Book page wallpaper

book page wallpaper

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I trimmed off excess pages at the top of the wall once it was dry i tried doing it when it was wet and I ripped the page like a mother. Not the way to go at all. Its a major bang for your buck kind of thing. Just hold your hand over your heart and promise yourself youll grant yourself an ice cream at the end. This took me 2 days to finish (4 hours everyday). A worthwhile use of your weekend, in my opinion. Have seriously considered listing this on my resume as one of the biggest projects delivered over my career.

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I love a home with personality and i absolutely love having a disproportionate amount of things that ive improvised on/constructed myself at my table place. In fact, if I had all the time in the world, Id probably even make all the furniture for my house (I could be in need of therapy). I dont like big budget solutions (unless someone hands them to me, in which case i am happy to possess) and I like an eclectic vibe more than anything. I did this wallpaper solution in my living room a year ago (or maybe more?) and i almost love it as much as some of my close friends. Its easy, quick (kind of inexpensive and most of all super impactful. And i am willing to share the wisdom. So all I takes is an old book (that was already ripped so i didnt commit any literature crimes some wallpaper paste and a slight inclination towards wanting to kill yourself (this will result in muscle pain). I started from the extreme bottom-left corner of the wall, took my book pages, slathered wallpaper paste behind each, and started going up vertically. Because the pages were all one size, it didnt really take a super-human effort to keep the columns straight. But if I had had a laser level, i probably wouldve done this faster versus eyeballing.

Its not 100 percent finished though Im yet to seal it (although I do love the look of it unsealed) and am on the hunt for the perfect sealer thats not too glossy let me know if youve done similar and what you used! I may be doing very thin coats of Mod Podge or an acrylic sealer with a roller. Have you done wallpaper diy reviews or otherwise - in your house? Would you consider doing it or do you not like the 'permanence' of wallpaper? What would you use for diy wallpaper? Would you cut up a book or never? All at least, exactly, newest Highest Rated Most viewed Most favorited Most Commented On Most Downloaded.

book page wallpaper

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Kylie from the lovely, lucy violet Vintage blog advised me to use a credit card to smooth out bubbles in my wallpaper - such a good trick! You can also use your fingers or a soft rag (or your sleeve if you're lazy, like me). Coffee and good snacks are a diy must-have. Thank you sue for the most amazing banana bread ever. To make it more personal, i chose some pages that had some kind of meaning to us or to our families like the little map of Italy (where we spent our honeymoon a little motorbike (for Mr Nerds love of bikes) horses (for my love. I really love how it turned out. And, as my husband pointed out, our toilet also now smells nice - like old books, which is much better than what it sometimes smells like. As strange as it sounds I think the toilet may well now be my favourite room in the house! Its fun to examine the pages and notice little things you hadnt before.

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book page wallpaper

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I 100 think you should do this project somewhere in your home half because i guarantee you will enjoy. Its so easy and simple. I had past some matt Mod Podge glue, i brushed it on the wall very lightly with a brush in small patches (it dries fast i pasted a page up, smoothed it out (you can use your fingers or sleeve, or a credit card). I wasn't that well that weekend so i took a bit longer than I had expected, but you could easily do this in half a day if youre efficient. First I cleaned the walls with sugar soap and water and let them fully dry. Then i applied matt Mod Podge glue in small patches.

I love mod Podge - it's water-based so it's not too strong smelling and if we ever wanted to remove the wallpaper we could thoroughly soak it and scrape it off. Don't apply too much glue at once - mod Podge dries super fast, and you'll want to think about where you put the pages. In my case i didn't want to put too many full-picture pages too close to one another, but wanted to spread them out. I cut out all the pages before so they were ready to go, and used blu tack some times to pin them up so i could step back and see if they looked good. I found a brush easiest for applying glue. It lets you put it on as thinly as you like, which is important - use too much glue and you'll find the finished result doesn't look as smooth. Put a little bit of glue on the edges of each page so you can overlap them and get a nice smooth finish.

Maybe i inhaled a bit too much glue, but I got so excited about doing this project once i started. It was just fun. It made me think that so many diy and crafty things we do as adults just aren't that fun, are they? Yeah, i love the end result of a good diy project, the sense of satisfaction. But when it comes to actually doing the project, to be honest, most of the time i find myself feeling very lazy. Before: do you remember the before pics of our toilet (adjoining our laundry) as it was when we bought the Crap Shack?

