Meaning of affiliation in resume

meaning of affiliation in resume

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However, sasuke intervened, and threatened to kill both of them if they didn't stop fighting. Jūgo eventually calmed down, and, with some persuasion on Sasuke's part, was recruited. Afterwards, sasuke told them their mission and their new team's name; they would be known as " Hebi and their mission was to find Itachi Uchiha. Soon afterwards the team split up, searching for information about Itachi's whereabouts. This led suigetsu to a bank where akatsuki member kakuzu 's banker Ginji was. Recognising him as such, suigetsu threatened him to talk. 26 seeing deidara 's large suicide bomb's explosion, suigetsu was drawn to the site of Sasuke's battle with deidara, where he had used a special seal to summon Manda and had used the snake to escape the explosion. It had, however, been a little too late, and Manda died, making suigetsu tell Sasuke that he should treat animals a little better.

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Suigetsu nevertheless agreed to join him in the hopes of meeting Kisame and taking Samehada for himself. Once they left, suigetsu had Sasuke take him to the land of waves to retrieve zabuza's Kubikiribōchō from his grave. In the anime, the sword in question was taken from Zabuza's grave by a politician and crime boss named Tenzen daikoku, who wanted to take the sword as a trophy, and for " revenge " after losing many men during Zabuza's attempted coup years before. After Kubikiribōchō was retrieved, suigetsu and Sasuke then went to the base where karin resided, where suigetsu was instructed to free all the prisoners. Before releasing them, however, suigetsu told them master to spread the word that Sasuke killed Orochimaru, and would bring peace to the world. As Sasuke hadn't ordered him to say these things, his motives appear to be unclear. Suigetsu and Jūgo caught with Sasuke's snakes. Once karin was persuaded to join, they headed to meet with Jūgo. They had to fight their way through an army of people branded with the cursed seals to reach him, and, under Sasuke's orders, were told not to kill any of them whilst subduing them. When they found Jūgo, who promptly attacked them, suigetsu attempted to kill him.

However, he partially makes up for this with his Hydrification Technique, which allows him to expand the muscles in his arms to help him wield such a heavy weapon with more ease. Suigetsu has shown to be very fast, witnessed when he intercepted Killer b 's attack, and later the fourth raikage 's attack, on Sasuke. 22 23 His swordmanship skills allowed him to go toe to toe with another skilled swordsman like darui with a half-severed Kubikiribōchō. 24 even without a sword, he has proven to be a capable taijutsu fighter, as seen when defeated hundreds of Tenzen daikoku 's men with little effort. 25 Part ii itachi pursuit Mission suigetsu threatens Sasuke after being freed. Immediately after Sasuke defeated Orochimaru, he went into one of Orochimaru's many experimentation labs and freed suigetsu, who was sealed inside a holding tube. After threatening Sasuke, gesturing his hand to perform his clan's Water Gun Technique, he pointed out that he owed nothing to sasuke for dealing with Orochimaru as there were many who wanted to do it and it was just a case where sasuke was able.

meaning of affiliation in resume

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19 Also he can fire compressed, highly pressurised water bullets from gps the tips of his index fingers, that can cause great damage, 20 able to fire it from both hands. A supplementary usage of his techniques is the ability to gather information via water such as rain, seen when he learned about the fourth Shinobi world War after his imprisonment. 21 In the anime, suigetsu is also shown capable of creating clones made of water. 6 suigetsu is seen carrying water bottles with him, as he frequently needs to consume water in order to stay hydrated. Due to his water-like body, he exhibits weakness against lightning -based techniques, as exhibited in his defence of Sasuke against Killer B's chakra-charged strike. 22 suigetsu is also capable of using Wind Release. 2 Kenjutsu physical Prowess suigetsu wielding his Kubikiribōchō. From his training days with the seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist, suigetsu is quite adept at wielding Zabuza momochi 's Kubikiribōchō. However, he lacks the high degree of physical strength Zabuza had, as carrying the sword around for long distances seems to tire him out.

