Finish the homework

finish the homework

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There were two tickets to see my favourite team play! How good was that! A) smelt B) corner C) thanked D) front E) believed F) envelope fill in the gaps with one of these words. Two variants are extra. At me like that? His exam in Physics. He s so sad! Tom on your way home, ask him to call me after 6 pm, please.

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After about five minutes a fire engine with blue lights on the top come round the (2). It was very exciting! Firemen were running everywhere, throwing water on the fire and then, suddenly, everywhere was all right again. I went into the house with the firemen. The kitchen was badly burnt and it (3). Terrible but the other rooms in the house were fine. Then this man arrived. He was a famous footballer but he was also the man who lived in the big house. Me very much and asked me for my name and address. Then, two days later, a letter essay arrived for.

5) he wrote a new book for children a year ago. 6) he don t likes his holiday. Fill in the gaps (1-5) with the words (A-F) given below. One variant (A-F) is extra. One day i was walking home when i saw a fire in the downstairs window of a very big house. I went to the (1). Door and shouted loudly but nobody came. There was a telephone in the street near the house so i phoned and told someon friend about the fire.

finish the homework

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I to join) the School Theatre recently. And now i want to be an actress. Yesterday my parents ann i to go) to the theatre. The perormance was wonderful! 1) She is the cleverer girl the in her class. 2) he haves just finished is homework. 3) we proposal are going to the theatre tomorrow. 4) She enjoys swimming in the sea early in the morning.

I already/ to finish) my homework and i can write you a letter about my hobbies. I like reading, too. Last month i take) part in school competition for young readers. I to win) the first prize. I like reading fantasy stories. I just/ to finish) a novel " The hoddit". Tolkien _you to read) it? Theatre is my another hobby.

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finish the homework

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I thought I (12) better ask dad if that would be okay. He resume usually (13) me do what I want, because he knows Im not as irresponsible (14) my brother. But this time he refused (15) allow me to go out alone. He wanted me to go to the disco with my brother! He said that (16) i agreed to go with him, i couldnt go at (17)!

We had a terrible argument. The (18) i protested, the angrier he became. (19) the end, he ordered me to go to my bedroom, (20) i spent a very boring evening. I havent forgiven my brother yet! Put the verbs in the past Simple or the Present Perfect. Dear jake, it's always a pleasure to read your letters! It was (be) great to know about your hobbies.

Worst quarrels weve had for years! It was my brother (3) started the trouble. He asked me if he (4) borrow my walkman and when I refused he just went into my bedroom and took. When I complained (5) mum, she told (6) not to be so childish. She said i ought to be a bit (7).

I was annoyed but I didnt say any more. I went upstairs to finish my homework, (8) i thought would take about an hour. After that, i planned to go out. My friends suggested (9). To a disco and I had agreed to meet (10). I knew I would be home (11) than usual.

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I (to make) it myself. He is not at school today, he (to fall) ill. — when he (to fall) ill? — he (to fall) ill yesterday. Think barbing of the word which best fit each space. Use only one word in each space. A family argument i get (1) fairly well with my parents. However, last night we had one of (2).

finish the homework

He (to make) it last Sunday. Where you (to put) my pen? I thesis cannot find. You (to see) Mary today? When you (to see) Mary? — i (to see) her last week. Your mother (to promise) to take you to the theatre? Look at my new dress!

What you (to prepare) for today? Look at this bird-house. Mike (to make) it himself.

He just (to come) home. He (to come) home a minute ago. Nick (to play) football yesterday. She already (to come) from school. Now business she is doing her homework. I (to read) this book last year. I (to read) this book this year. 9.1 never (to be) to washington.

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3) Tom (move) to his home town in 1994. 4) my friend (be) in Canada two years ago. 5) I (not / be) to canada summary so far. 6) But I (already / travel) to london a couple of times. 7) Last week, mary and paul (go) to the cinema. 8) I can't take any pictures because i (not /buy) a new film yet. I already (to do) my homework. Now I can go for a walk. I (to do) my homework yesterday.

Finish the homework
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  4. Try finishing one subject of homework, getting a snack, and then moving on to the next one. Then I do whatever for about an hour, and after that finish the rest of my homework. Try an online tutoring session with one of our experts, and get homework help in 40 subjects.

  5. If you want to finish your homework quickly, click here for help with homework. After entering the home, do not take rest and do not waste your time. Science: Finish the homework problem package we worked on in class today. It is due monday. Additionally, there is an active etusd. Work at a slower rate.

  6. 1 0 0 points 0 comments by zelos7 share save reports. When I finish my homework, i will go for a walk. What separates Finish my homework from other homework help services? At Finish my homework, we always target on quality first. Our homework helpers are qualified and trained.

  7. Since you finished assignments that require physically handing it in, there's no worry about 'Oh my god, i still have. If you begin the homework first, you'll seriously miss the reading response due time. Finish the homework before a trip. Going on a trip or even a small tour without some pre-work is creepy. After finish the homework.

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