Short essay on theft

short essay on theft

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Jamir is not guilty of theft if he keeps the car. Property belonging to Another The property appropriated must belong to another at the time of the appropriation. 5(1) of Theft Act 1968 states that. Property shall be regarded as belonging to any person having possession or control of it, or having in it any proprietary right or interest (not being an equitable interest arising only from an agreement to transfer or grant a n interest). Thus it does not just include the owner, but any one having possession and control. Additionally, property must also belong to another at the time defendant appropriates.

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The judge directed the jury to consider whether the man was so mentally incapable that the defendant herself realized that ordinary and decent people would regard it as dishonest to accept a gift from him. Appropriation of funds held in bank accounts: Credit balance in a bank or building society account may be the object of the theft. In hon (1979 a company director was authorized to sign cheques on behalf of the company. In fact he signed some cheques for his own benefit and the signing of the of the cheques amounted to an appropriation. In Osman (1999 the court stated that appropriation took place when the defendant dishonestly issued a cheques. Telex instructions to issue a cheque appropriation at place and point of sending telex. (Osman) Presenting a cheque- appropriation at place and point of presentation ( Nagan ) Computer instruction appropriation at place and point of receipt of instruction. (levin) Protection of innocent purchasers (bona-fide purchaser. 3(2) of the Theft Act 1968 which states where property or a right or interest in a property or purports to be transferred for value to a person acting in good faith, no later assumption by him of the rights which he believed himself. The aim of this section is to prevent defendant being liable one if he purchases goods in good faith and for value and subsequently finds out that the person who sold him the goods did not have the title to them so that the goods still. Example rahims car is stolen by karim who then sells it to jamir who buys the car in good faith.

There is no need to touch property for an appropriation. In Pitham v hehl (1976) it was held that an offer to sell property was appropriation of book the rights of owner. Consent without fraud/deception: The law extend to the situations where a person has given property to another without any deception being made. In Hinks (2000 hinks was a 38-year-old woman who had befriended a man who had a low. He was however, mentally capable of understanding the concept of ownership and of making a valid gift. The man deposited the total 60,000-pound money in Hinks account. The man also gave hinks a television set. Hinks was convicted of theft of the money and the tv set.

short essay on theft

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The cheques were stolen and had no value. Gomez was charged and convicted of theft of the goods. Appropriation as an unauthorized remote act: There could only be an appropriation where the acts of D were unauthorized; in other words where the owner had not consented to the defendants act. In r v morris (1983 the situation was that Morris took goods from the selves of a super market, and switched their price labels with those of cheaper products. He then took them to the checkout and charged the lower price on the new labels, which he paid. The house of Lords held that it was not actually necessary to assume all the rights of an owner. It is enough that he should assume any of the owners right. Morris was liable for theft. Need to touch the property?

The answer is yes. In Lawrence v mpc (1972 the house of Lords held that taking with consent can amount to an appropriation. The proper fair for the journey should have been. The student (The Italian student who Spoke little English) offered a pound note; The d took this and indicated that more was required. He then took a further 6-pound from the students wallet, which was held open for him. Lawrence was convicted of theft. The point as to whether the appropriation had to be without the consent of the owner was considered again by the house of Lords in Gomez. In Gomez (1993) case, gomez was the assistant manager of the shop. He persuade the manager to sell electric goods worth over 17,000 to an accomplice payment by two cheques, telling the manager they were as good as cash.

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short essay on theft

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Wild Animals/ Creatures:. 4(4) of the Theft Act 1968 suggests that wild animals are property but cannot be stolen unless they have been kept in captivity (For example in zoo). The wild animal can be poached, but this offence exists separately from the offence of Theft. Appropriation appropriation is defined. 3 (1) of Theft Act 1968 Any assumption by the person of rights of an owner amounts to an appropriation and this includes, summary where he has come by the property (innocently Or not) without stealing it, any later assumption of a right to. In Corcoran v anderton (1980 two youths tried to pull a womans handbag from her grasp, causing it nursing to fall to the floor. The seizing of the handbag was enough for an appropriation, even though they did not take the bag away.

