Analyse data and report results

analyse data and report results

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Use these reports to understand users needs and accordingly update your Help content. Reports show you where users enter the system, what questions they ask, and which of their questions are left unanswered. You can share these reports and analyze them to optimize the value of your content. In addition, roboHelp Server reports help you identify the key areas of your Help content that need to be updated or enhanced on priority. Report data includes the following: Where users request assistance, how users search, how users navigate content. The following reports are available in RoboHelp Server 10: Frequently Used Dynamic Filters - list of dynamic filters that end users use most often to generate personalized content. Search Terms with no results - Search terms that returned no results and the number of times users searched for them.

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When you want to present your survey results, you have lots of possibilities to create good looking, clear and concise reports directly in Webropol, or export modifiable reports easily to ms office. Your reports graphic design can be automatically transferred from the questionnaire, and you can create and publish reports in real time, while collecting answers. What is more, you will always know whats going on with automatic scheduled reports and special e-mail alerts for important responses. Webropol offers countless ways of visualizing, comparing and publishing your data always with that Webropol wow-factor. Business intelligence made smarter, webropol is the perfect tool resumes for business intelligence. See which things influence your key performance indicators most strongly, and use simulation and prediction tools to understand the consequences of your action plans. You can get to know your customers better, by exploring and comparing different customer segments. And you never have to worry about vast great data quantities. Webropols mass reporting and olap functionality make large data information a small challenge. RoboHelp Server generates reports based on how end users navigate and use your Help content.

Sign up and try. Ubiq provides wide range of Data Analytics and Reporting capabilites to customize analysis for your organization, departments, subsidiares, roles, etc. Ubiq provides many features to simplify business Analytics and Reporting for your organization. Ubiq also provides a wide range of visualization options like line charts, pie charts, bar graphs, scatter plot, etc to present results of analysis. When you got hundreds of text answers, text Mining is your best friend. Many of our customers say that open-ended text answers contain the most useful information, but take a long time to process. Thats why we created Webropol Text Mining which helps you analyse texts in minutes. With functions such as word clouds, grouping on positive and negative words, word diagrams and word correlations you easily get writings full control over everything from A. Real time, visually impressive reporting start spreading the word.

analyse data and report results

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You can generate reports for each of the respondents in pdf, word or html. If you want to offer your respondents the possibility to view and/or print their own responses after filling out the survey, you place a special code in the text of the thank-you page. This code shall be replaced with a url that leads to the individual responses of each respondent, when the thank-you page is shown to the respondent. Share results with others you can share the results with others by providing them with a special link and password where they can review the results in real time, without giving access to your full account. The sign-in page is automatically formatted to match the look of your survey. Our survey tool automatically creates beautiful reports with charts and graphs for each of your questions. You can choose from a variety of different chart types and also apply different filters on your data.

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analyse data and report results

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If you letter hover the mouse pointer above a word in the response cloud it shows how often the word appears and if you click on the word, the responses in the report will be filtered to only show responses containing that word. Noise words such as the and a are automatically filtered out of the response cloud. Geolocation Individual geolocation of respondents Curious about where your respondents live or work? A simple mouse click on a respondents ip address brings you immediately to a map with their geographical location. General overview respondent geolocation A geographical overview allows you to quickly find out what the spread of your respondents is in real-time. By using the easy interface of the map in the distribution statistics of your survey, you can quickly navigate through the different countries.

The map consists of 2 detail levels: an overview of countries and an overview of cities. Depending on the number of responses in a certain country or city, the colour will change. The higher the number of respondents in a certain location, the darker the colour will. By simply hovering above a coloured area addition with your mouse cursor, you can check the number of respondents from that area. By clicking on a country, you get an overview of the cities. Individual respondent report When you are analysing the data, you can drill down to the individual respondent.

For instance, you could filter on each division of your company, producing a specific PowerPoint report for each division, with just a few mouse clicks. Add your own texts, annotations and images and youre ready for the meeting room. A real time saver! Cross-tab analysis, cross-Tabulation is one of the analytical tools that is a main-stay of the market research industry. Cross-Tabulation is used to show relationships between responses given for two survey questions.

The response options from survey questions are displayed in a table to the left (the row labels) of the table data as well as across the top of the table (the column headings). The percentages indicate the number of survey responses that matched both the column heading choice and the row label choice. Cross tabulations are also known as contingency tables. This report is available for download standard on all surveys. This report also includes unique color-coding indicating significant relationships. Response cloud, the response cloud is a handy tool to quickly analyse open responses. It is shown in a box at the top right of the open response report page. It contains a list of words from the open responses. The more frequently a word appears in the responses the larger the word appears in the response cloud.