This ability also allows him to change his body shape, giving him the ability to increase the size of his limbs, thus proportionally increasing his strength if necessary. 16 It also makes striking him somewhat difficult; since he is made of liquid, any regular strike will go right through his watery form. When struck, part of the water he turns into can also split from his body, and be manipulated, for example, making a water blob around one's head to drown them. 17 In the anime, he can also camouflage himself to go about unseen. 6 suigetsu united with water. As his body is water, he is also capable of merging with already existing water to increase his attack range, as seen when he fought against Killer b, and utilise it for large scale water Release techniques. 18 When he passes out he enters a jelly-like state, as seen in the battle against Killer.

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meaning of affiliation in resume

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He wears a purple, sleeveless shirt with blue pants, sandals and a belt around his waist with water bottles attached. He also wears another belt strapped to his chest which he uses to carry the kubikiribōchō. Due to his special body, suigetsu is assignment able to alter his form at will, usually to aid in his techniques and when rendered unconscious, he is tense reduced to a jelly-like state. Whenever he is seen recovering from these unconscious states he is placed in a large tank of water and resembles a fish-like being. 14 years later, suigetsu opted to wear a dark, high-collared button down attire which had light-coloured, upturned sleeves. He wore two belts around his waist, a simple one and another larger one with two pouches — one at each side. Abilities suigetsu battling Killer b in his tailed beast Mode.

Suigetsu is a very capable shinobi. Akatsuki member Kisame hoshigaki referred to him as a child prodigy in the art of murder, and that he is practically the reincarnation of Zabuza momochi. 7 suigetsu was even shown to be able briefly go up against Killer b, a perfect jinchūriki, while in his tailed beast Mode. 15 Ninjutsu Hōzuki clan Techniques and Nature Transformation suigetsu liquefying himself. As a member of the Hōzuki clan, suigetsu is well versed in the clan's secret Water Release technique to transform his body into a liquid form, and to return to his solid bodily form at will.

His ultimate goal however, is to collect the seven blades, so he can reform the seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist and become their leader. Along with this passion for collecting swords, suigetsu is very mischievous and as such, takes great joy in foiling Karin 's plans to be alone with Sasuke and has stated that it is his second favourite thing. 8 by his own admission, suigetsu has an impulse to cut things up, be it a person or relationships, as he does with Sasuke and Karin. 9 suigetsu apparently also likes animals somewhat seen from his attempt to play with the talking ninja cats from the abandoned Uchiha warehouse at one point. He also lectured Sasuke on treating animals better after Sasuke used Manda to shield himself from deidara 's suicide technique, which resulted in Manda's death. Suigetsu also has what seems to be a chronic fear of Orochimaru, which is to be expected due to the latter imprisoning and experimenting on him.

This fear was witnessed when Sasuke declared that he would revive orochimaru and suigetsu's ensuing attempt to dissuade him from doing. When Orochimaru was revived, suigetsu even refused to stay on the same side of the cave with him, retreating to opposite ends depending on where Orochimaru went. 10 On the other hand while always being wary of Orochimaru and his intentions, suigetsu willingly offered to help his former jailer attack konoha and then later even referred to Orochimaru using honourific while obeying his orders. 11 While showing courage against such fearsome opponents like killer b, even taking a tailed beast Ball for his comrades, suigetsu also has a cowardly side at times. Despite his confidence (if not arrogance he would show a rather cowardly side when someone of a clearly higher calibre directs their killing intent at him, as he hid behind Orochimaru in fear during an exchange between Tobirama and Hashirama senju. 12 he also seems to retain a sarcastic sense of humour even in serious situations, this trait being exemplified when, as Kabuto was healing Sasuke, he asked Kabuto if he was trying to absorb Sasuke, and if he wanted to be 'kabuke' or 'sasuto'. 13 Appearance suigetsu in Part. Suigetsu is a lean-built young man of average height, straight white hair with a light-blue tint to it in the anime, almond shaped purple eyes, and like most of the members of the seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist, he has pointed teeth — one.

