Airline business plan ppt

airline business plan ppt

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This asm factor places Puddle jumpers in a grouping of the lowest four in the airline industry within the short-haul market. (us air, the dominate carrier in the Anytown market, averages.0 cents per asm by comparison). The only three airlines with lower operating costs also operate older and less reliable equipment, and even then the lowest short-haul cost in the airline industry is currently southwest.43 cents per asm. Vilnius discount business airfares, business class student airline fares livingstone, business class northwest airline yongai. Airline business plan presentation, airline business plan presentation, air business class tool travelorbusiness class northwest airline somalia. New links on site: About: The cosier and at our pride. Next year we will sun Let everyone dezhkom bsiness.

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We will strive to operate our flights on paper time. We will provide friendly and courteous "no frill" service. 1.3 keys to success, the keys to success are: Obtaining the required governmental approvals. Marketing; either dealing with mobile channel problems and barriers to entry; or solving problems with major advertising and promotion budgets. Targeted market share must be achieved even amidst expected competition. Always with safety foremost. Services delivered on time, costs controlled, marketing budgets managed. There is a temptation to fix on growth at the expense of profits. Also, rapid growth will be curtailed in order to keep maintenance standards both strict and measurable. The over-all cost per asm (available seat mile) is pegged.0 cents or less in 1996 dollars.

To commence operations with two McDonnell-douglas md-80 series aircraft in month one, four by end of month four, and six by end of month six of flight operations. To add one aircraft per month during year two for a total of 18 at year two end. 1.2 Mission, puddle jumpers International Airlines, Inc. Has a mission to provide safe, efficient, low-cost online consumer air travel service. Our service will emphasize safety as its highest priority. We will operate the newest and best maintained aircraft available. We will never skimp on maintenance in any fashion whatsoever.

airline business plan ppt

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Investment activity is needed to handle the plan expenses legs of this phase of the business. The following chart illustrates the over-all highlights of our business plan over the first three years. Gross Margin here is quite high since the only costs included in this calculation are travel agent commissions, credit card discounts, and federal excise taxes. Travel agent commissions are calculated on 30 of sales even though management feels the actual number will not exceed 10 of sales. Note: For display purposes in this sample plan, numerical values in tables and charts are shown in thousands (000's). 1.1 Objectives, the company has the following objectives: to obtain required. Certifications on or before month eight. To commence revenue service on or before the end of year one. To raise sufficient "seed" and "bridge" capital in a timely fashion to financially enable these objectives.

These sales levels will produce respectable net profit in the first operational year and exponential growth in flight-year two. Profits in year one will be a modest percent of sales and will improve steadily with the economies gained in year two. The over-all operational long term profit target will be 16 of sales as net profit in years four and five. The company's long term plan is part of the due diligence package. The first operational year is actually fiscal year two in this plan. The first year of formative operations will burn cash until revenue can commence. This is due to the organizational and regulatory obligations of a new air carrier.

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airline business plan ppt

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It is being organized to take advantage of a specific gap in the short-haul domestic travel market. The gap exists in low cost service out of Anytown,. The gap in the availability of low cost service in and out of the Anytown hub coupled with the demand for passenger travel on selected routes from Anytown indicates that business a new entrant airline could be expected to capture a significant portion of current air. The management of Puddle jumpers is experienced in airline start-ups. Previously management grew Private jet Airlines from a single boeing 727 to a fleet of 16 MD80 series aircraft.

Revenues grew to 130 million in a two year period four years ago. Our research and projections indicate that air travel to and from Anytown is sufficient to provide a new carrier with excellent revenues in its first full year of operations, utilizing six aircraft and selected short-haul routes. These sales figures are based upon load factors of only 55 in year one. Second year revenues are expected to more than doublewith additional aircraft and expanded routes. Load factors for year two are. The puddle jumpers plan has the potential for a more rapid ramp-up than was the case with Private jet due to the nature of the routes and the demand for travel currently in the targeted markets served. In short, the frequency of flights needed to serve puddle jumpers's target market exceeds the demand that dictated Private jet's growth.

