Do or make homework

do or make homework

Do my homework for me, online, homework

A month of rest in the mountains will do wonders for your health. Can you do me a favor? Can you do a favor for me? She is doing well now. How are you doing? i'm fine, thank you. How do you do?

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he works as a cook. He does his job well. I'm just doing my work. You have review to do your duty. Our company doesn't do business with them. He does research for a large marketing company. He told me that I did the right thing. I'll do my best. The new medicine did her for more harm than good. This photograph does not do her justice.

She does morning exercises every day. I have nothing. I have nothing to do revelation with him / with. I'm not doing anything tonight. He hasn't done anything. She did everything herself. What does he do for a living?

do or make homework

Make, kids, do homework, time

What are you going to do about writings it? What are you doing now? i'm reading a book. What is he doing these days? he is learning French margaret in Paris. Do exercise 5 on page. Her little son is learning to do sums.

Do is also used as an auxiliary verb in the formation of questions and short answers in the simple Present and Simple past. Do what he told you. Please do it quickly. I can't. We did it yesterday. Who has done it? What shall we do?

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do or make homework

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They made him their king. Make yourself at home. My younger son has already made friends with our neighbors' kids. He will make a good doctor. This room will make a good study.

He made her cry. The infinitive is used with the particle "to" after make in the meaning "induce, force" in the passive voice. They were made to. He was thesis made to apologize to her. Note that the meaning of make may change depending on the passive construction and context. She was made to write that letter. He was made to write stories.

He made it clear that he was against. Make it a rule to avoid visiting such places in the future. I won't be able to make it to the airport by ten. Two plus three makes five. Two and two makes four. I can't make him.

It makes me think that he is right. He makes me laugh all the time. She'll have to make do with what she has. When children play, they often make believe that they are kings, princesses, or pirates. Talking about food makes me hungry. It makes him sick. It makes her sad. His words made her very angry.

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What difference does it make? He makes 30,000 dollars a year. He made good money last year. He made a fortune in oil. She makes a small profit selling knitted socks and mittens. You have to make a living somehow. They can barely diary make ends meet.

do or make homework

It's too early bigbang to make plans for the summer. They made a deal. She made an attempt to warn him. He made several mistakes in his report. I think you are making a fuss over a trifle. He has made a terrible mess of his life. The new students in my evening class are making progress in English. Make allowance for his age. His behavior doesn't make sense.

him an offer that he could not refuse. I'd like to make a request. The director made a speech at the conference. You have to make a choice. Close your eyes and make a wish. Make a list of new words.

He made hot tea with lemon for. He makes wooden toys for children. She made a nice silk dress for her little daughter. Recently he made a film friend about birds. These tv sets were made in Korea. This bracelet is made of gold. What is it made of?

Do my homework for me, homework

The verbs make and do are close in some of their meanings, but they are not interchangeable. Russian-speaking students have difficulty in choosing between the verbs make and do mostly because the russian verb "to do" can have the meaning "to create something that didn't exist before that moment which is one of the main meanings of the verb make in English. The verb make: main meanings and examples of use. Main meanings of the verb make: create, design, construct, form, manufacture, produce, induce, force. The verb make is used in a large number of idiomatic expressions. Make is also a very common phrasal verb. She made chicken soup and tomato salad for dinner. Let's make an apple pie for dessert.

Do or make homework
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  1. Make money do business make a profit make peace do research make an offer do homework do /make a job make a loss do a favour. When do or make are used as main verbs it can be confusing. Do is often used when referring to work of any kind. Do your work do homework do housework do your job. Note these activities do not usually produce a physical object.

  2. So here is a short list of them to help you. How to make homework fun. Three methods:Engaging With your Work rewarding your Efforts Improving your Surroundings Community. Like it or not, homework is a necessary part of school. There's not much you can do to get around.

  3. The verbs do and make are often confused, especially by English language learners. One of the main reasons behind this is that many languages have the same verb for make and do, such as German, Italian, and Portuguese. Do my homework / do the ironing. For instance: do a job, do homework, do work. We typically use make to talk about producing or creating something new. The problem for people learning English is that there are a lot of expressions that use do or make, that break these rules.

  4. Do ones best/worst do a lot of damage do exercise do harm do a crossword do (the) housework do research do the, etc. Shopping do a subject at school do badly/well do (also make ) a translation do a favour do an examination do homework do ones hair do someone a good turn do ones duty. Do or make your Homework? Could you please (do /make ) your homework, please? She'd like to take the day off and (do /make) nothing all day long.

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