Kindle book readers reviews

kindle book readers reviews

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Other Sites For Kindle reviews, some kindle publishers I follow and study have recommended some sites to try out for more reviews of your books on Amazon. These sites are built for this specific purpose, so why not give it a shot? Sites that review Kindle books: look for Bloggers That Are In your Niche. Bloggers are writers and writers tend to like reading books. Another great way to get some Amazon book reviews is to go look for some bloggers who would want to read the book and review it for free. To find bloggers to contact in your niche you can use either. Blog Metrics or, blog Directory. You could even just go to google and search for book bloggers in your genre.

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The easier you make it brown for people, the more action theyll take. Kdp select Free promotions, when you enter your book into kdp select Free promotions and you have you have a message on one of the last pages of your book asking for a review, you can get a ton of reviews just from that. With kdp select, you get a promotion of your book for 5 days where the book is free and it will help get more downloads and more reviews as a results of more people reading. To get the most out of this and avoid having to send a bunch of gift cards to people on Amazon to review your book, just promote the heck out of your book while the 5 day promotion is going. Ask your Family And Friends For reviews. Chances are, a lot of people in your family have amazon accounts. Im sure quite a few of your friends do as well. Ask them for a favor to review your book and you can give them the money back when they. Obviously theyll want to give you favorable reviews and lets be honest, probably most authors out there do this to help boost their books a little bit. When you make friends in business, they typically will ask you for a testimonial or review just to boost credibility. You can use that to your advantage as well for your Amazon ebooks.

Fiverr is a website that is great for paying 5 for minor tasks that you dont want to hire people. One of the services offered on fiverr is Amazon book reviews. You can easily pay 5 for each review and possibly even send them a gift card for buying the book to review. This way, daddy you get the verified review. Ask for reviews In your book. When people read your book, they may forget to review it when they are done unless they are used to reviewing things all the time. One way to get the people who buy your book to review is to have a page of the book towards the end dedicated to asking them to leave an honest review if they felt the book was as good as they hoped. Then you can leave some kind of link that shows them where to go to review it, so they dont have to figure out where to find the kindle sales page again.

kindle book readers reviews

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These would be great people to go to for some quick Amazon reviews. Just send out an email broadcast and ask for them to reply to you to review your book. In exchange they get to read it for free. As people that follow you on a daily basis, they are the ones that will know you the best and be more inclined to give you a very positive review. If you arent building essays an email list, i recommend. Thats what i use. Fiverr, update 11/7/2017: thesis (This method has been cracked down on by Amazon and should no longer be used).

Instead, you could buy an Amazon gift card and send it to them to buy your book and review it when theyre done reading. You can also find people like this on Linkedin in similar groups or Twitter if they are following an author or book in the same niche. There are over a billion and a half people for you to choose from on those three sites alone! You may also want to try forums or other sites where people gather to talk about the niche your ebook falls under. One trick for this is to go to google and type in forum: (book keyword). So, if you have a book about marketing and want to search forums about marketing, you could type in forum:marketing in the search bar to find the top results. Use your Email List, if you are running a business online, then you probably have been building an email list (at least I hope so). Email lists are incredibly valuable because they are full of people that want to follow you and are interested in what you.

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kindle book readers reviews

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Can you get essays sales without reviews? Yes, when I published my first Kindle book, it got some sales before i ever had any reviews for. But, of course, there wasnt near as many sales as I would have liked. When you get your ebook ranked in Amazon, reviews start coming in more frequently because of the amount of people seeing and buying your book. But, to get ranked in the first place and create some nice momentum for your book, you need to get some fast reviews from different sources. Plus, you need to get some verified reviews (reviews from actual purchasers on Amazon). Find Groups Of your Target Market On Social Media.

Obviously to get reviews, you need to find out where the people who would want to read your book are. I recommend looking for some facebook groups of people that are interested in what your book is about. So, if your Kindle ebook is about marketing tricks, go to facebook and look for groups called Internet Marketers, or something to do with marketing. Then, join the group and reach out to some of the members to see if they would be willing to read your book for free and give you a review on Amazon. But, to get the best rankings, you want to get verified reviews from people that actually go into Amazon and buy the book before reviewing. If you were just needing regular quick reviews, you could get them by sending them the pdf or word document version of your book and asking them to review it, but then Amazon wouldnt give you as much credit because it wasnt from a verified.

Some ebook readers, including the, kindle, oasis (2017) can run for weeks at a time. The best ebook readers we've tested are easy to read in any light, while many have a light so that you can read in the dark, too. Most are limited to black and white, though, so illustrations wont display in colour and nor will websites if the device is capable of displaying them. E-ink screens dont support video playback, either. As well as thousands of books, Amazon also has a singles Classics service. This makes iconic articles and essays from well-known authors available in digital form, many for the first time.

