Nber papers

nber papers

The, national Bureau of Economic Research

The original version is rsie working paper 478, the University of Michigan. "New goods and the relative demand for skilled Labor review of Economics and Statistics, may 2005,. The original version is rsie working paper 479, the University of Michigan. The complete list of Narrow-Definition New goods " The home market Effect and Bilateral Trade patterns joint with Gordon. American Economic review, september 2004, 94(4. Much improved as compared with the original version, nber working paper 9076. Data Appendix " The sufficiency of the 'lens Condition' for Factor Prie equalization in the case of Two factors journal of International Economics, (53)2 (2001). Some econoblogger readers must get frustrated by the frequent references to nber working Papers.

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Motion Picture Exports", joint with Gordon Hanson, journal of International Economics 83,. (previously nber working Paper 14461.) summary Data for Linguistic Distance. Data for Religion Dissimilarity. "Explaining Import Variety and quality: the role of the Income distribution", joint with yochul Choi and david Hummels. . Journal of International Economics, vol. "Factor Uses and the pattern of Specialization", joint with georg Schaur and Anya savikhin. Review of International Economics, 16(2 368-382, 2008. "diversification Cones, Trade costs and Factor Market Linkages". Journal of International Economics, volume 71, Issue 2, April 2007, pages 448-466. "New goods and skill Premium" journal of International Economics, volume 71, Issue 1, pages 133-147.

Exporting Christianity: governance and Doctrine in the Globalization of us denominations joint with Gordon Hanson. Journal of International Economics, 91 (2 301-320, november 2013. (previously nber working paper 16964). O ffshoring, Transition, and Training: evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data. Joint with david Hummels, jakob. Munch and Lars skipper. American Economic review Papers proceedings, may 2012. " Trade barriers and Trade Flows with Product Heterogeneity: An about Application.

nber papers

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Review of Economics shredder and Statistics, december 2014, 96(5 999-1004. Hs 10 New goods List, t he wage Effects of Offshoring: evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data. Joint with david Hummels, rasmus Jorgensen, and jakob Munch. Nber working paper 17496. American Economic review, 104 (6 june 2014. Reprinted in "Trade and Inequality a volume in The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series, edited by pinelopi. Goldberg, Edward Elgar, july 2015. Org Video presentation on Policy Implications and for General Audience.

See the following media coverages of our study: Washington Post, ctv news (Canada), indianapolis Public Radio, and. My live interview with Jennifer Burke, ctv news, canada. The main Danish newspaper, politiken, ran a major story covering our main results, and a second one covering our calculations for utility losses from injury and sickness. Video presentation on Policy Implications and for General Audience. Publications, offshoring and Labor Market. Nber working paper 22041, iza discussion Paper 9741. . Forthcoming, journal of Economic Literature. Product Cycles.

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nber papers

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Pratt 24698: The simple Empirics of Optimal Online auctions Dominic coey, brad Larsen, kane Sweeney and caio waisman 24697: Investor Experiences and Financial Market Dynamics Ulrike malmendier, demian pouzo and Victoria vanasco 24696: Scarred Consumption Ulrike malmendier and Leslie sheng Shen 24695: The Short-Run and. Jensen and Nolan. Miller 24692: Monetary policy Analysis when Planning Horizons are battlefield finite michael woodford 24691: does Prenatal wic participation Improve child Outcomes? Chorniy, janet Currie and lyudmyla sonchak 24690: Economic Policy for Artificial Intelligence Ajay agrawal, joshua gans and avi goldfarb 24689: ai and the Economy jason Furman and Robert seamans. Contact Information: Department of Economics, purdue university 403 West State Street, west Lafayette. E-mail: Phone: (765) 494-4499, fax: (765) 494-9658, office: Krannert 405. Cv, research Interests, international trade, industrial organization, international finance, applied econometrics.

Working Papers: The Production of Cognitive and Non-cognitive human Capital in the Global Economy. Joint with Stephen yeaple. Nber working paper 24524. Video presentation of main Ideas, no pain, no gain: The Effects of Exports on Sickness, Injury, and Effort. Joint with david Hummels and jakob Munch. Substantially revised relative to nber working paper 22365 and iza discussion Paper 10036.

