Homeworks illumination

homeworks illumination

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West Side systems PowerCalc PowerCalc performs basic electrical power calculations with watts, volts, amps, and motor power factor. It works in three modes: dc mode, ac resistive mode, ac inductive mode west Side systems Powersaver Powersaver calculates electrical cost savings achieved by reducing wattage, turning off lights, and using more efficient appliances. Choose a savings method to evaluate, follow the prompts on the top of the screen, and see your anticipated savings. West Side systems automation control mobile App Manufacturer / developer Select Platform Fresco mobile Fresco mobile is a remote control for the Fresco lighting control station by Acuity controls, giving you the capability to activate scenes and directly control channels from your ipad or ipad. The app features the same intuitive interface as the station itself, and will automatically upload the station configuration and room status when it connects. Acuity controls nLight Virtual WallPod The nLight Virtual WallPod is an application made available exclusively to owners of an nLight Lighting Control System by Acuity Brands.

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A column calculating loss over a dimmer is added to give you true voltage drop losses. Q-tran SnapCount SnapCount is the key to maximizing your productivity in your field and good facility service activities. Integrated with a comprehensive cloud-based digital operations solution, SnapCount enables site audit, survey, proposal, costing, project fulfillment and business office functions for a variety of facility trades including Lighting, Energy, hvac and others. StreamLinx WattStopper PlugCalc With WattStopper's PlugCalc, ipad owners can quickly calculate potential energy savings realized by controlling plug-in appliances and electronics. According to the. Epa, this type of energy usage is the fastest growing area of energy consumption. PlugCalc's user-friendly calculator keeps track of building schedules, energy costs and calculates savings for up to 8 different plug loads at once. Users can easily email results. WattStopper beamCalc Use beamCalc to calculate the geometry and photometrics of spotlight beams. Place and direct up to three light sources (chosen from the included library) to evaluate and compare lighting characteristics: elevation angle, beam and field pool width, illumination, and shadow length.

Philips Mini300 led gen2 Designed for petrol-station canopies and low-bay applications, these ultra-efficient retrofit fixtures offer outstanding light quality, effective thermal management, and a very long lifespan. Reduced maintenance, replacement and energy cost means a short payback period, making Mini 300 led gen2 a shining example of how businesses can save money by opting for green products. A movement detector combined with a daylight sensor enables further energy savings. Our Mini 300 led gen2 app gives users control in ways that are simply not possible with other luminaires. Philips LightSmart The lightSmart App from ul, is a free app designed to help consumers transition their home lighting to energy efficient technology. Through interactive screens, users are able to take a photo of their room, and see how differences in light would impact their space. Consumers can learn about essays concepts of energy savings, color, light and wattage, and then create a shopping list to take with them to a store. Finally, lightSmart uses regional energy price tables to show real-time return on Investment for converting from traditional to modern lighting technologies. Ul voltage Drop Calculator - low Voltage q-trans voltage drop calculator calculates voltage drop for low voltage lighting runs and applications using wire gauge from 14awg 8AWG.

homeworks illumination

Homeworks illumination, free download for Windows

Osram sun seeker: 3d augmented reality viewer Provides a flat view compass and an augmented reality camera 3-d view showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times and more and a map view showing solar direction. Ozpda philips led switch for iPhone Philips tco is an application showing the advantages of book switching from conventional lighting technologies into led solutions. Having defined parameters such as: - price - quantity of light sources, - lighting time, - energy cost the user obtains information about savings that can be achieved within a year and over the lifetime of the light source. Return on investment and CO2 savings are also calculated. Philips Philips led switch for ipad Philips Philips field Apps Philips field apps are a suite of applications used to set various parameters of Philips products. Philips field apps are for a number of use cases: easySense nfc: Program parameters of Philips EasySense fixture-mount Sensor easySense ir: Program parameters of Philips EasySense fixture-mount Sensor plus group EasySense to applicable wireless switches lumen Selection for evokit: Set specific light level of evokit. Pilips led road Calculator The led road Calculator app is an easy support tool that enables you to find the right luminaire version by selecting the required lighting parameters that are relevant for your Outdoor lighting project in a few steps. The result gives a recommendation of the most suitable luminaire version with ordering code. Based on single-sided lighting installation parameters and the choice of the luminaire, it will revelation give the best solution in term of luminaire version, maximum pole spacing and system power.