Singles Classics are exclusive. Kindle and can also be read on Fire tablets. Kindle app for ios and Android smartphones and tablets will display the new content too. Singles Classics are available in the. Kindle, store and to English speakers worldwide. Find out more on Amazon's, kindle range over on our. Are you trying to publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle? If so, you probably know by now that you need some good reviews for that book to sell and rank better. But, you dont just need reviews, you need verified reviews too.

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Buy now: essays Kobo aura H2O for 149.99 from Argos Kobo aura One Pros: Water-resistant Big display pocket support Cons: Uneven backlight Kobos other currently available reader is the aura One, which is in many ways better than the H2O. It retains the water-resistance, sizeable display and durable design but in a less garish body. One particularly nifty kobo feature is the integration with the read-it-later service pocket. This handy app lets you save online articles to read offline, and it works very well on the kobo. Buy now: Kobo aura One for 189.99 from Argos. Kindle ebook readers use e-ink screens designed to closely imitate the look of printed text in a paperback. E-ink requires very little battery power to display text, which means that the average battery life of an ebook reader is much longer than a tablet.

kindle book readers reviews

If youre okay with a screen that doesnt have a light, then for.99 this is the most affordable way to get a kindle. The 6-inch, 167ppi display is decent and the battery will last the entirety of a two-week summer holiday without the need for a charge. 4gb of internal storage is enough space for thousands of books, and the device is available in the colour options of black or white. Buy now: Amazon sales Kindle for.99 /.99 from Amazon Kobo aura H2O Pros: Big, sharp screen Water-resistant Pocket support Cons: Sluggish performance battery life isnt great If you want to stay away from Amazon and the kindles, then your only other real option is Kobo. The aura H2O costs 149.99, and its biggest advantage over similarly priced Kindles is that its water-resistant. This makes it a good choice if you like to read in the bath or by the pool on your summer holidays. The screen here is big and sharp, but it isnt as fast as a kindle and the bookstore isnt quite as good either. At least you can load your own book on in the epub format.

will easily survive being thrown into a busy rucksack without picking up too much damage. Amazons software remains identical across all the devices on this list, which means you get the same interface, no matter how much you spend. Amazons ebook store remains the best, and is jammed with special offers and exclusive books. In addition, there are numerous Prime benefits and even Kindle Unlimited a netflix-style service for borrowing books for a monthly fee. Theres 4GB storage on the paperwhite, a completely touchscreen interface, and the option of 3G if you require. Buy now: Amazon Kindle paperwhite for 109.99 / 119.99 from Amazon. Amazon Kindle, pros: Durable, simple design, great Amazon software, cons: no light. It might be the cheapest entry in the kindle lineup, but theres nothing wrong with the budget.

This is because of the price, which sits at 229. Considering the excellent Kindle paperwhite can be picked up for 109, that doesnt seem like the best deal. Kindle oasis remains an excellent device. Its the only water-resistant Kindle and supports Audible audiobooks on connecting a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. It also boasts the biggest screen of any kindle at 7 inches. That 300ppi display is fantastic, as is the automatic backlight, and theres an option biography of 32gb of internal storage if youre a real audiobook hoarder. Buy now: Amazon Kindle oasis for 259.99 / 299.99 from Amazon. Amazon Kindle paperwhite, pros: feels great, impressive battery, responsive display.

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E-readers are essay a great option for any avid reader. The devices let you store entire libraries worth of books on a single, easy to store or carry, device. These are our picks of the best currently available. How we test e-readers, before scoring any e-reader, one of our expert reviewers will spend at least a week using it as their primary device. We test the e-reader through reading books, viewing pdfs and testing the battery too. Amazon Kindle oasis, pros: The bigger screen is great. Audible integration, waterproof, cons: Expensive, slightly uncomfortable, amazons high-end Kindle is a beautiful device, but you should really only buy one if you really love your books and want the best possible experience.

Kindle book readers reviews
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  4. (answering the prayers of Engadget s Chris. Another great way to get some. Amazon book reviews is to go look for some bloggers who would want to read the book and review. Reviews on your Kindle books and. We compare the latest Amazon Kindle ebook readers. Which Kindle should I buy?

  5. Overview The, kindle, oasis is, amazon s 8th generation, kindle. It was released on April 27th, 2016. Kindle is an indulgent purchase, but with added water resistance and other refinements its still the one to beat. Amazon s, kindle, oasis is like a feast with the. Kindle, oasis review : The perfect e- reader for the.

  6. Best e-, reader 2018: The best readers for your books. All our reviews are unsponsored. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for, kindle. Paperwhite e- reader - black, 6 high-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with built-in Light, wi-fi - includes Special Offers. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Review, date: may 2016, review unit purchased from, amazon.

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