Battlefield 4 safe raiding assignment

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Exit Theatre mode, assignment available Award, assault Basic. Rank 10, assault Combat Basic Dog Tag, engineer Basic. Rank 10, engineer Combat Basic Dog Tag, recon Basic. Rank 10, recon Combat Basic Dog Tag, support Basic. Rank 10, support Combat Basic Dog Tag, land Vehicle basic. Rank 10, land Vehicle basic Dog Tag, aircraft Basic. Rank 10, aircraft Basic Dog Tag, watercraft Basic.

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Assignments - battlefield 4 wiki guide - ign. PS3, ps4, Xbox One, pc xbox 360. Game highlights, wiki guide, review, videos, images. Walkthroughs, all tongue Articles, message boards, edit Page, last Edit: november 13, months 28 days ago. Assignments are multi-layered tasks to perform. 45 multiplayer Assignments available, divided into Bronze, silver, gold. Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons. Below is a list of several assignments. These tables have the Assignment name, how to make them available, and the award for completing them. Click on the Assignment to see a full list of requirements and tips on completing the Assignment. Come back soon for a full list of available Assignments.

I'm Dynamite requires you to be rank 20 - bomber Delivery ribbon x3 (Get 3 kills with the business bomber in a round) - get 20 ucav kills - score a multikill (2 quick kills in a row) Gold Middle king will reward you with the. A new video from Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb shows off how players can unlock the suav drone. Battlefield 4 's "China rising" dlc. Unlocking the drone requires a ribbon awarded when the player gets a kill with a bomber on one of the game's maps; Hryb jumps in a fighter at the start of the battle to make it to the bomber control point before anyone else. From there, it's a simple task to find enemies in the desert dunes and make it rain death. Hryb also demonstrates how to use the suav: After launch, the player can fly around and locate targets, laser-marking them for teammates. However, the player character is vulnerable while controlling the drone and flight time is limited by the drone's battery. For more on, battlefield 4 and its ongoing server issues, check out our story stream.

battlefield 4 safe raiding assignment

Battlefield 4, wiki guide - ign

Eyes in the sky will reward you with the ucav - air Superiority ribbon (win an Air Superiority round) - jet Fighter Ribbon x3 (killing 5 enemies with a jet Fighter will reward 1 Ribbon). Open Fire will reward you with my favourite weapon from BF3, the L85A2 - assault Ribbon x3 (Kill 6 enemies with any Assault Rifle, the game requires you to unlock the ribbons before it will register any of the below kills) - get a kill. These need to be in one round! (except for the ribbons make a dent will reward you with the mp7 - destroy an Air vehicle with a portable aa (portable aa's are the Igla and the Stinger) - anti vehicle ribbon x3 (Destroy database 2 vehicles in a round). Powder Keg will reward you with the rpk-74m - get a mortar kill - lmg ribbon x3 (Kill 6 enemies with any lmg). Need Only One will reward you with the L96A1 - sniper Ribbon x3 (Kill 6 enemies with any Sniper Rifle, the game requires you to unlock the ribbons before it will register any of the below kills) - get a kill with a shotgun. (except for the ribbons silver, mother of all Bombs requires you to have completed the. Safe raiding assignment - get 15 Kills with the bombing raid (the bomber does the most damage to vehicles, so try it on Tanks and ifv's) - destroy an enemy bomber, multi talent will reward you with the mtar-2 - get a kill with.

Middle king prerequisite: Rank 10 - play 10 hours of China rising - get a kill streak of 5 - get a kill with suav the suav is unlocked by completing the safe raiding assignment. For more info about the suav kill, check the 'mini kamikaze' solutions. All China rising assignments require you to be a rank 10 and have the China rising dlc. I recommend getting the safe raiding assignment as soon as possible since you will need the bomber (suav) for other assignments. Currently the achievement seems to be glitched, since me and a lot of other ta users have reported to get the achievement while just unlocking one assignment. The easiest ones seem to be the make a dent and the multi talent, suggest you start on these before they patch. So get it while you still can! In the latest update dice patched the glitchy achievement, everyone who didn't get it yet will have to get it legit. Bronze, safe raiding will reward you with the suav - get a kill with the bombing raid (the bomber does the most damage to vehicles, so try it on Tanks and ifv's).

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battlefield 4 safe raiding assignment

Battlefield 4, achievement guide road Map

This is easiest to do with a couple friends who are willing to help you maintain control the summary c objective and spot potential targets with the mav. Completing this assignment unlocks the Cruise missile for the bomber. Multi talent, prerequisite: Rank 10 - in a round: a kill with a sniper rifle, a kill with an assault rifle, a kill with an lmg, and a kill with a hand grenade. This is incredibly self-explanatory, and the mtar-21 is a great gun for cqb. I'm dynamite, prerequisites: Rank 20, eyes in the sky - bomber Delivery ribbon x3 - get 20 ucav kills - score a multikill! Before attempting this, i suggest completing 'mother of All Bombs' first essay to acquire the Cruise missile as a secondary weapon for the bomber.

You can do these tasks in any order. A bomber Delivery ribbon is 3 kills in a round with the bomber, and the ucav is unlocked by completing the eyes in the sky assignment. Completing this assignment will unlock the air Burst attachment for the ucav. mattocaster7 said: Bomber has a 90 second cooldown, so as soon as someone hops out of it, start counting and time it appropriately. It'll take a few rounds of getting used to, but I got around 20 kills with it in 10 rounds or less, so it's very doable!

