Deforestation assignment

deforestation assignment

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The zambezi river held a constant supply of fish. In the 1950's government officials decided to flood the tonga's lands to create a dam to produce hydroelectric power. Nyaminyami, the fish-like god of the zambezi, and the tonga's spears were no match for the armed policemen. The tonga were displaced from the river valley and relocated to the higher, dry country. Without access to the river the tonga people were now dependent on the hunting of wild animals. However, the government soon passed the Protection of Wildlife Act.

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Assessment: Students will be evaluated on the quality of their report timeline, written report, and their ability to answer questions following the presentation of their statement. Lake kariba and the tonga fishing people Objective: When the kariba dam was built on the zambezi river in the late 1950'a, operation noah rescued and moved thousands of animals whose habitat had been flooded support by the dam. But what happened to the twenty thousand Tonga people who had made their life along the zambezi river? In this lesson students will consider the issues of progress Vs the impact of progress on indigenous peoples. Objectives: Students will examine the impact of development on indigenous tribes. Students will compare and contrast the viewpoints of the people involved in the kariba dam project. Students will compose postcards written from the point of view of the different groups affected by the project. Read the following passage to the class: For many years the tonga people lived along both sides of the zambezi river in North-Western Zimbabwe. The tonga, a semi-nomadic people, led a secluded and rather peaceful existence. The river valley provided them with wild animals as well as fruits.

Tell the revelation class that they are going to decide the fate of land distribution in Zimbabwe. Divide the class into three groups. (Pro land redistribution people, anti land redistribution people, and a panel that will hear the concerns of both groups). The two land redistribution groups will create a statement voicing their opinions on the subject. A short question and answer period will follow each group's reading of their statement. The two groups will read their statements to the panel. The panel will hear both sides of the argument, and return to the class with a formal written decision on the matter.

deforestation assignment

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Our brothers and sisters Are living in the forests Because they are protecting our land Smith! Our brothers and sisters Are living in the forests Because they are fighting for our country. They would have wanted to write sleep under a roof They would have wanted to till their lands But for the love of best our land But for the love of our land They are fighting for our land They are fighting for our land. (Smith refers to ian douglas Smith who controlled Rhodesian government for 15 years. Smith was"d as saying, "I cannot see in my lifetime that the Africans will be sufficiently mature and reasonable to take over. It should be obvious from these songs that both groups of people feel entitled to certain lands in Zimbabwe. Generate a list of comments, questions, and feelings that the songs created in the students. Blacks continue to press their ancestral rights to the land. White farmland holders are resistant to letting go of their land titles.

Students will analyze two songs written about Zimbabwe. Students will create a statement detailing their opinions about land redistribution in Zimbabwe. Using outside resources and the following web sites have students create a time line showing the history of land ownership in Zimbabwe. After students have exhibited an understanding of the history of land ownership in Zimbabwe, copy and pass out to the students the following songs. The first song was written by Clem Tholett, a white Rhodesian. "Rhodesians never die" we'll preserve this nation For our Children's children Once you're Rhodesian no other land will do, we will stand tall in the sunshine with truth on our side, and if we have to go it alone, we'll go it alone with pride. We're all Rhodesians And we'll fight through thick and thin we'll keep our land a free land Stop the enemy coming in we'll keep them north of the zambezi till that river's running dry And this mighty land will prosper For Rhodesians never die. The following song was sung by the guerrillas.

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deforestation assignment

Deforestation, essay

Students will write a final page in their journal. This page will include the following: What was the most surprising event you read about? What was the saddest event? What event made you the most angry? What was your favorite entry in your journal? What did you think about this assignment?

Land Redistribution overview: In Berlin, germany, thousands of miles away from Africa, the berlin Conference of decided how the African lands would be network colonized. The conference heard not a single voice from the African natives. The British did not value the African nations boundaries, customs, religion or their rich cultural life; they did however, value their land. Today, after almost 20 years of land reform promises, white people still own 70 of the best land in Zimbabwe. This lesson looks at the history of land ownership in Zimbabwe, and where land reformation may be headed. Objectives: Students will develop an understanding of land ownership in Zimbabwe.

Following the decision, students will write a report summarizing the information found by the task force, what the final decision was, and how they reached their decision. Assessment: Students will be evaluated on the quality of their written report. Women's journal, overview: Women have often been overlooked in the official recordings of world history. In this assignment students will read first -hand accounts of Zimbabwe women who lived through Zimbabwe's quest for independence. Objectives: Students will read first hand accounts of Zimbabwe women.

Students will synthesize the information in the accounts, and create a journal of their own based on the information. Students will share and compare their written accounts with a partner. In the following activity students will read first hand accounts of pre-war, war, and post-war experiences of Zimbabwean women. Please review material from the website(see materials mothers of the revolution: Oral Testimony of Zimbabwean Women. Have students bind pages together to serve as a personal journal. The class will read the first hand accounts, and create journal entries based on what they have read. After students have completed their journals, students will partner with another student and share what they wrote. Ask students to think about how their entries are the same and different from their partners.

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Before they do this assignment they want to access how effective democratic reform measures have been in Zimbabwe. The class will break into 5 groups to create a task force to investigate the current situation in Zimbabwe. Some suggested websites to begin their investigations are: Zimbabwe Independent Online m, bbc news Online -zimbabwe: Special Report m, world History Archives: History of Zimbabwe ml, business day m m gabes_empty_ml. Each team will be assigned one of four topics: a) The Economy b) Agriculture c) Education d) Women's Issues e) Racial issues. The student teams will take on the roles of task force members assigned to the project. The students will research their area and bring the information back to the whole class in a report format. The class will discuss the reports and make a decision whether or not to invest funds in Zimbabwe.

deforestation assignment

However, many zimbabweans are still waiting for President Mugabe to fulfill some of his promises. This lesson fashion looks at how successful democratic reform movements have been in Zimbabwe. Objectives: Students will gather information concerning the current situation in Zimbabwe. Students will analyze and summarize the information. Students will create a report based on the information they gathered. Students will write a recommendation based on the reports. Tell the class that the international banking community is looking into the possibility of investing money in Zimbabwe.

thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Lessons and activities for students,. Introductory Activity - zimbabwe today. Overview: Zimbabwe has a unique history. The country has been inhabited by various African tribes, controlled by a royal Charter (becoming Rhodesia under the administration of the British south Africa company and colonized by the British. In 1953 Rhodesia became a federation. In1965 it became an outlaw state, when it declared its independence from the. A war of liberation was fought in the 1970's, and free elections were held in 1980. The post-colonial years have been better than many people predicted.

Any column contains more than one of apple the same number from 1. Any 33 grid contains more than one of the same number from 1. The Achievements and Challenges of Zimbabwe. The Odyssey is extremely grateful to the teachers. Bay breeze educational Resources for contributing these lessons for your use! Special thanks go to maureen Carroll and laurel Blaine. Learning objectives for students, this unit is intended to focus on some of those aspects of Zimbabwean life and history that are of great significance to understanding the people of Zimbabwe today and their situation. By using or adapting the core lessons and activities, your students will learn about the following: Students will be encouraged to develop a critical stance toward information.

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Deforestation assignment
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