Violante 24733: Immigration and Redistribution Alberto Alesina, armando miano and Stefanie stantcheva 24732: The gender Earnings Gap in the gig Economy: evidence from over a million Rideshare Drivers Cody cook, rebecca diamond, jonathan Hall, john List and paul oyer 24731: fear and the safety net. Guren, alisdair Mckay, emi nakamura and Jon Steinsson 24728: When Work moves: Job Suburbanization and Black Employment Conrad Miller 24727: Spatial Competition, Innovation and Institutions: The Industrial revolution and the Great divergence Klaus Desmet, avner Greif and Stephen Parente 24726: Racial divisions and Criminal Justice. The 1918 Influenza pandemic and Human Capital development Brian beach, joseph. Ferrie and Martin saavedra 24724: Public Contracting for Private Innovation: government Expertise, decision Rights, and Performance outcomes Joshua. De figueiredo and Brian Silverman 24723: Psychology-based Models of Asset Prices and Trading Volume nicholas. Barberis 24722: Portfolio rebalancing in General Equilibrium Miles Kimball, matthew Shapiro, tyler Shumway and Jing Zhang 24721: Are reference points Merely lagged Beliefs over Probabilities?

Ori heffetz 24720: Towards a legal Theory of the firm: The Effects of Enterprise liability on Asset Partitioning, decentralization and Corporate Group Growth Sharon Belenzon, honggi lee and Andrea patacconi 24719: Financial Asset Ownership and Political Partisanship: Liberty bonds and Republican Electoral Success in the. Rahn 24718: Managing Trade: evidence from China and the us nicholas Bloom, kalina manova, john van reenen, stephen Teng Sun and Zhihong yu 24717: The Economic Limits of Bitcoin and the Blockchain Eric Budish 24716: xx xy?: The Changing Female Advantage in Life Expectancy Claudia. Stiglitz, jungyoll Yun and Andrew Kosenko 24710: Inequality, business Cycles, and Monetary-fiscal Policy Anmol Bhandari, david evans, mikhail Golosov and Thomas Sargent 24709: q 5 Kewei hou, haitao mo, chen xue and lu zhang 24708: Termination Risk and Agency Problems: evidence from the nba alma. Jensen 24706: government guarantees and the valuation of American Banks Andrew Atkeson, adrien d'avernas, andrea eisfeldt and pierre-Olivier weill 24705: Federal Lands, Opportunity costs, and Bureaucratic Management Gary libecap 24704: Forced Migration and Human Capital: evidence from Post-wwii population Transfers Sascha becker, irena Grosfeld, pauline. Wier and Gabriel Zucman 24700: How eu markets Became more competitive than us markets: a study of Institutional Drift Germán Gutiérrez and Thomas Philippon 24699: The capitalization of Consumer Financing into durable goods Prices Bronson Argyle, taylor. Nadauld, christopher Palmer and ryan.

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Evidence from China nicholas Bloom, hong Cheng, mark duggan, hongbin li and Franklin qian 24759: Cross-State variation in health Care Utilization of ssdi beneficiaries: evidence from Medicare Claims joyce manchester 24758: Landmines and Spatial development giorgio professional chiovelli, stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou 24757: a macroeconomic. Severin Borenstein and James Bushnell 24755: The bigger Picture: Combining Econometrics with Analytics Improve forecasts of movie success Steven Lehrer and tian xie 24754: Financial Globalization and the welfare State Assaf razin and Efraim Sadka 24753: Childhood health Shocks, comparative advantage, and Long-Term Outcomes: evidence. Charles courtemanche, art Carden, murugi Ndirangu and Xilin Zhou 24749: Notching r d investment with Corporate Income tax Cuts in China Zhao chen, zhikuo liu, juan Carlos suárez serrato and yi xu 24748: Monetary momentum Andreas neuhierl and Michael Weber 24747: teacher Performance and Accountability. Trade remedies in Agriculture colin. Carter and Sandro Steinbach 24744: Two Blades of Grass: The Impact of the Green revolution douglas Gollin, casper Worm Hansen and Asger Wingender 24743: Sweden's Fiscal Framework and Monetary policy Eric leeper 24742: Centers of Gravity: The Effect of Stable Shared leadership in Top Management. Ilyana kuziemko, jessica pan, jenny Shen and Ebonya washington 24739: Choked by red Tape? The political Economy of Wasteful Trade barriers giovanni maggi, monika mrázová and. Peter neary 24738: The Changing (Dis-)Utility of Work Greg Kaplan and Sam Schulhofer-Wohl 24737: Bank resolution and the Structure of Global Banks Patrick bolton and Martin Oehmke 24736: Misperceived Social Norms: Female labor Force participation in saudi Arabia leonardo bursztyn, alessandra. González and david Yanagizawa-Drott 24735: The factor Content of Equilibrium Exchange rates Richard Clarida 24734: Microeconomic Heterogeneity and Macroeconomic Shocks Greg Kaplan and giovanni.