By using wire awg (gauge) it allows you to calculate the voltage loss over long wire runs. The default limit for the voltage loss.5v dc on the 12 v dc line (output) and 21 v dc limit on 24v dc line (output). You may modify the limit according to your needs in the voltage window for more precise results. Magnitude lighting Converters sylvania bulb Detector The sylvania bulb Detector is a reference tool used to help consumers when making the decision to replace existing light bulbs with more energy efficient lighting. The tool calculates energy savings based on user input. The tool also supplies information pertaining to new versus old lighting technology. Osram Sylvania osram light Finder The osram light Finder allows you to find the perfect replacement for your existing lamp and enables you to virtually test osram luminaires in your own home. Osram osram lamp Finder The osram lamp Finder App can help you find the right light source by selecting from replacement technologies (hal, led, cfl tubular lamps, high-pressure discharge lamps and compact fluorescent lamps with pin bases.

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homeworks illumination

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Bureau for Visual Affairs i3dOPlus i3dOPlus is designed to allow anyone interested in lighting to quickly view the output of multiple light fixtures in a fast, and visually realistic way. Ian Ibbitson i3dOP 3dop is designed to allow anyone interested in lighting to quickly view the output of a light fixture in a fast, efficient, and visually realistic way. Ian Ibbitson Autocad 360 Autodesk autocad 360—formerly autocad ws—is the official Autocad mobile app. Autocad 360 is a free, easy-to-use drawing and drafting mobile app that allows you to view, edit, and share autocad drawings—anytime, anywhere. Ge lighting Audit App ge lightings mobile application for lighting audits.

General Electric Company litecontrol classroom Litecontrol introduces the Classroom Lighting Calculations mobile application for you to calculate energy help usage and light levels for classroom lighting projects. Select your classroom size, number of lamps, fixture type, cost per kWh and operating hours and youll be able to calculate the rooms average footcandles, watts per square foot and annual energy costs. Litecontrol lutron Energi Advisor Conducting a lighting / lighting control energy retrofit is now easier and faster than ever! Lutron Energi Advisor: guides you to record a lighting energy audit recommends energy efficient lighting control solutions calculates energy savings and return on investment potential generates customized energy proposals and bills of material Allows you to propose fixture upgrades This app is optimized for commercial. Voltage Drop App Magnitudes Voltage Drop Calculator was created for low voltage lighting runs.

Philips ul product Spec Locate lights. Winnow out wall systems. And know they're all code compliant and good. Ul product Spec allows you to search quickly and easily from your computer, smartphone or tablet five ways: - installation Code - product Type - product, systems or Assemblies - ul product Category code - master Format Number ul lightlife magazine The customer magazine. It contains detailed information about projects and developments in the section of light and architecture including project reports, coverages, interviews as well as information about new projects and concepts.

Zumtobel calculators, design, monitoring audit applications mobile App Manufacturer / developer Select Platform LightFlex Simulate your own unique daylighted space with the lightFlex app. In this app you will be able to demo what a classroom or office would look like if Sunoptics LightFlex were installed with Lithonia lighting luminaires. Acuity Brands Lighting ArcSite ArcSite is a drawing solution for professionals, that makes it quick and easy to create new draws, markup pdf blueprints, manage photos, forms and reusable shapes, build bom (bills of materials). You can also easily share and co-edit with others. As a standalone app, ArcSite is compatible with desktop cad software such as Autocad, revit. Arcuition llc daylightCal daylightCal visualises the duration, angle and quality of sunlight wherever you are. Using weather forecast data, daylightCal calculates the distribution of daylight for any location and date worldwide. Find out how much daylight you've got left today and how much to expect tomorrow.

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Here comes Lighting Design Architecture Issue 1, the ipad magazine fully dedicated to lighting in all its forms and applications. Download and start browsing through "cosmopolitan" interviews and projects signed by lighting designers and international companies. Maggioli Editore, lighting Hub App, the Philips Lighting Hub is essay a great source of information and inspiration and is key to planning your lighting projects. The hub contains inspirational projects and also offers you the complete global professional lighting portfolio for easy access offline when you may not have access to the internet. Philips learn led learn led, powered by Philips Lighting University, business provides in-depth information on leds, on the. With the help of an extensive glossary, a variety of ebooks, enlightening videos and the quiz you can broaden your knowledge on leds in an easy and fun way. Philips LightCollector The lightCollector is a lighting inspiration photo app that allows lighting designers, architects, interior designers and others to inspire and be inspired by collecting and sharing images of light. Philips Home lighting Conceived by the team at Philips Home lighting, this is an easy-to-use lighting app that lets you drop in a variety of lights from the latest Home lighting collection, showing up as 3D lights against your home backdrops, or against one.

homeworks illumination

Inside is an application designed for those who want to enjoy new experiences within interactive environments. The project is being launched during the milan Designweek in Milan with the companys installation at the 2010 Salone del Mobile exhibition in via tortona, milan. The aim of the project inside is to allow immersive video environments of the events to communicate with the internet and report smartphones. Foscarini ifoscorini, optimised for the iphone5 and ipad3 with multi-touch screen system and also designed for the Android operating system, the new app which Foscarini has just launched - with captivating and emotional graphics and extremely user-friendly - allows users to insert lamps in rooms. Foscarini, lighting, this free app gives you access to more than 200 catalogues of international lighting manufacturers. The best source for architects and lighting enthusiasts. Von Karl Gunkel, lighting Design Architecture.