Competitive strategies Differentiation to create an emotional attachment to the brand in the customers mind by making them convinced that the feel of homeliness and the sense of belongingness they experience by flying SriLankan will not be replicated by flying any other airline in the. Marketing Mix Strategies Marketing Mix Product Price Strategy monitor and ensure consistent improvements in service delivery of front line staff, cabin ambience, technological advancement and on-time performance. Use yield management techniques to capture more revenue by setting differentiated pricing based on the time of booking. E (14 days advance, within 14 days and last minute bookings) Incorporate experiential elements in the cost effective e-commerce platform to effectively deliver Place the flexibility, responsiveness, control when customers plan and book their flights through corporate website. Launch an interactive social media (Facebook) campaign to increase the fan following and to Promotion use this cost effective platform to increase the brand equity whilst strategically integrating other media tools such as btl advertising, event/Sports sponsorships, public Relations and Publicity to communicate the brand. Align the front line staff with the brands values by providing adequate training on managing people customer interactions, improving service quality and ensure consistency to make the SriLankan a 5-Star rated airline.

Process Physical evidence Streamline the service delivery process (reservation, inventory and departure control system) through the comprehensive passenger service system - amadeus Altéa suite. Continuously monitor the quality and maintain the standards of all tangibles at every customer touch point especially with the main focus on cabin staff attire, cabin cleanliness and ambience. Brand development Strategy vertical line extension - up-market Stretch to introduce the premium first class cabin product with the upcoming Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A350 xwb aircraft as a vertical line extension to the existing two-class layout of economy and business. The first class cabin will preliminary be limited to the selected business- oriented long haul routes flown by SriLankan Airlines to offer the premium passengers with sheer luxury. Budget Marketing Budget - 2013/2014. Mn Advertising (btl digital Media) Social Media promotions Jan 100 Feb Mar 25 Apr may jun Jul Aug 25 Sep Oct nov 25 Dec 300 21 Sponsorships pr and Publicity Branding. Evaluation control key success Indicator of Achievement Time Frame control Factors review Frequency continuous tracking of Brand 5-Star rating from skytrax Q4-2015/2016 service delivery improvements at all quarterly customer touch points Performance Break-even balance sheet (Zero loss) Communication 1 Mn Facebook fan base Track cost. Puddle jumpers Airlines, Inc. Is a new consumer airline in its formative stages.

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Set Service level Agreements (SLAs) by writings Q1-2013/2014 for the front line staff Employees to align them towards delivering a consistent and a 5-Star service to the customers. Customer Increase the number of passengers carried by a further 1 Mn during the fiscal year 2013/2014 from.25Mn in 2012/2013. Growth Strategies Market Penetration Strategies Strategy Increase Promotion Tactics Offer special discount coupons on Twitter and Facebook that could be utilized when purchasing tickets/ holiday packages through corporate website. conduct a monthly draw on Facebook to offer buy-1-get-1 free ticket to the selected winner. Product Improvement carry-out continuous passenger surveys using advanced technology to obtain customer feedback on all aspects of products and services to provide a seamless customer experience. Improve presentation onboard ambience through cabin refurbishment, installation of modern in-flight amenities and other comfort essentials. Market development Strategies Strategy tactics Introduce services to un-tapped and un-served territories in North and Increase regional Presence east Asian territories and re-launch services to abandoned European territories. Expand the fleet with new wide-bodied fuel efficient aircrafts to Fleet Expansion accommodate new revenue generating destinations and increase seat capacity.

airline business plan ppt

Targeting Primary target Secondary target Strategy time rich and money rich customers who avail disposable time and disposable income to spend on foreign tours. Mice (Meetings, Incentives, conferences and Exhibitions) sector which is poised for vigorous growth post global economic recession. Positioning Strategy to position SriLankan Airlines as a carrier where its passengers feel like being at home at 30,000 feet, until they reach their destination. Understands Sri lankans the best by sharing editing a cultural and emotional bond as the national carrier. Points of Difference serves the guests with traditional hospitality warm smiles gastronomic delights onboard to make them feel at home. Point of Parity a full frill legacy carrier and. Objectives key success Factor Brand Performance communication Objective upgrade SriLankan Airlines to a 5-Star rated airline by Q4-2015/2016 from its present 3-Star rating offered by skytrax. Breakeven the balance sheet by reducing the operating loss by 100 through the re-fleeting process by Q4-2015/2016. Launch a facebook promotion to increase the existing fan base from 200,000 to 1,000,000 by Q4-2013/2014 backed by a digital advertising campaign.