It was a very typical and rather dull 1970s toilet. Recently Mr Nerd gutted the floor tile and we replaced it with beautiful travertine. All that's left to do now is replace the ceiling lights and get a new door for the laundry. Then: we had the window changed (big improvement!) and made these shelves from reclaimed timber. Now: The new travertine floor in and the wallpaper finished. It's always good to have a supervisor. But this wallpaper it was so much fun i enjoyed the process just as much as i enjoyed the finished result. It made me feel a bit like a kid again. You know when you were a kid and it was art class and you just could not freaking wait to paint something or make a demented bowl out of Clay (or even just for the glue to dry on your hands because then you could.

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Pinterest of it done with use maps, music sheets, newspapers, magazine pages (ooh, now I'm thinking vintage equestrian magazines would be cool) comic book pages, childrens storybooks, album covers, family photos. But I have always been a sucker for lovely old books and when I saw a tattered vintage French dictionary at a secondhand market, straightaway i thought it could make lovely wallpaper. The summary pages were just so beautiful and the little illustrations so quaint. The man selling apologetically told me it wasnt in the greatest condition (the binding was loose and the cover hanging off) and said I could have it for three dollars. Now i know there are people who cry blasphemy about ripping up old books, and I do understand where youre coming from. But heres how I saw. We - as well as all our family and friends who visit - would get a whole lot more joy out of this gorgeous book when its up on the walls as opposed to sitting away invisibly on a shelf. It keeps what's between its pages alive, in a sense. Your husbands friends wouldnt come over for a beer with him and flick admiringly through a beautiful vintage French dictionary, would they?

book page wallpaper

I feel like everyone should do this to their home, partly because it reviews is so easy, but mostly because it was actually really fun! I wallpapered a couple of walls in our toilet with pages from a vintage French dictionary. And I love how it turned out. Id seen people use book pages for diy wallpaper before and when I saw it in person at my friend Carla from. Etica Studio s house, where she used vintage newspapers to wallpaper a feature wall in her ensuite, i fell in love with the idea even more. Its fun and quirky and costs next to nothing so it appealed to my budget decorating tightarse side (in full swing since our honeymoon). You dont have to use pages from a dictionary obviously. I've seen pictures.

my wonderful mom showing us how its done! She actually did most of the ceiling herself. Did I mention shes amazing? And here are a few cropped shots of how it turned out! Get a better view of the book page wallpaper and the entire room on Monday when I reveal the entire space! Until then, love on your family this weekend, wont you? Today im going to share a very easy diy project one that I think is maybe my favourite diy project ever.

The upstairs room had a lot of hard surfaces in it (wood and metal mostly so i needed to bring something into the space to soften. The layering of the different book pages provided that softness along with a lot of texture. This idea was also great because the drywall on the ceiling wasnt done really well (by the previous owners) and the seams were very visible. Of course we could have fixed this with some joint compound, but the book pages did entry a fantastic job of hiding the less that perfect drywall job! So, heres how you. Gather a number of old books and tear out the pages. I chose this brand because it said it would stick to a glossy paint surface. Take a page at a time and brush the wallpaper paste on one side with a paint brush.

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First of all, i wanted to say thank you for all your comments and prayers yesterday. I know our prayers for Chivis are not in vain. On a lighter london note, i have never wallpapered anything before. And actually the idea of it scares me a little bit. Mainly because wall paper is generally very expensive and messing a bunch of pieces up could get very costly. But this next idea was neither expensive or difficult. Before i show you how I did it, let me tell you why i did.

Book page wallpaper
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  3. Turning trash into treasure is not only an affordable way to decorate, it also provides you with an inexpensive way to decorate a room with one-of-a-kind accessories. Book, hD, wallpapers and Background Images. Download for free on all your devices - computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. All the benefits of traditional wallpaper borders but not as hard on the wallet. Books, art collectibles: acx audiobook publishing Made easy.

  4. Book page wallpaper on WallpaperSafari. Diy, book page wallpaper. Posted on 21st October 2011. Get a better view of the book page wallpaper and the entire room on Monday when I reveal the entire space! I started from the extreme bottom-left corner of the wall, took my book pages, slathered wallpaper paste behind each, and started going up vertically. Add a unique touch to a room's decor with wallpaper created from old book pages.

  5. You can actually pull off having book pages as wallpaper. That's another idea for you though. Now i know there are people who cry blasphemy about ripping up old books, and I do understand where youre coming from. But heres how I saw. Explore and share diy.

  6. Book page wallpaper isn't a new idea. But, it's a worthy idea to revisit if you want to add some charm and texture (or hide unsightly charm and texture ) to your wall without investing in expensive wallpaper panels. Using just a stack of pages from old books, a jug of wallpaper paste, and a credit. Jun 08, 2013 hi molly! You have a very lovely home.

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