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Other moments were when he realised Sasuke used a space-time ninjutsu with Manda to escape deidara's blast. He was also able to predict Killer B's attack on Sasuke, which would have been fatal if suigetsu had not stepped in to block the blow. Suigetsu has a passion for collecting exotic swords: he made it his goal to collect all the swords from the seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist. He took zabuza momochi's Kubikiribōchō and joined Hebi only to take kisame hoshigaki's Samehada. He even went into great detail to explain about the seven swords to jūgo, with a passionate literature tone to his storytelling. He also cares a great deal book for his swords, shown when he went back to retrieve his Kubikiribōchō after losing it in the fight against Killer. However, his passion doesn't seem to be entirely limited to the seven blades, as he also expressed interest in Darui's sword.

meaning of affiliation in resume

7 suigetsu, despite addressing him with the honourific term "senpai wants to defeat him and take his sword, noting to sasuke that he will one day serve him as "shark fin soup" (a reference to kisame's shark-like appearance) after Sasuke suggested that he was not. Suigetsu expressing his passion for cutting things. As a prodigy at the art of murder, suigetsu has a certain love for killing, but he refrains from doing so at Sasuke 's request. However, there are several occasions where he has killed people when he believed Sasuke wouldn't notice. Suigetsu has been shown to have thoughts such as "just this once" and "he'll forgive me". However, he was noticeably upset that Sasuke killed several samurai during the attack on the kage summit, pointing out how many times Sasuke had told him not to kill anyone, his anger may have had more to do with Sasuke being a hypocrite than the. He was described to have a belligerent personality, 1 witnessed through his hostile and aggressive attitude most times. Suigetsu, despite being hasty in anger, has shown moments of keenness wallpaper and a calm attitude, such as discerning Killer B's ability as a swordsman, as suigetsu is one himself.

Soon afterwards, he was pursued by sasuke and, karin. Using his various water abilities, he was able to fend off the duo. Taking Sasuke's sword and delighting in its design, he attacked Karin, only to be caught off guard and subdued by her chakra chain, allowing Karin to take him back to the base. 6 Personality suigetsu appears to be indifferent, caring only for a few things around him. He spends a considerable amount of time mocking and/or being beaten up by karin. Despite showing initial dislike towards his team-mates, suigetsu has grown fond of them, and was willing to risk his own life to protect them against the eight-tails, showing care for his team-mates. Kisame hoshigaki claims that suigetsu is a prodigy in the art of murder, as he has a habit of chopping off his victim's limbs before beheading them.

This acted as their motivation to finish london cruel missions day by day. While mangetsu eventually became one of the seven, suigetsu's motivation was shattered with the premature death of his brother, and he changed his ambition to "collecting all of the swords in order to retrieve all seven original blades that have been passed down by the. 3, with the humiliation of being captured and experimented. Orochimaru and, kabuto yakushi, his ambition was put on hold. Through these experiments, kabuto at least, was able to replicate suigetsu's unique secret ability to liquefy himself at will. 4, at some point in the past, he had to fight with. 5, in the anime, about two years after Sasuke joined Orochimaru, the young Uchiha delivered a vial for research on suigetsu. Upon seeing the young Uchiha, suigetsu asked Sasuke to free him, who simply said he had to prove his strength.

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Suigetsu Hōzuki hōzuki suigetsu ) is a shinobi from, kirigakure 's, hōzuki clan. Heralded as the, second Coming of the. Demon kijin no sairai suigetsu dreams of gathering all the swords of the. Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist. This dream was cut short when he was captured. Orochimaru, but by joining forces with. Sasuke uchiha he finds an summary opportunity to resume its pursuit. Background, suigetsu was born in, kirigakure and was reputed alongside his brother, mangetsu, to be the incarnation of the demon. He and Mangetsu aspired to inherit the title.

Meaning of affiliation in resume
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I ve tried opening the file as unicode using OpenTextFil. The 3D effect adds a nice element to the cards.

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  4. For other uses of this term, see. Espio the Chameleon (disambiguation). Espio the Chameleon esupio za kamereon?) is a fictional character from the sonic the hedgehog series. Suigetsu Hōzuki ( Hōzuki suigetsu) is a shinobi from Kirigakure's Hōzuki clan. Heralded as the second Coming of the demon ( Kijin no sairai suigetsu dreams of gathering all the swords of the seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist).

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