You can also use the recon's mav to destroy camper equipment on rooftops like spawn beacons and claymores. Prerequisite: Rank 10 - get 1 Mortar kill - lmg ribbon x3, the u-0100 MK5 is a great gun if you haven't unlocked others. Be sure to burst your fire for more accuracy. You'll need six kills in a single round to obtain an lmg ribbon. For the mortar, you'll have to unlock it for your Support class, and then plant it somewhere safe and target marked enemies.

Need only one, prerequisite: Rank 10 - sniper ribbon x3 - in a round: a kill with a shotgun, a kill with a dmr, and a kill with. You must get the Sniper ribbons before working on the single-round part; you'll need six kills in a single round to obtain a sniper ribbon. Once you've done this, the dmr/shotgun/C4 kills should be pretty simple to pull off, but with one caveat: the C4 kill must be on infantry, not a manned vehicle. There's a few things you can try for Sniper ribbons if you're no good at long-range sniping: you can run around tdm with no scope, a laser sight, and a suppressor and hip fire it like a shotgun with your motion sensors; you could add. Mother of all bombs. Prerequisites: Rank 10, safe raiding - get 15 kills with the bombing raid - destroy an enemy bomber, to destroy the bomber, use the maa in your base or a jet's cannons. To get the bomber ribbons, you'll have to fight through a horde of friendlies and enemies to get to the bomber trailer.

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Mattocaster7 said: Gulf of Oman from the write second Assault dlc has jets on the land spawn side that take off from the ground. You can easily hit the brakes and then slowly drive the jet on the ground to an area just outside of the spawn protection zone and then get your friends to run a spawn beacon on the other team near that area for easy kills. Prerequisite: Rank 10 - assault ribbon x3 - in a round: a kill with pistol, a kill with 40mm grenade, and a kill with the defibrillator. You must obtain the Assault ribbons before attempting the second part of this assignment; an assault ribbon requires 6 kills in a round with an assault rifle. When going for the "in a round" kills, try a close-quarters Large conquest map like the metro or Operation Lockdown, as getting 40mm kills with the M320 lvg doesn't require too much skill on these maps. I used a loadout with a pistol, the 40mm lvg, and the defib. Try to find a guy who doesn't know you're there, and instead of stabbing him, charge the defibrillator unit for 2 seconds and let him have. Makent, prerequisite: Rank 10 - destroy an air vehicle with portable aa - anti-vehicle ribbon x3, the Stinger or Igla are the easiest aa rocket launchers to take down enemy aircraft. Destroying spawn beacons and motion sensors count real as vehicle kills, so if you see a sniper planting gear everywhere be sure to destroy it all for easy ribbons, which are rewarded for every two vehicles you destroy in a single round.

battlefield 4 safe raiding assignment

However, after the 17th of December update this was patched to stop people from exploiting it's use. Prior to it being patched, the suav would fail to explode on impact with players, allowing the operator to potentially chain many kills from a single flight. However, it is still possible to kill allies with the suav when playing on hardcore mode. You can track progress on these assignments and federation more at m, safe raiding, prerequisite: Rank 10 - get a kill with the bombing raid. See achievement solutions for 'death From Above'. Eyes in the sky, prerequisite: Rank 10 - air Superiority ribbon x1 - jet Fighter ribbon x3, winning a round of Air Superiority will happen eventually, then it's best to stick to this mode for the ribbons, which will require 5 kills with a jet. I recommend using the 20mm cannon and only using missiles to finish kills that are attempting to get away. Practice flying in third-person and keeping your speed around 300, and watch a few videos if you're struggling.

distances while remaining in a safe spot. Like other laser designators, its red beam is easily seen by those in its path, which makes it easily detectable. A first person view from the suav. A recon unit about to deploy the suav. Achievement/Trophy, edit, main article: Battlefield 4 Achievements and Trophies, image. Name, criteria, achievement points, trophy type, mini kamikaze 1 Kill with the suav 30G. Silver, the suav used to be capable of roadkilling enemy infantry.

It is unlocked upon the completion of the, safe raiding assignment. By maintaining heading towards a vehicle target, the on-board laser designator can mark targets for guided weaponry. The suav also has an on board motion sensor on it, similar to the mav. Once thrown, the operator immediately takes remote control of the suav. Though its endurance is limited, it is much longer than most other time-limited gadgets and weapons, perhaps a few minutes. Its average airspeed is 20 meters per second. Mav, the suav's monoplane design and forward-facing camera prevent it from loitering for too thesis long in any one area.

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For other similar vehicles, see, uav (Disambiguation the aeroVironment rq-11 raven suav in reality. A small Unmanned Air Vehicle (suav) or Miniature uav is an aircraft that may be man-portable, but still considerably larger than. Suavs monoplanes are typically launched by throwing or slingshot, and continue flying on their own. Suavs designed to carry lethal london payloads are referred. Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles. Battlefield 4, edit, the, suav is a gadget for the, recon kit featured. Battlefield 4: China rising. It is a small monoplane fitted with a monochrome camera and a laser designator.

Battlefield 4 safe raiding assignment
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  6. A new video from Microsoft s Larry major Nelson Hr yb shows off how players can unlock the suav drone in Battlefield 4 s China rising dlc. New Superpower Achievement in Battlefield 4: Complete all China. The suav is unlocked by completing the safe raiding assignment. There are a maximum of 67 Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360) achievements (4 2 without. I recommend getting the safe raiding assignment as soon as).

  7. Safe raiding - battlefield 4: you have to get 1 Bomber Kill In The china rising Map Im Not Sure If you can do it In Any gameMode so. Assignments - battlefield 4: Assignments are multi-layered tasks. Mother Of All Bombs, rank 10, China rising, safe raiding, Cruise missile. The suav is a gadget for the recon kit featured in Battlefield 4: China rising. It is a small. It is unlocked upon the completion of the safe raiding assignment.

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