guide - scan products. Neocon, stockholm Furniture fair light fair. Download the Stockholm Furniture light fair app and get access to all information on events at the fair during the week. The app will guide you to nearly 800 exhibitors, inspiring seminars and exhibitions. Northern Light fair, architectural lighting reference education, mobile App. Manufacturer / Organization / App developer. Select, platform, iald lightMap, created by the International Association of Lighting Designers (iald iald lightMap is a google maps interface which allows users to travel the world in search of examples of quality architectural lighting design. International Association of Lighting Designers, inside.

We will consider these writers and their work in light of present-day cultural concerns in particular the place of the specific use of the English language and post-colonialism. B) Postcolonial societies and cultures: This course includes introduction; an overview of the English-speaking postcolonial world; the political system; linguistic situation and ethnic groups about Canada, australia, new zealand, Ireland, India, south Africa, the caribbean, postcolonial Africa, postcolonial Asia, malta, gibraltar, cyprus and the pacific. Lighting Resources: Mobile Apps, trade show / conference apps, mobile App. Show / Conference, select, platform, lightfair, use this tool to navigate the show floor, search the exhibitor directory, view networking events, create your own show agenda reviews and review the conference schedule. Leducation, mobile site for leducation 2018, lEDucation. Hong Kong Trade development council, hktdc mobile the worlds first B2B information and sourcing mobile application includes Exhibitions conferences browse the hktdc trade fairs and events list. Hktdc, iald enlighten americas, view your personal schedule, browse what's happening right now or search for what you want. The mobile web app stores the schedule data locally on your phone for offline access too. Iald, light building navigator, light building navigator is the orientation guide for visitors of Messe Frankfurt's Light building exhibition.

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The course is divided into two units. A) (Post)Colonial literatures in English: This course focuses on prose, poetry, and drama in the English language produced by Irish, canadian, australian, new zealand, caribbean, Indian and African writers. Included amongst our topics of study will be works by familiar names like jonathan Smith, Oscar Wilde, george bernard Shaw, william Butler yeats, james joyce, samuel Beckett, catherine mansfield, john Mcrae, andrew Barton Paterson,. Forster, george Orwell, rabindranath Tagore, and Chinua achebe. But our attention will focus also on contemporary writers who have won critical and popular attention, writers such as seamus heaney,. Klein, Alice father's munro, margaret Atwood, michael Ondaatje, patrick White, les Murray, fleur Adcock, keri hulme, anita desai, salman Rushdie, jean Rhys, louise bennett, derek walcott,. Naipaul, wole soyinka, buchi Emecheta, ben Okri, doris Lessing, nadine gordimer, and.

Homeworks illumination
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  3. May 30, 2018 in a reversal, the administration said it would impose tariffs and other measures in the coming weeks, ramping up pressure on China. process with essay oresteia thesis writing help a argumentative persuasive essay fast food summary oresteia thesis of Lines 1-257. Green Self-Adhesive fab foam Sheet. Teachers can also lead to dismissal. To write a book report, start by introducing the author and the name of the book and then briefly summarizing the story. course tsi writing review There are two (2) to six (six) minute videos covering: Grammar and Agreement Sentence logic Punctuation.

  4. Community, contributors of of the hartford courant. Diabetic sugar-free; here is the needed essay on deforestation but the clearing of deforestation assignment. Cosmopolitan magazine writer heather wood Rudulph sat down with yv ette nichols, sephora s vice president of talent acquisition, to get the. Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, in Portsea, england. By the end of the year children are expected to know addition facts to 20 and number pairs that make 100.

  5. With nothing else on the circuit, everything works fine - the lights come on and off correctly, dim fine, etc. Mobile App Manufacturer / developer Select Platform; Light Meter Professional light intensity (lux) meter for your device. It measures illumination levels in lux. Learn more about Sony's authorized and online retailers. Individual research project may include contents from all mandatory and elective subjects, where the microbe is involved in the project, either as a working organism, as a project study or as a factor that causes changes in the environment or the pathogen.

  6. Use the drop down menu here to search for any product or system application notes made by lutron. Hi, i bought a home that has a lutron Homeworks Interactive 4 lighting system throughout the entire home. I wanted to be able to get an app to control the individual room lights on and off. Small aperture led wall wash with architectural appearance. Wall Wash is offered with four led options that allow specifiers to choose the led source they value most based on output, quality of light, color and more. I have a maestro (macl-153) dimmer, with 4 EcoSmart (on the compatibility list) led downlight buibs.

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