Rise in fuel price competition from low-cost carriers governments foreign relations and ties with other nations booming tourism in Sri lanka post war Political unrest in countries served by the airline Global. Industry Analysis Threat of New Entrants (Low) supplier Power (Very high) only 2 aircraft manufacturers High fuel price sensitivity high cost of entry low profit margins Low differentiation Industry rivalry (High) large airlines mainly compete on price, service and frequency budget airlines solely compete. Home market Share source: capa centre for aviation innovata, 2013. Competitor Analysis source: capa centre for aviation innovata / skytrax Airline rating. Swot analysis Strengths Opportunities 52 of local market share governments foreign relations other nations An all Airbus fleet of 21 aircraft booming tourism in Sri lanka post war skilled and committed team of over 5,000 employees Increasing popularity of Sri lanka as a destination for. Stp segmenting Strategy Primary segment Sri lanka as the prime segment due to cultural and emotional bond the brand shares with the nation. Secondary segment Asia, europe and Middle east where SriLankan has a significant presence through its route network.

We at SriLankan have combined this endearing trait with state-of- the-art technology, to make every journey a memorable experience. Financial Performance 2012/2013 overview of Financial Performance for the fiscal year 2012/ Variance 26,703 Income Statement revenue. Millions 92,868 119,571 Operating Expenditure. Millions 111,776 143,972 32,196 Net Loss. Millions (19,778) (21,750) 1,972 Balance Sheet 12,600 Stated Capital. Millions 19,433 32,033 Non Current Assets. Millions 43,735 34,542 Current Assets. Millions 22,073 54,905 32,833 Total Assets.

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Download, report, description. Evolution of Sri lankas Flag Carrier Air ceylon, was established plan in 1947, as a state-owned national carrier. In 1978, it was shut down by the Sri lankan government. In 1978, it was shut down by the Sri lankan government due to bankruptcy and Air Lanka was established as the new national carrier. Air Lanka, fully owned by the Sri lankan government, was partprivatized to the dubai-based Emirates Group in 1998, for a ten-year period. As a result, in 1998, air Lanka rebranded as SriLankan Airlines. Today, sriLankan Airlines is the national carrier of Sri lanka, an award winning airline with a firm reputation as a leader in service, comfort, and safety in the south Asian region, connecting the nation to 65 destinations in 35 countries. Brand Intent Vision to be the most preferred airline in Asia brand Promise discover the warmth of a sri lankan smile! It is part of a proud heritage that has warmed countless hearts throughout the ages.

Airline business plan ppt
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Business plan is mandatory to run a company because it is an essential part of initial strategic planning of any company. recommendations Template business Plan Proposal Airline outline do ideas. Puddle jumpers Airline regional airline business plan executive summary.

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  1. C8 11 oz iata mis data based on airline reports Note: Finally, defining your core business elements will ensure that your marketing plan and overall business strategy work together seamlessly. If you are starting an Airline business then it is practical for you to write an Airline business plan. You ought to add in the brief highlight(s) of how your Airline business is going to be marketed. Get a free airline marketing Plan. Airline visions offers 3 popular business plans : The desk-top Business Model, Pro-forma business Plan and Implementation Plan.

  2. Business Plan Powerpoint Template lbimaging from airline business plan template img source. Startup Business Plan ppt pitch Deck by Spriteit. Marketing Plan Malaysia airlines.line service delivery quality of Q1-2013/2014 service delivery of front line monthly staff and customer satisfaction Customer Carriage.2Mn passengers measure effectiveness on Q4-2013/2014 yield management seat capacity planning Monthly. Xyz airlines ppt (new)Business. Air leo airline business plan executive summary.

  3. We are set to take the travels and airlines industry by plan which is why we have made provisions for ppt publicity and advertisement of our travels and tours agencies. Travel Agency business Plan mixanchor. Jul 2017 Tiffin service business plan ppt, bachelor thesis online banking, write syndrome airline dissertation business plan pdf for hotel interesting leading aircraft leasing company that provides airlines worldwide with remarketing and sales. Airline business plan ppt. Ap us government summer assignment Mtf sex reassignment surgery photos I dont do the homework dissertation methodology interviews make a decision essay.

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