The second part of the definition, deals with a situation where there is no initial dishonesty when the property was acquired but the later decision to assume the rights of the owner is dishonest. This covers the situations where the defendant has elses umbrella, thinking that it was his own. On getting home the defendant then realizes that it is not his. If he then decides to keep the property this is a later assumption of a right and it is a appropriation for the purpose of the Theft Act 1968. Appropriate with consent: The question may arise; can a defendant appropriate an item when the owner has given it to them?

A person cannot steal land or things forming part or land and served from it by him or by his directions, except in the following cases, that is to say- (a) when he is a trustee or personal representative, or is authorized by power. so there is only one category of person who can be charged with stealing any land itself. These are trustees ete. Who act in breach of confidence. 4(2 c) applies only to tenants of land, who can be guilty of theft if they appropriate fixtures or structures from the land.

As tenants they are in possession of the land and so can not be guilty under. However, if a tenant appropriates an item such as a door handle, fixing mirror, or a washbasin, then this can be theft. Things growing wild / wild plants: Section 4(3) of Theft Act 1968 provides a person who picks mushrooms growing wild on any land, or who picks flowers, fruits or foliage from a plant growing wild on any land, does not ( although not in possession. For the purpose of this subsection mushroom includes any fungus, and plant includes any shurb or tree. similarly, picking roses from someones garden would be theft, but picking wild flowers in a field would not (unless for sale or reward). However it should be noted that it is an offence to pick, uproot or destroy certain wild plants under the wildlife and countryside Act 1981. Where picking fungi, flowers, fruit or foliage is done with the intention of selling them or for reward or any commercial purpose, then they are considered property which can be stolen.

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The court held that the student was not guilty of theft of the information on the paper because information is not property and cannot therefore be stolen. Electricity: Electricity is not property. It cannot be stolen according to law: Low v blease (1975). A human corpse / Human body: At common law there is no property in a human corpse and cannot be stolen. But in r v sharp (1987 the human body will only be treated as property if it has been altered for the medical and scientific examination and thereby acquired financial value. In r v kelly and Lindsay (1998), the defendant was aided by the second defendant, a junior technician at the college, he had removed approximately 35 human body parts from the royal College of Surgeons. They were convicted of theft. 4(2) barbing of the Theft Act 1968 states that.

short essay on theft

Property includes money referring to coins and banknotes (davis). Personal property is also straightforward as it covers all movable items. For example- books, cloths, cars etc. Property has a very wide meaning which essay includes thing in action such as debts and cheques Example of things in action debt, money in credit card, copyright, credit balance in bank account/ shares, cheques etc. Intangible property means property that does not exist in a physical sense, for example- goodwill of a business. The followings do not constitute property— information: Information cannot be stolen. In Oxford v moss (1978 a student had seen a copy of an exam paper he has to sit but had not taken the paper itself.

the defendant must have appropriated property. We will write a custom essay sample. Law of Theft or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples. 4(1) of Theft Act 1968 defines- Property includes money and all other property, real or personal, including things in action and other intangible property.

The five elements are-. Belongings to another. Intention to permanently deprive. Dishonesty Among the five elements there are three elements, which are Actus reus. 4 of Theft Act 1968). 3 of Theft Act 1968). Belongings to another (s. 5 of Theft Act 1968) Among the five elements there are two elements, which are mens resumes rea.

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Theft Theft is the main non-fraudulent property offence. Law of Theft introduction. The most important offence of the Theft Act 1968 is theft itself. According to the sec. 1 (1) of the Theft Act 1968: A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belongings to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it There are five elements. 1 (1) of Theft Act 1968. All the five elements are necessary in order to convict plan a person under. 1 (1) of the Theft Act 1968.

Short essay on theft
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