nber papers

Cultural Distances in the United States over Time marianne bertrand and Emir Kamenica 24770: Family Income and the Intergenerational Transmission of Voting Behavior: evidence from an Income Intervention Randall akee, william Copeland,. Jane costello, john. Holbein and Emilia simeonova 24769: Academics Motives, Opportunity costs and Commercial Activities Across fields Wesley. Cohen, henry sauermann and paula Stephan 24768: Global Market Power Jan de loecker and Jan Eeckhout 24767: Expectations with Endogenous Information Acquisition: An Experimental Investigation Andreas Fuster, ricardo perez-truglia and Basit Zafar 24766: quantifying the benefits of Social Insurance: Unemployment Insurance and health Elira kuka. Marcin Kacperczyk, savitar Sundaresan and tianyu wang 24764: The Ethnic Segregation of Immigrants in the United States from 1850 to 1940 Katherine Eriksson and Zachary. Ward 24763: Ethnic Enclaves and Immigrant Outcomes: Norwegian Immigrants during the Age of Mass Migration Katherine Eriksson 24762: Local food Prices, snap purchasing Power, and Child health Erin Bronchetti, garret Christensen and Hilary hoynes 24761: Benchmarking Portfolio flows John Burger, francis. Warnock and Veronica cacdac Warnock 24760: do ceos Know Best?

the Study of Political Selection Ernesto dal bó and Frederico finan 24782: The long-run Effects of teacher Collective bargaining Michael lovenheim and Alexander Willén 24781: Testing the waters: Behavior across Participant pools Erik snowberg and leeat. Christian Catalini, christian Fons-Rosen and Patrick gaulé 24779: The biophysical and Economic geographies of Global Climate Impacts on Agriculture Uris Baldos, thomas Hertel and Frances moore 24778: Trust in Lending Richard. Thakor and Robert Merton 24777: Online syndicates and Startup Investment Christian Catalini and xiang hui 24776: Firm Performance and Macro forecast Accuracy mari tanaka, nicholas Bloom, joel david and maiko koga 24775: Market failure in Kidney exchange nikhil Agarwal, itai ashlagi, eduardo azevedo, clayton. Featherstone and Ömer Karaduman 24774: Initial coin Offerings: Financing Growth with Cryptocurrency token Sales Sabrina. Howell, marina niessner and david Yermack 24773: The Shocks Matter: Improving Our Estimates of Exchange rate pass-Through Kristin Forbes, ida Hjortsoe and Tsvetelina nenova 24772: Gravity and Comparative advantage: Estimation of Trade Elasticities for the Agricultural Sector Kari. Heerman and Ian. Sheldon 24771: Coming Apart?

Access Statistics for this working paper series. Track citations for all items. Rss feed, is something missing from the series or not right? See the repec data check for the archive and series. 24788: Inflation Expectations as a policy tool? Olivier coibion, yuriy gorodnichenko, saten Kumar and, mathieu pedemonte 24787: daddy does diversity matter for health? Experimental evidence from oakland, marcella Alsan, owen Garrick and, grant. Graziani 24786: revealed Growth: a method for bounding the Elasticity of Demand with an Application to Assessing the Antitrust Remedy in the du pont Decision.

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Bibliographic search for Working Papers only: Full Text search for Working Papers: you can search on expressions of two or more words by putting the expression in"tion marks:. G., "corporate tax" or "Chinese monetary policy. login (optional your subscriber information, nber working Papers have not undergone the review accorded official nber publications; in particular, they have not been submitted for approval by the board of directors. They are intended to make results of nber research available to other economists in preliminary form to encourage discussion and suggestions for revision before apple publication). From, national Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. National Bureau of Economic Research, 1050 Massachusetts avenue cambridge, ma 02138,. Contact information at, edirc. Bibliographic data for series maintained.

Nber papers
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  2. Acedemics forget that while they get them free, others have to pay. Taking Mankiw, romer, and weil Seriously, nber, chapters, in: nber, macroeconomics Annual 2001, volume 16, pages 11-72 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. Working, papers : 14-26, 2011. (previously, nber, working Paper 14461.) Data for Linguistic Distance. Data for Religion Dissimilarity.

  3. nber ) Updated annually. Papers are available in Acrobat portable document format (pdf). Accepted students are also welcome to attend the. Nber, entrepreneurship Working Group meeting on Monday, july. In particular, they are expected to read a syllabus of over 50 papers. Some econoblogger readers must get frustrated by the frequent references.

  4. The repec plagiarism page. Series data maintained by ( ). Access Statistics for this working paper series. National Bureau of Economic Research (. Nber ) Working, papers 1994 - present.

  5. Nber, working, papers have not undergone the review accorded official. Nber publications; in particular, they have not been submitted for approval by the board of directors. Summer Institute methods Lectures Martin Feldstein Lectures Other. Nber, summer Institutes Summer Institute Econometric Lectures. Nber, annual Conference on Macroeconomics New developments in Long-Term Asset Management Calls for.

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