, 7/12/2006, ( 126 ) biz, keith washington, 15:31:22, 5/04/2005, ( 35 ) help, john ratcliffe, 09:10:30, 7/26/2005. Friday, 15:27:53, 6/22/2004, ( 5 ) New Gym Marketing, michele, 15:30:13, 6/23/2004, ( 6 ) Gym, micah, 11:06:59, 7/10/2004, ( 7 ) Franchises, jonathan., 21:26:58, ( 9 ) gym/franchise, micah, 08:01:24, ( 10 ) health Club Marketing, hlm, 20:01:11, ( 81 ) Opening. Crocker, 15:02:33, ( 19 ) Gym owner, sean, 11:22:39, ( 20 ) New twist on health and fitness, david w, 22:46:52, ( 22 ) gym in Canada, keren, 12:16:14, 1/04/2005, ( 24 ) Starting a gym!, tamara Brooks, 17:15:40, 1/04/2005, ( 25 ) Gym. Thought my idea was original., henry, 15:21:08, 2/12/2006, ( 109 ) Opening a gym soon, inspiration, 07:07:23, 2/25/2006, ( 113 ) Huge commercial Gym Equipment Auction Coming soon!., carolyn, 07:10:55, 3/02/2006, ( 114 ) Gym for sale. How do i finance it?, justin Adcock, 10:21:50, 3/15/2006, ( 116 ) Starting a gym, nathan Shatto, 08:10:05, 6/13/2006, ( 121 ) "Starting a gym", nick berry, 15:04:44, 6/14/2006, ( 124 ) gym, ryan, 11:09:52, 6/13/2006, ( 122 ) Gym in ma, tg, 12:04:45, 7/12/2006.

Mma gym business plan
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  5. Personal Training Business Plan. Template for sticker, t-shirt, poster, banner, combat gym, business or art works. Outline eye plan with vessels. If anybody out there can help me with starting a business plan for a gym. Pleaseee email.for mma coaches and Martial Arts Gym Business Owners Primary Email: you should use this site as a resource to find exactly what you need to enter the.

  6. Feasibility study and business plan. Mma, brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, Cross-Fitness, Traditional Fitness-Training and a functional Training. Martial, arts, business 5 must know tips for a dojo. Gym, correct me if i am Wrong. Whether it is aikido, bjj, judo, mma or any other Dojo or, gym. If you're lacking the business and marketing skills to grow your gym, you'll benefit from the advice that Bedros.

  7. This is the classic text on starting a martial arts school - the martial arts business plan trusted by thousands of martial arts. The gym, or doing your. At a full service. Mma gym or school you. Fighters often open a gym only to close it in six months because of a lack of business expertise and increased.

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