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Excel (.xls), spss fully labelled (.sav) or csv for further analysis in other programs or for import into crm systems or databases. Native powerPoint report, asking questions and generating responses is the basis of your survey project, but it ends in an easy-to-interpret and clear presentation of the results. Youve got your results gps and youre looking for an efficient and easy way to present them to your clients, colleagues, superiors, etc. During a seminar, workshop or meeting. The CheckMarket native powerPoint report is the ideal instrument to get you started on father's your presentation. The powerPoint report presents the results including a chart of each question on a separate slide. Whats more, the report will reflect the active filters!

analyse data and report results

You can define your own tags and merge tags. All the tags are available in reports and the raw data download. Advanced filtering, advanced filtering allows you to combine multiple filters to quickly drill down into the data. The following filters are available in the results: filter on demographics such as gender, age, file postal code, etc. Filter on language filter on distribution (e-mail, web, phone filter on response date filter on your own custom fields filter on partially or fully completed. Download results, generate reports in various formats such. PowerPoint (.ppt), word (.doc), pdf, html, or download the raw data.

refresh showing only the responses matching the criteria you selected. Click a chart element to include only the respondents who selected that response. Ctrl-click a chart element to exclude all the respondents who selected that response. Click another chart element to filter the report further. Surveys are getting shorter and open text questions are becoming more important. Our tool includes built in text analysis and sentiment analysis. Catagorize open responses by applying tags and sentiment. Text mining lets lets you dig in and apply tags automatically and then filter on those tags to produce reports.

You can use it to determine response rates more accurately, check for bounced mails and generally manage your survey project more effectively. The dashboard also provides you with direct links to a variety of pages. For instance, clicking on Time remaining brings you directly to the page where you can alter the closing date of your survey; clicking on bounced opens the contact and automatically sets the filter to bounced. You can find the dashboard on the survey management page of each live survey, displaying the following information: Title survey, survey status (live, closed, archived time remaining, total responded, total amount of contacts, e-mails in queue, start page views, bounced e-mails, busy. Real-time reports with charts, as soon as your survey is launched, you can already start generating real-time reports with charts. These interactive reports display general distribution statistics at the top and then a chart per question that includes the number and percent word of respondents that gave each response option. Text responses can be displayed in a pop-up window. Various filters let you drill down into the data. You can also download the filtered reports in various formats.

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Collecting data parts is the first step of your survey project. The real value of your information lies in the efficiency of reporting. We provide you with real-time reporting so you can spot trends earlier, determine response rates more accurately, send reminders to increase the response, and generally manage your survey project more effectively. You can generate reports with charts. Excel, powerPoint, word, pdf, spss, csv, etc. And because of CheckMarkets multilingual capabilities, you can also report on your data in multiple languages. CheckMarkets One-click filtering drill-down feature allows you to dig deeper into your data. You also have the ability to share reports with others. Dashboard, the dashboard presents in real time and in one glance, the most important details of your survey.

Analyse data and report results
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  1. the publish JUnit results for your Jenkins job and from the left menu choose the test Results Analyzer item to analyse your results. can only analyse your 23andme genetic data and they specify on their Facebook page that you have to speak with a genetic counselor. nature of the tables and graphs gives students opportunities to test hypotheses, analyse data, draw conclusions and report results. Report and Analyze marketing Campaigns roi publish comprehensive data to analyze and empower Marketing stakeholders, based on a simple. on that data and to report all of the results.

  2. Create indexes (customer satisfaction index, employee satisfaction index) a data discovery tool with numerous statistical analyses. yes is a free software tool that allows you to easily analyze data and report results on the effectiveness of programs in your context. Ecdc provides for and analyses data on the zoonoses cases in humans. Use our built-in tools to easily analyze and export your collected data. And because of CheckMarkets multilingual capabilities, you can also report on your data in several languages.

  3. generally raises questions about methods, data, results and their interpretations, and conclusions drawn by the Principal Investigator. and basic statistical analyses and data visualization; and 2) complete milestone Assignment 3 as described in the Assignment. to reports, data, and analyses of nih research activities, including information on nih expenditures and the results of nih supported. 5355 report results from analyses of data from the Agricultural health Study, which is a prospective cohort study of licensed. Blogs / Compliance legal / How to Analyze, report, and Respond to data Privacy metrics. Generate and export your reports in suitable file formats (pdf, xls, xlsx, csv, html etc.) and share them across your company with ease.

  4. Free essay: Unit 318, analyse and report data, outcome 1: Understand how to organise and evaluate data that has been researched.1. This article explains how to generate reports from Adobe roboHelp Server Web Administrator and analyze data. Generate and analyze report. Ubiq lets you analyze data and report data analysis results from all major web browsers and tablet devices. The guidelines below are an opinionated guide about how to present data and analyses.

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